Monday, December 26, 2011

2012: Blue, Purple, or SOLID RED?

So what are the choices in 2012? There are three: Blue, Purple, or SOLID RED.

Blue would be a return to the first two years of Obama's term. If you loved Obama/Reid/Pelosi dominated government resulting in Obamacare, $1 trillion handouts to voters and capitalistic cronies, deficit spending exceeding $1 trillion each year ($5 trillion in Obama's first 3 years), gays in the military, bans on energy exploration and production unless it went into the pockets of Algore and the green scammers, government takeovers of industries like autos, health care and energy, and taking your hard earned money and "spreading it around". A second term would be a repeat with one huge difference. It would be on STEROIDS.  In other words, "you ain't seen nothing yet".

Or if you loved the drama of the so called Payroll Tax Holiday extension, your color of choice would be to repeat the good old Purple government split between the Democrats and Republicans. Nothing big would get done, and most of the time that is a good thing for the government to do nothing. However, these times are different. The greatest nation in history has been dramatically weakened by entitlements, bailouts, and redistribution. A continuation of our Purple government would hasten our slide into bankruptcy (today our debt exceeds our GNP). And without economic power, we have no foreign power or influence. Our "leading from the rear" approach practiced by Hillary and Obama, while giving these two egomaniacs clips for the 6:00 News, renders the US as impotent in real world affairs.  Do you really believe there is a single world leader who listens to Barack Hussein Obama today?

This Purple government not only did not cut the federal budget this year they actually increased spending for the coming year by $50-$100 billion.  Remember the downgraded credit rating of the US for the first time in history.  Remember the creation of the super committee to identify bi-partisan spending cuts to avoid the dreaded "government shutdown".  Remember newly elected Republicans pledging to cut the budget by $100 billion when they came to town in the first year.  Bottom line, Obama would not make any cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security and the Republicans were unsuccessful in cutting any of the federal agency spending.  It was a complete standoff as the Senate completed its third year in a row without passing, or even submitting, a budget in a violation of the US Constitution. So hold on because our economic slide just gains speed with the color Purple.

Our last choice is to go SOLID RED with a Republican  in the White House combined with Republican majorities in the House and Senate. The last SOLID RED government left office on January 3rd, 2007 when the Democrats took control of the House and Senate for George Bush's last two years.  At the time the DOW Jones closed at 12,621.77.  The GDP for the previous quarter was 3.5% vs. last quarters 1.8%.  The unemployment rate was 4.6% vs. a fudged current 8.6%. 

A SOLID RED  government going forward would adapt Tea Party principles of returning the country to fiscal responsibility by not overspending, and not burdening our children and grandchildren with our bills. These principles also include constitutionally limited government which means power resides with the people and not with the government. Governing should be done at the most local level possible where it can be held accountable. The American people make this country great, not our government.

The third, and last, Tea Party principle would return us to free market economics that has for at least two centuries provided generations of Americans more opportunities and higher standards of living than any nation in history. An erosion of our free markets through government intervention is at the heart of America’s current economic decline, stagnating jobs, and spiraling debt and deficits. Failures in government programs (Fannie and Freddie loans to moochers) and government-controlled financial markets (packaging bad loans and reselling them) helped spark the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.

The most reliable polling organization, Rasmussen, explored the type of action that voters were looking for the government to take. Among all voters, 77% want the government to cut deficits, 71% think the government should cut spending, and 59% want the government to cut taxes. This is consistent with long held voter views that cutting spending and taxes is good for the economy, and it is right out of the Tea Party playbook. And of course, the Obama media calls the Tea Party radical, in which case the majority of voters are "radical" as well. It is time for this country to get radical, big time.

