Thursday, December 24, 2009

US Senate Screws America on Christmas Eve

The Hubbard City Cafe Folks just plain don't like to see people "get screwed". They have long memories and take great notes so that they can respond when it is "pay back" time. So called health care reform has created a pretty long list:


37 states will get screwed who did not get the bribes (unconstitutional) that the 13 Democratic Senators got for their states before they would support the bill.

Taxpayers are screwed by 14 different new taxes either levied on taxpayers directly or that will come to them through a third party like a medical equipment supplier. Bill Clinton was a lightweight in deceit compared to Obama's "not raising taxes on those who make under $250k by one dime".

Our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren are all screwed by a bill that costs $2.5 Trillion. The Dems don't say this will not increase the deficit. They say the "Congressional Budget Office says it will not increase the deficit". Not even someone as dumb as a Democrat really believes this bill will reduce the deficit.

The elderly are completely screwed by a $500 Billion reduction in Medicare. This money will be spent on the new 30 million people on the government dole who will be subsidized and forced to buy insurance. Medicare is headed for bankruptcy and this will only make the problem worse not "extend" Medicare which is the biggest lie of all. Those elderly which have Medicare Advantage will be screwed by losing it despite Obama's lie about those with insurance will see no change (an under the table deal with AARP).

Young people who are included in this current "poor un-insured group" are screwed by being "mandated" (forced) to buy insurance or pay fines of $750 (unconstitutional). The young people can then screw the insurance companies and their policy holders by paying the $750 fine and then only buying insurance when they get sick since the insurance companies must insure people with pre-existing conditions.

Doctors, healcare workers, and hospitals will be screwed by the government underpaying medicare and medicaid reimbursements and will have to off load everything they can to the insured raising insurance prices or else they will just stop treating medicare and medicaid patients.

All patients will get screwed with long wait times and a reduction in the quality of care because doctors will be paid less to treat 30 million more patients causing rationing. Additionally patients will find fewer and fewer young people choosing careers in the medical field causing additional shortages in care.

Obama cut an under the table deal with the Insurance Companies screwing taxpayers, policy holders, and young people who will be forced into buying insurance. Insurance companies will be forced to cover pre-existing conditions which will be very expensive. It must be paid by NEW buyers of insurance and existing policy holders rate increases. A Democratic Congressman said the following about the NEW policy holders: “Under the Senate plan, millions of Americans will be forced into private insurance company plans, which will be subsidized by taxpayers. That alternative will do almost nothing to reform health care but will be a windfall for insurance companies. Is it any surprise that stock prices for some of those insurers are up recently?"

The insurance companies will get screwed because they will be completely regulated by a government agency who will eventually set key operating policies.

The American Voters are screwed by a Congress that goes completely against their wishes as shown by the latest Rasmussen Polls:

41% of voters nationwide were in favor of the health care bill, but 55% were opposed

54% say taxpayer-funded health insurance should be prohibited from covering abortions. The House version of the legislation includes such a prohibition, but the Senate version does not. Fourteen percent (14%) of U.S. voters say health insurance paid for or subsidized with government funding should be required to cover abortions.

87% believe that before anyone receives government health care subsidies, they should be required to prove they are legally in the United States. President Obama and congressional Democrats insist the health care plan will not cover illegal immigrants, the legislation does not require proof of citizenship for those seeking taxpayer-funded health care help. Only eight percent (8%) of voters oppose the requirement for proving that recipients of health care subsidies prove they are in the country legally (remember Congressman Wilson calling Obama the liar that he is?).

Pay back time starts now,


Wednesday, December 23, 2009


The folks at the Cafe could barely talk at all, and then only about the events in D.C. surrounding the closure vote on Health Care Reform. I have reported their brief and censored comments below:

That Nebraska senator xxxxxxxxx Nelson xxxxxxxx strung up by his xxxxx. And then xxxxxxxx Obama lied worse than xxxxxxx Clinton xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. You could stick xxxx Reid's xxxxxx brain in xxxxx flea's rear and it would rattle like a xxxxxxx BB in a box car. Blue Dogs my xxx, no dog would xxxxx with these xxxxx guys.

Billy Roy wants the Congressional Budget Office to do his income taxes since it all comes out neutral no matter what goes in.

Butch hopes the Democratic Congress can come back next year and continue to work on the awful corruption in Afgahanistan.

Let's be thankful for the coming elections in 2010.