Thursday, April 21, 2011

If Axelrod Fools Us Twice, We Are Complete Fools

One of the Facebook employees, you know the crowd who are going to save the Planet by enabling young mindless kids to “socially network”, pitched a softball to Obama by asking his opinion if Paul Ryan was courageous for being the first to propose solutions to the country's debt and spending addictions. Obama answered that Ryan was a Radical (unlike Jihadists who murder innocents). He went on to say, 'you are not courageous if you try to solve a problem on the backs of the poor, the powerless, those who don't have lobbyists, and those without clout'.

Well, Paul Ryan is courageous and Obama is DESPICABLE. Let me spell that out for you. His demagoguery generates hatred and contempt while separating Americans. His messages are despicable. At Facebook he sits with this billionaire punk who has a history of law suits claiming he cheated and stole from his work associates and accuses the top 10% of tax payers who pay 97% of all taxes and provide most of the jobs in the US of riding the backs of their parents and fellow Americans. Most of our charitable contributions come from this 10%. The top 1% represents over 30% of the spending in our economy. Every Obama remark and deceitful comment is orchestrated by a sleazy Chicago character by the name of David Axelrod.

Axelrod has a long successful record of manipulating voters to elect primarily black candidates in large populated areas. This strategy worked against Hillary Clinton and John McCain in 2008. Axelrod has resigned as Obama’s top aide to return to Chicago where is he managing Obama’s re-election. You just have to look at Axelrod’s background to see how this strategy operates. In 1985, Axelrod formed a political consultancy company, Axelrod & Associates. In 1987 he worked on the successful re-election campaign of Harold Washington, Chicago's first black mayor. This established his first experience in working with black politicians. Axelrod styles himself a ‘specialist in urban politics’ while The Economist notes he specializes in ‘packaging black candidates for white voters’. Axelrod was the key player in the following elections. Corruption and scandals followed in every case.  Sorry to dip into the weeds, but if we don't we are apt to get fooled again:

Harold Washington, Chicago: Washington's first term in office was characterized by ugly, racially polarized battles. Other first-term items include overall city population loss, increased crime, and a massive decrease in revenue to the City. This helped earn the city the nickname Beirut on the Lake, and many people wondered if Chicago would ever recover or face the more permanent declines of other cities in the Midwest. (Sound familiar)

Michael White, Cleveland: In July 2005, it was revealed by the FBI wired White's office.  As a result two of White's closest associates, Nate Gray and Ricardo Teamora admitted to bribery of public officials. When asked by Cleveland news reporters about the incident White stated: "For public consumption, I have not made a comment and I’ve seen no reason to change my position. It’s a Nate Gray matter, not a Mike White matter." However, it was revealed that White may have traded construction and parking for bribes that were paid through Gray. Federal prosecutors are reportedly investigating these corruption charges.

Anthony Williams, Washington, D.C.: In 2002, Williams ran for reelection and stumbled into a political scandal. The firm which he hired to collect signatures to put his name on the Democratic Primary ballot had irregularities with hundreds of names on the petitions. As a result of the irregular petitions, the Williams campaign was fined $277,700 and his name was removed from the Democratic Primary ballot

Lee Brown, Houston: Brown's 2001 reelection was one of the last major political campaigns supported by the Houston-based Enron Corporation, which collapsed in a financial scandal only days after Brown's reelection.

John Street, Philadelphia: During Street’s re-election campaign against Sam Katz the FBI acknowledged that it had placed listening devices in the Mayor's office as part of a sweeping investigation of municipal corruption. The FBI's investigation uncovered a corruption scheme led by Street's friend and fund raiser Ron White who died before going to trial. In September 2005, a prominent Muslim clergyman, Shamsud-din Ali, in Philadelphia was sentenced to more than seven years in prison on racketeering and other charges. Prosecutors said the cleric, who was once a member of Mayor John F. Street's transition team, used his political connections to obtain dubious loans, donations and city contracts. Mr. Ali was sentenced to 87 months in prison.

Axelrod additionally represented honored politicians such as John Edwards and Eliot Spitzer, a couple of really trusted public servants.

Axelrod’s flim flam pitch is simple, clear, and speeding forward. It is to spend more than $1B to seek out urban voters who “hate the rich” folks in the suburbs and in those country rural red states who call themselves Tea Partiers. These non-urban folks are radical, mean, and out to take advantage of those who have not been as lucky. Thank goodness all rich people aren’t like that. People like Obama and the punk from Facebook who got millions of dollars of free publicity from the President in this one appearance alone. No wonder Obama and friends think rich people are lucky.  Obama made his money on a book written by Bill Ayers, co-founder of a self-described communist revolutionary group that conducted a campaign of bombing public buildings during the 1960s. The Facebook punk allegedly stole his product from college friends. A product, that second to drugs, probably poses more of a threat to teens than anything else in our society.  And Soros has been lucky enough to manipulate currencies and financial markets bringing whole economies to their knees.  I guess the labor unions and wall street guys (they are rich)  are lucky to have Obama to provide taxpayer bailouts.

The country faces a test: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool us twice, we are complete fools!!

Think about it,


Monday, April 18, 2011

Missing the Iceberg: Our Last Chance Before 2012

Butch Jackson opened up with a story. Nothing new here. But on this day he may have out done himself. This in fact may be the most intriguing story of Butch's fabled story telling career. It went like this, "These next few weeks may be the best of times for our country or the worst of times. We will know soon. It was 99 years ago on April 15, 1912 the greatest cruise ship that had ever sailed the seas, the Titanic, sunk. They thought they were indestructible and blindly ran into an iceberg. On April 15, 2011 taxpayers of the greatest nation ever in this whole wide world dutifully wrote Barack Hussein Obama tax checks for $2.2 trillion."