Non-Tea Party issues would include energy independence, allowing God back into our public life, supporting the family unit, and returning schools and marketplaces to a merit based system of rewards.
So there are clear choices. Our challenge is to communicate these choices to the American electorate in simple, positive terms while not getting caught up in the weeds (a 2 month payroll tax holiday or a 12 month theft of social security). Communications are critical. The Republican House just forced Obama and the Senate to drop a tax on millionaires while also forcing Obama to move up his decision on the Keystone pipeline. These were big wins, yet America is absolutely convinced House Republicans lost because the Senate got a 2 month extension instead of a 12 month extension. Many are touting this dribble as Obama's biggest win that will insure his re-election. Only in a Liberal controlled media could this happen.

Think about how we do can replace Obamaspeak with the truth, and think SOLID RED, big time!  So what are the odds we can go SOLID RED?  I believe in the American people so I would give it a 51-49 chance of going RED.  And the odds of implementing a country saving agenda which would take great courage and tenacity?  Again I am a believer, so I would give it another 51-49 chance.

This is a chance we have to take,


Saturday, December 24, 2011


The latest statistics revel that 53% of Americans pay all federal income taxes. Not only is this a small majority it is an alarming wake up call.

There is a clear choice in the next election no matter who the Republican candidate. The choice is between an entitlement society or a merit based society. The entitlement worshipers believe in a Keynesian approach to economics and a concept called "social justice".

First let us look at the economics. Obama and other liberals believe that if the government gives people money (let's say a $600 'tax credit') the recipients will stimulate the economy by spending that money resulting in more production, more jobs, and therefore, more employment. They believe the government produces economic growth through stimulating the economy.

The truth is the government produces nothing. It just redistributes. The $600 the government in the above example gave away came from producers. The government took the $600 out of the economy and redistributed it to someone who, in effect, is mooching off the producers. Again, redistribution takes from producers and gives to moochers. It is a zero sum game. And that is not he worst part of government stimulus.

Look at the incentives created by redistribution. The moocher is incented to not produce and to rely on the government for more handouts (the moocher is entitled to compensation rather working or not, health care, food, housing, education, childcare, etc.). Businesses are even created to sponge off the moochers who are sponging off the producers. Producers are incented to produce less (there are not rewarded for MERIT) since the government takes their production and gives it away to moochers. Bottom line, both moocher and producer are incented to work less (THE MERIT BASED SOCIETY IS DEAD). This is why socialism fails time and time again even though it appears so appealing to moochers, and of course, to those who want power to rule over moochers (unions, welfare pimps, many lawyers, big government capitalistic cronies like GE/green energy gurus/Warren Buffett, and socialist politicians).

Let's break this down into a simpler example. What if there were two farmers, and only two, in an economic market? What if farmer A decided to retire and draw unemployment while farmer B continued to work? Where would the unemployment come from? (I hope this isn't getting too complex!) It comes from farmer B, right? And how about incentives? Farmer A has successfully, at least for a little while, become a MOOCHER. Farmer B, meanwhile, has lost all incentive to work hard as a PRODUCER since his extra effort has no MERIT BASED REWARD and is redistributed to farmer A. Doesn't work, right? This economic market will not continue to grow and prosper. And if it doesn't work on a small scale like this example just guess how much it doesn't work in a complex $3.5 Trillion economy like the US (3Q US GDP growth was pathetic at 1.8%). Or how about worldwide? Just look at Europe. The MOOCHERS are rioting in the streets because their ENTITLEMENTS are threatened. Meanwhile, the entitlement pimps claim a merit based approach is just plain greed.

Now let's look at this thing called "social justice" since it is used as justification for most entitlements. Just plain old "justice" means to be fair in making judgments based on facts and the truth. Justice favors no one and treats everyone equal. To put any descriptor on the front of justice is to attempt to sell "injustice". It is simply used to favor someone or some group. "Social Justice" in most cases is an attempt to redistribute or take from one group and give to a "favored" group. This is theft whether it is done by a blindfolded scoundrel in an alley or by Washington politicians doing the biding of a majority of voting moochers.

