Monday, November 9, 2009

Sometimes It Just Ain't Right To NOT Jump to Conclusions

Billy Roy Mechum came into the Cafe early today with his head bowed low. BM says, "all weekend long I saw and heard Hillary, George Bush, Sr., Chancellor Kohl, and even Russians take credit for the wall that Ronald Reagan destroyed separating East and West Germany. I never once heard Ronald Reagan mentioned. Hell, Obama wouldn't even accept an invitation to attend the celebration. I sure wish he was more proud of what our great nation has done for people all around he world. He probably believes the wrong side won and that Reagan was an embarrassment to World Socialism. I guess he was too busy cutting deals to cram his Obamacare down our throats and speaking out so forcefully that we shouldn't 'jump to conclusions' about the second largest Muslim Extremist murder in US history at Fort Hood."

Now everybody in the Cafe knows it is 'don't mess with BM time' as he continues, " Count them, 13 dead and over 30 wounded. When the government's first reaction to a tragedy is that the folks shouldn't jump to conclusions it always means that it is obvious to the dumbest casual blind observer that they screwed something up royally. The only questions are who screwed up, and what do we do to keep Radical Muslim Extremists away from secure areas like Fort Hood. Who knows, might even mean we have to profile the bad guys. Ask questions like: devout Muslim? openly opposes the US and the war in Middle East? defends the cause of suicide bombers? has argued with returning soldiers about our role in the war? "

"Hell, who knows maybe they will even decide that our bases should have well armed security guards that would be stationed in places where there are hundreds of unarmed assets. Here's another case of the only person with an illegal weapon is the bad guy." Deep breath, "and then the news networks rush to interview this jerks family and we find out what a great guy he has always been and how people weren't nice to him and drew a picture of a camel in the dust on his car. Then you've got the one that just wished his name had been Smith, and thank goodness this guy wasn't a terrorist. Well tell the wives, kids, mothers, and dads of the these almost 50 victims that this guy wasn't a terrorist screaming 'praise Allah' as he got off over 100 rounds shooting their innocent unarmed loved ones. You know if he talks like a duck, walks like a duck, and shoots like a duck, then someone with semi-average intelligence might take a big jump and conclude that it ain't no Bush's Chicken."

Things were pretty quiet for some time before Sweet Lou Tekell broke the silence, "I think they believe that folks might jump to the conclusion that this Political Correctness Crap is getting in the way of keeping the country safe against Muslim fanatics that want to destroy us. They want us to believe that these things just happen, and this guy was completely innocent until he started firing those rounds. They want us to believe that Hasan and those flying the planes into the Towers could have just as easily been Southern Baptists. This isn't a war against terrorists, but just random acts of violence that the lawyers can handle. Let's just leave it to the lawyers like those two in the White House."

Scottie Andersen jumped in with his concerns, "I just hope this doesn't keep the good old boys from getting out of GITMO and receiving their fair trials. Who knows maybe we didn't even read them their rights when we captured em. By the way, what kind of criminal investigation do you have for a guy who shoots over 100 rounds at innocent strangers before hundreds of witnesses? Most of our officials can not comment at this time while 'a criminal investigation' is underway. How long will take to get this guy a speedy trial by jury, and will we put him in a prison where he can convert hundreds of others to his Islamic insanity (like H. Rap Brown) while he is in there? Wouldn't it have been awful if someone knew Hasan was going to perform a mass murder and the authorities waterboarded the informant and prevented this? You know, like Sweet Lou says we just need to leave these things to the lawyers."

Scott Riddle closed the meeting with, "Meanwhile our Commander in Chief is strengthening our security by closing GITMO so the world will like us, dithering about the proper staffing of our troops in Afghanistan, playing stupid UN games with the Iranian Wackos as they develop nuclear weapons, and working hard to enable soldiers to be openly gay in the military. This guy really knows how to 'man up' when our soldiers and citizens are at risk doesn't he."

Think about it,