"Barack suddenly realized that he was $1.3 trillion short of what he had promised to spend to get re-elected in 2012. Since he couldn't increase taxes immediately without approval of those pesky Republican House members, he realized he needs to continue borrowing money to meet his primary need to buy votes. His problem is that his bank has limited his credit to $14.294 trillion which they call a debt ceiling. So to borrow more he has to get Congress, including those pesky House Republicans, to agree to increase his credit limit or debt ceiling by another couple of trillion or so. Many of these silly new arrivals to Washington, called Tea Partiers, don't want to raise Barack Hussein's debt ceiling unless Washington agrees to quit spending trillions of dollars that their citizens and taxpayers don't have. These 'young gun' Republicans want either major spending caps or balanced budger legislation tied to the increased spending caps. Many are certain that if the tax and spend Dems aren't reined in now, they will spend the next 18 months buying votes for the 2012 election as the ship of state speeds toward bankrupcy."

"Like any ambitious yet incompetent community organizer Barrack Hussein called in his servants, in this case his bought and paid for Treasury Secretary from Wall Street, and asked, 'What do we do now?'. This little Wall Street guy named Timmie Geithner said, 'OK, here is the problem. We are spending $1.3 trillion more than we have. $430 billion of that is interest to our bankers for the money we have already borrowed. Let's tell Congress that we have to pay our debts whenever we receive the bills. We will tell them if we run out of money, which we will soon, and the lenders want their interest payments we can't pay them. Here is where it gets good. If we default and don't make these payments, then the entire financial system in the world will collapse. This is even better than what we told em when we passed TARP and Stimulus. This is our biggest crisis yet. Hell, even most of the dumb RINOS (Republicans in name only) will eat this up. I bet Jumpin John McCain will jump on it like Pelosi on a TV camera'."

"For some reason Barack Hussein then asked an unusual question for him, 'Is this story true?'. Little Timmie's answer was, 'sorta'. 'And in any case true or not, this is so complex, as always, no one will understand it anyway. The press will print what we say, and therefore we will make it true. Hell, Pelosi and Reid will even be able to get these talking points right. It might even wake old Biden up. So we just keep saying these radical extremist (not to be confused with Muslims) Tea Party Members are destroying the world economy by playing politics with the debt ceiling. We are saying that any prudent world leaders, like ourselves, would pursue deificit reduction on a parallet path from the dangerous path of fooling around with the 'full faith and credit of the Unitied States'. Meanwhile you can submit a budget that claims balance 15-20 years after you are safely out of office and running the UN. Meanwhile I am back on Wall Street shorting the dollar and making tons'. It just doesn't get sleazier, I mean easier, than this. How can a guy so short be so crooked?" Butch closed.

Billy Roy posed a question, "Is that the end of the story?"

"Barack Hussein and Little Wall Street Timmie hope it ends there. However, some of those smart young pesky Republicans that can smell bull shit in the next county even without a wind has authored a little bill that says the Treasury has to put lender's claims like for interest ahead of all other payments. This would force the government to have to meet their obligations to lenders, and then force them to have to cut their spending to keep from running out of money. Either that, or raise tax rates which would reduce the $2.2 trillion that is currently being paid in tax revenues. You know when you raise tax rates you reduce tax revenues because taxpayers are smart. This Republican bill is just what the spending addicts who need to buy votes to feed their habit fear the most. That and smart voters."

"Well put, Butch. Damned accurate as well. You caught em red handed," Billy Roy roared his approval of Butch's mini-odyssey. "It is interesting that Hussein will not admit that if the government continues to borrow trillions on end to pay his voters without any semi-believable plan on how we will repay the lenders that we will default. He only screams we default if we don't borrow more. This is aimed at that 3-7 year old idiotic audience and those that are bought and paid for. And of course the press. If someone reaches their debt limit they can still refinance their debt, they just can't add more. And they have to pay the interest from their income. I think I've got it. This system has always worked and always will unless it is circumvented by traitors or crooks or, in this case probably, both. It does force one to 'live within their means', and Obama has said he is for that, right?"

Aunt Martha pulled some specifics off the Cafe's internet connection, "To take the Obama Administration’s threat off the table, Republican Study Committee (RSC) Members Tom McClintock, along with RSC Chairman Jim Jordan, Rep. Virginia Foxx, and Rep. Scott Garrett have introduced the Full Faith and Credit Act. It mirrors a bill in the Senate offered by Pennsylvania Republican Senator Pat Toomey."

"According to an RSC description of the bill, 'The Full Faith and Credit Act directs the United States Treasury, in the event the debt ceiling is reached, to pay principal and interest due on debt held by the public before making any other payments'.”

"Critically, the description notes, 'This bill would merely codify standard Treasury practice'. Looks like Geithner has lied again."

Billy Roy closed it down, "Senator Marco Rubio, who is becoming my number one hero, next to Merle Haggard of course, has proposed conditioning support of an increase in the $14.294 trillion debt ceiling to passage of the Balanced Budget Amendment. He is right to push, and I believe he can't push these scoundrels too hard. This is the biggest fight of our generation. Remember the words of Jefferson, 'he who governs least, governs best. At least we should be able to get down to $2.2 trillion of Washington governance. In fact, we must. There is no reason the world’s greatest nation, under God, should be destroyed for someone’s political gain. Let's get the word out. Hell, I am even goin to take it to the Hubbard City Drug Store. Butch, you take the Dairy Queen, and we will meet back here with the folks headquartered at the Hubbard City Cafe."

Think about getting the word out because this may be our last chance before the 2012 election,