Liberals use the "Social Justice" theme to favor their voters. These voters may be black, Hispanic (anything but white even though the hypocritical Liberal elite is mostly white), gay, lesbian, transgender, female (anything but male even though most of the hypocritical Liberal elite leaders are white), unemployed, illegal, members of labor unions (anyone but the producers), etc., etc. The size and number of groups varies based on the number of votes required by the pimping politicians. Liberals invented "social justice" when the term welfare became unpopular (remember Bill Clinton double crossed them). Social justice arguments are aimed at those 47% that don't pay taxes, and the Liberal elite who live off them.

So who could be against "social justice"? The answer is simple. Anyone who believes in "justice". These would be most of the 53% that are producing and paying taxes.

While we all agree there are real situations where true welfare assistance is needed in our society. This assistance is provided generously by Americans. It is clearly best handled at local levels whether by churches, local care organizations, or local government. Big government entitlement pimps are doing everything possible to drive local organizations out of the practice of assisting those in need. This is criminal, and what is really sad, it hurts those in need the most. No one has suffered more by the entitlement society than minorities and the poor.

Think MERIT BASED IN 2012,


Friday, December 23, 2011

What A Shameful Week In American Politics

This past week the American federal debt rose to $15.2 trillion, a big milestone.  Why?  Because our Gross Domestic Product (all the goods and services this country produces) is $15.1 Trillion.  Yep, our debt is over 100% of our GDP.  That is only supposed to happen in places like Italy and Greece.  Maybe France.

But not worry, Americans.  Obama has saved our economy by extending the "Payroll Tax Holiday".  Obviously that is the case are the media would not have given this legislation such attention.  If fact all the smart folks say that Obama was so brilliant in how he handled this major crisis that it just might insure his re-election.  Must be a really big deal, huh?

Let's take a look.  The law extends the payroll tax cut, set to expire on Dec. 31, through Feb. 29.  That means workers will only pay 4.2% on the first $110,100 of their wages into Social Security. That is 2 percentage points below the normal 6.2% rate.

If the payroll tax cut is extended for all of 2012 -- which both parties say they want and will work to do when they return from their Christmas recess -- workers would reduce what they pay into their retirement funds from several hundred dollars if they're low-income to more than $2,000 if they earn six figures.

Estimated cost of a two-month extension: $21 billion.  If extended for one year:  $126 billion will not be available for social security funding.  Ain't that great!

The proposed extension of the payroll tax holiday is touted by the idiot in the White House to prevent a hit to our anemic economic recovery. The White House and members of Congress have sold the end of the holiday as a tax increase on the middle class. In fact, this Social Security payroll tax is actually an investment into one’s retirement account. Promoting continued reduced payment into Social Security is the same as telling folks to borrow from their retirement and spend the money now.  Obama used the story of a woman who said if she did not get the $20 per week "tax cut" she would not be able to have pizza with her daughters each week.  She is happy to trade off her retirement for pizza?

Shame on any citizen who buys into the idiot pitch that the opponents of extending this underfunding of future security just want to increase tax rates for the middle class. Greater shame on those immoral politicians who make that claim. Similarly, replacing the billions of dollars (approximately $126 billion/year) that don’t come to Social Security from workers paychecks by funds the government has to borrow to cover its huge deficit is bad policy. Surely there are better initiatives to support economic growth (how about permanent tax cuts paid for by reduced government spending?).  Bottom line the politicians continue to rob our social security system to buy votes.

The passed legislation also extended jobless benefits: Emergency federal unemployment benefits, also scheduled to expire on Dec. 31, will be extended through February. Without that extension, an estimated 1.8 million jobless workers in January would have run out of benefits, which average $296 a week.  Obama claims this extension some how creates jobs by giving the unemployed money to spend.

With the dramatic decrease in unemployment from 9% to 8.6% you would think we will not need this provision.  Oh, I forgot.   The reduction in unemployment numbers were because of the way we count.  Over 300,000 people left the workforce last month and only 120,000 people took new jobs.  Since we don't count those that left the workforce our employment percentage goes up and unemployment percentage goes down.  Got that?  Obama doesn't get into weeds like this.

Estimated cost: $8.4 billion.

Next comes the extension of  the "Doc fix": The new law prevents a scheduled 27% cut in payments to Medicare physicians for the first two months of next year.  The American Medical Association has noted that even with the regular intervention by Congress, Medicare payments lag 20% behind the cost of caring for seniors. 
Many in Congress would like to pass a permanent doc fix, but the biggest stumbling block to doing so is figuring how to pay for the estimated $300 billion cost over the first decade.  So the politicians just sneak it by the public one little piece at a time.  This is a perfect example of what happens when the government takes over an industry. Medicare and medicaid are a mess, and Obamacare is even worse. The continuation of these programs as they are will doom this nation to bankruptcy, and soon.

Estimated cost: $3.6 billion.

The last item in the legislation is a congressional push to force the President to expedite his decision on whether to allow construction of the 1,700-mile Keystone oil pipeline.  The Obama administration has said that if forced to make a decision before the election Obama will decide against the pipeline.  Why doesn't Obama want to make a decision now?  If he approves the pipeline HE LOSES HIS CONTRIBUTIONS FROM  ENVIRONMENTALISTS.  If he disapproves the pipeline HE LOSES HIS CONTRIBUTIONS FROM THE AFL/CIO LABOR UNIONS.  Surprise, surprise it is about idiot in chief's re-election.

And of course the pols argued and argued about HOW TO PAY FOR THESE EXTENSIONS.  What did they settle on?  The law calls on mortgage financing giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to charge lenders more to guarantee repayment of new loans. Fannie and Freddie play a central role in destroying the housing market by purchasing mortgages from banks and bundling them into mortgage-backed securities (and getting taxpayer bailouts when their corrupted strategies don't work).  New housing starts in the US are at an all time (since they started keeping records in 1963) record low in 2011 at about 325,000.  To economically recover we need them to be over 700,000.  So let's raise the cost of buying a new home so a lady can take her daughters out to have pizza.  Makes complete sense doesn't it.

Estimated to raise: $36 billion over 10 years.  Note how we always spend the money now and pay for it over 10 to 20 years.

What didn't make the cut?  Not every expiring tax provision is accounted for in the new law. Left out was any action on a host of other "temporary" tax breaks that expire this year. These include the research and development credit for businesses and a state and local sales tax deduction for individuals.

Also left out was the usual fix to protect the middle class from getting hit by the Alternative Minimum Tax when they file their taxes for 2012.  I don't know about you but every year I am unable to write off my mortgage interest and some other deductions because the AMT kicks in.  Enough said about the big tax loopholes for the rich.

And then to top things off.  Obama's media is quoting "unnamed sources" who are wanting to fire John Boehner, Republican Speaker of the House.  I have a better suggestion.  DITCH MITCH!  Fire Mitch McConnell, the Republican Senate Minority Leader, who sided with Obama, Reid, and Pelosi against the House Republicans in supporting this insanity.

Bottom line:  What a shameful week.

Think about it,


Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Idiot In The White House

I just watched an idiot on television. He was speaking to the American Public from the White House. He said that most Democrats and Republicans in the Senate passed a bill to stop a tax increase on 160 million Americans that he would sign. He said it is being held up by a faction of Republicans in the House. The idiot in chief said the average American would have their taxes raised by $1,000 on an annual basis. The idiot then said that would result in taking $40 per week from their paychecks. Any school child would tell you that $40 per week is over $2,000 per year. This guy doesn't even have his math right, much less the facts.

This President did not mention the difference between the House and the Senate is the House wants to pass the Payroll Tax Holiday for ONE YEAR VERSUS THE SENATE VERSION OF TWO MONTHS. The President shamelessly claims he and the Senate want to extend the tax holiday and the House does not. This is completely untrue.

What is the truth?

The first truth is the "Payroll Tax Holiday" is an Obama scheme to get votes by weakening our Social Security System which is going bankrupt. This ploy weakens Social Security, increases our national debt, and creates a tax cut that has to be taken away at some future date. Additionally, this creates no new jobs whatsoever. No employer is going to add employees because the employee gets an $80 per month tax holiday. Also, hidden in the rhetoric is an extension of unemployment required because of the Obama economy. Also, hidden is the "Doctor's Fix" which must be passed periodically because Medicare and Obamacare are so screwed up. Overall these provisions increase our national deficit by ONE QUARTER OF A TRILLION DOLLARS.

The second truth is if the President and Congress want to cut taxpayers taxes they should do it permanently, and they should offset that tax cut by cutting government spending as not to increase the deficit. Social Security deductions should not be the means for a tax cut. A twelve month extension means we have to face the music by reinstating the Payroll Taxes at the same time the Bush tax cuts expire. Both of course, come due after the 2012 election.

The third truth is the reason this issue is getting so much press time is the Congress once again has put off doing its business until the 11th hour. The Democratic controlled Senate has not passed a budget now for 3 years, and obviously will not pass a budget until after the 2012 election. In fact a Democratic controlled government may never pass another budget. This same Senate put off extending the Payroll Tax Holiday until the last day they were in Washington before they left for a 30 Holiday vacation. Meanwhile the Payroll Tax terminates January 1. The bill they passed for a meager 60 day extension does not give employers time to change their payroll systems before January 1, and then requires them to change again possibly after 60 days. If the Senate had passed their bill earlier they would have plenty of time to engage the House in negotiations to get a quality piece of legislation instead of the 60 day hodgepodge they approved.

The fourth truth is the only bigger idiot than Obama and Reid is a Republican. Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell led his Republican Senators into a massive political trap for Republicans by voting for the 60 day mess, and then leaving Washington while timidly suggesting the House Republicans should drop their principles and go along as he and his colleagues did.

The fifth truth is the American electorate can be tricked by political maneuvers as practiced by Obama, Reid, and Pelosi and supported by the main stream media. They pull political stunts like the Payroll Tax Holiday (robbing social security funding) while claiming they are only putting $40 per week (bad math) in needy American pockets only to be challenged by a fragment of radical Republicans in the House who are only interested in politics. Bottom line: The electorate has been convinced the Republican led Tea Party Radicals are only interested in political games while Obama and his democrats are only interested in cutting taxes for middle class Americans. In other words BLACK IS WHITE, AND WHITE IS BLACK. UP IS DOWN, AND DOWN IS UP.

Interestly the press doesn't talk about "truth" anymore.  They talk about sophisticated things like "optics".  I call these "deceptions".

Don’t think about this too much because it will drive you crazy,


Friday, December 16, 2011

Mitt Romney Is THE MAN!

Last night's debate did it for me.

I thought Michelle Bachman was great. She is conservative, consistent, courageous,and courteous. Over the next four years she will provide excellent leadership to the Republican Party.

Newt was Newt. His description of Obama's failure to allow the pipeline from Canada was fantastic. His scorning of the whacko liberal judges was over the top but stimulating and refreshing. His defense of Fannie and Freddie was horrible. His defense of his $1.6m "consulting fees" was even worse.

Ron Paul was inspiring with his Libertarian domestic views and totally frightening with his view of the world and his isolationism.

And then there was Mitt. No screw ups. Great answers. Terrific temperance. And then he closed me with his philosophy of leadership.

Mitt said under Obama's leadership we were a declining nation and under his Presidency we would regain our position of leadership.

Post debate with Hannity, Mitt gave his formula for making the next century, America's Century. It follows:

"We need to make this century the American Century. It will require leadership in two critical areas to make that happen. The first input pertains to our nation's values and principles. Our values must be based on freedom and opportunity. Our society must return to a 'merit based' society, and it must be built around strong family units."

"The second requirement for American leadership is to restore an American economy that leads the world. The essentials include restoring a climate of innovation, entrepreneurship, and providing a business friendly environment."

Contrast this to Obama's recent tirades of condemning his Republican opposition for wanting to "go back" to those practices that got us in trouble (Obama hates the pre-Obama America). Obama's vision is clear. More government (taxpayer) spending on teacher's unions, more government (taxpayer) spending with construction unions, more government (taxpayer) spending  with green energy cronies (Solyndra), higher taxes on job producers (the spending has to come from somewhere), and more government regulations and control (picking winners). These are the "new" reforms espoused by Obama that have worked so well over the last 3 years.  In his view we just have not done enough spending, taxing, and regulating to assist his cronies and contributors (the governing class which is the real 1%).

Contrast that to "going back" to Romney's proven American values (freedom, opportunity, merit based outcomes, and striong families) and American economic leadership (business led innovation and entrepreneurship) with a government that gets out of the way of producers and encourages moochers to participate in the American dream.  Just how difficult is this choice?

Mitt Romney was an effective counter balance to the Democratic controlled Massachusetts' legislature when he served as Governor. He was an effective CEO at Bain and Company and then at Bain Capital. He volunteered to rescue the 2002 US Winter Olympic organization and did a great job there. Given a Republican House and Senate I am convinced Romney can be trusted to return this country to it's rightful place of world leadership. I am also confidant he is the man to expose Barack Hussein Obama, and his Chicago style of corrupt politics, as the phony incompetent that he is.

Think about it,


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Obama Calls For The Producers to Be Fair to the Moochers

"In Obama's speech yesterday he used the word 'fairness' about ten jillion times. Obama's idea of fairness is, I won, you lost, so I can take anything I want from you and give it to my people. Hell he took the largest automobile company in these United States from the share holders and gave it to the United Auto Workers while keeping some for his fat federal government. And what is sad, the American people didn't make a squeak about it.  The Post Office is going to look well run compared to GM when the Obamas get through with it."

Using this attention grabber it is reported Butch Jackson launched into a tirade right there at coffee in the Hubbard City Cafe, "The Obama regime is running a major intelligence test on the American people here 11 months before the 2012 election. If the electorate fails this test, the socialists think they have clear sailing to four more years in the White House."

"The test goes like this. If Congress doesn't take action millions of the American middle class will suffer from a $1,500 tax increase on their payroll taxes. Obama asked why would the tax cutting Republicans block action to stop this tax increase. Of course he has the answer handy, because they want to protect millionaires and billionaires from paying their fair share of taxes by paying a small surtax on their income. If Obama can sell this garbage to the American voter, then he has clear sailing for 4 more years because he can play this rich against the middle class game over and over between now and next November."

Billy Roy tugged hard at the front brim of his hat while putting on his grimmest of many grim looks, "Butch, you may be on to something. I was looking at notes from Obama's Kansas speech yesterday where he was doing what these weird people call channeling, in this case Teddy Roosevelt. If you leap over all of his bullshit, which is a helluva big jump, I must say, Obama summarized his idiot pitch with three things: He said, 'Investing in things like education that give everybody a chance to succeed. A tax code that makes sure everybody pays their fair share. And laws that make sure everybody follows the rules. That’s what will transform our economy'. Let's break these words down. We he says 'transform' he is talking about making a too big federal government into an even larger European style socialist welfare state. He believes the Europeans current economic crisis is just that big governments and collectivism just haven't grown enough yet."

"Good exercise, BM. We all know an Obama 'investment' is SPENDING. The Socialists Libs think the only thing wrong with the almost $1 Trillion Stimulus Package was that it wasn't big enough. Obama in his summary picks out education for more investing to the delight of the teachers union. Our schools are spending jillions and our educational system just gets worse and worse. Included in these investments would be spending tax payer money for infrastructure (paying back construction unions) and for green energy which shovels taxpayer money to Obama's millionaire and billionaire contributors in the biggest scam in American history (Solyndra is only the tip of the iceberg).   Bottom line, Obama's 'investments'are paying back his contributors who have put up a record $1 Billion for his re-election. Ironically these contributors consist mostly of labor unions thugs and rich fat cats who are mostly billionaires."

"Good insights, Butch. Let's break open Obama's new 'fair' tax code. Obama says if the rich would only pay their fair share and if we would make minor adjustments to Medicare (which he has never defined) that the $15 Trillion debt of this country would be taken care of 'long term' (meaning when he is long gone from office). Do millionaires pay their fair share? Well .2 of 1% of tax payers make over $1 Million. Yet they pay 21% of all taxes. The other 99.7% pay 79%. What do the Obamas think is fair for this way less than 1% of tax payers? Remember 50% of those on the tax rolls pay zero taxes, and many of these get tax rebates. Which is the biggest tax problem, .2 of 1% paying 21% or 50% paying no taxes? In the state of New York the top 1%, who the occupiers in the street are rioting against, pay 40% of all taxes collected. Clearly Obama's strategy is to invest (spend) NOW, tax middle and upper income folks (including small businesses and employers) NOW, and make moderate reductions to Medicare (after he leaves office). That's his tax reform and investment plan. Most of Obama's fat cats (like Goerge Soros, John Doerr, and Algore, and Warren Buffet) will not be effected by the tax increases because they take their income in Capital Gains from selling stock they have pumped up with big government's corrupted assistance."

"Right on, BM. You nailed it. That leaves the feds making laws that makes sure everyone follows the rules. Obama is talking mostly about financial regulations. He claims that Bush was weak on regulating Wall Street and that caused the financial collapse and recession. The truth is Barney Frank and his Washington cohorts working with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mack, and socialist activists pressured banks to make housing loans to low income and minorities. The banks were assured they were backed by Fannie and Freddie and were boycotted if they didn't make the loans. The banks in many cases created fraudulent transactions to make these loans to willing low income borrowers who thought it was there right for the government and rich banks to provide them a home. So who were the culprits so far in this scam? Socialist politicians, Fannie, Freddie, the banks, and the borrowers who locked arms in this act of thievery.

Who are the innocents who got screwed? The taxpayers. Over $700 Billion of taxpayer money was shoveled to the banks through TARP for a bailout. These are the same banks who fraudulently packaged these worthless mortgages and passed them around like a hot potato (by the way Warren Buffet made literally billions on the bailout). When the bubble bursts what did the Feds (Department of Justice) do about the fraud? NOTHING. Not one person has been tried for fraud. Meanwhile as 60 Minutes reported last Sunday, most of the execs in the banks that blew the whistle on corruption have been fired and silenced. So the biggest culprit of all is the Obama administration (the DOJ run by  Erich Holder when he wasn't running his Fast and Furious debacle). Obama's grand plan is to create more laws instead of enforcing the laws on Obama's HUGE FAT CAT WALL STREET CONTRIBUTORS."

Billy Roy took on his summarizing posture, "So back to this Payroll Tax Trial balloon pitting the Rich against the Middle Class. A Payroll Tax is intended to go to the Social Security Trust Fund. That fund is currently in trouble to the sum of $5 Trillion. Any reductions in these taxes make the bankruptcy of Social Security come even sooner. Any honest person knows this is the last place we should be reducing tax collections. The Payroll Tax Holiday, if extended, would cost the Trust Fund about $200 Billion. What you never hear are things like 25% of government workers do not pay Payroll Taxes at all. If they did, it would source about $100 Billion to the Trust Fund. Why the hell aren't they talking about this instead of the stupid class warfare of rich against the middle class? This President of ours is a very mean and deceitful person who is only interested in his re-election. Let's just hope the folks get enlightened and don't fail this idiot test."

When Obama talks "investments", he is talking MORE BIG GOVERNMENT SPENDING. When Obama  talks "fair taxing", he is talking income "REDISTRIBUTION FROM THE MIDDLE AND UPPER CLASS (PRODUCERS) TO THE MOOCHERS. When Obama talks "more laws", he is talking MORE BIG GOVERNMENT INTRUSION INTO FREE MARKETS AND INDIVIDUAL FREEDOMS.

Think about it,

ANYBODY BUT OBAMA in 2012!!!!!!!


Thursday, December 1, 2011

While Obama Fiddles Someone Is Blowing Up Iran's Nuclear Facilities

Today's news is all about diplomats being kicked out of the UK, France, and Iran. The real news is "under-reported". While Obama strives to get China and Russia (zero chance)to agree to meaningless economic sanctions on Iran something interesting is happening. The Jihad Watch and London Times have reported nuclear facilities in Iran have recently mysteriously exploded. Accident? Or canny Israeli self-defense? Either way, it's good news. "A second Iranian nuclear facility has exploded, as diplomatic tensions rise between the West and Tehran," by Sheera Frenkel for The Times, November 30

AN IRANIAN nuclear facility has been hit by a huge explosion, the second such blast in a month, prompting speculation that Tehran's military and atomic sites are under attack. Satellite imagery seen by The Times confirmed that a blast that rocked the city of Isfahan on Monday struck the uranium enrichment facility there, despite denials by Tehran.

The images clearly showed billowing smoke and destruction, negating Iranian claims yesterday that no such explosion had taken place. Israeli intelligence officials told The Times that there was "no doubt" that the blast struck the nuclear facilities at Isfahan and that it was "no accident".

The explosion at Iran's third-largest city came as satellite images emerged of the damage caused by one at a military base outside Tehran two weeks ago that killed about 30 members of the Revolutionary Guard, including General Hassan Moghaddam, the head of the Iranian missile defence program.

Iran claimed that the Tehran explosion occurred during testing on a new weapons system designed to strike at Israel. But several Israeli officials have confirmed that the blast was intentional and part of an effort to target Iran's nuclear weapons program.

On Monday, Isfahan residents reported a blast that shook tower blocks in the city at about 2.40pm and seeing a cloud of smoke rising over the nuclear facility on the edge of the city.

"This caused damage to the facilities in Isfahan, particularly to the elements we believe were involved in storage of raw materials," said one military intelligence source.

He would not confirm or deny Israel's involvement in the blast, instead saying that there were "many different parties looking to sabotage, stop or coerce Iran into stopping its nuclear weapons program".

Iran went into frantic denial yesterday as news of the explosion at Isfahan emerged. Alireza Zaker-Isfahani, the city's governor, claimed that the blast had been caused by a military exercise in the area but state-owned agencies in Tehran soon removed this story and issued a government denial that any explosion had taken place at all.

On Monday, Dan Meridor. the Israeli Intelligence Minister, said: "There are countries who impose economic sanctions and there are countries who act in other ways in dealing with the Iranian nuclear threat."


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie ripped President Obama for the failure of the debt supercommittee calling the president "a bystander in the Oval Office" in comments Monday.

"I was angry this weekend, listening to the spin coming out of the administration, about the failure of the supercommittee, and that the president knew it was doomed for failure, so he didn't get involved. Well then what the hell are we paying you for?" Christie said in Camden, N.J. "It's doomed for failure so I'm not getting involved? Well, what have you been doing, exactly?"

Maybe a Gingrich/Christie ticket wouldn't be so bad. Axelrod would have his hands full with these two.

Think about it,


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Marco Rubio Rocks!! David Axelrod and Newt, Not So Much!!

Marco Rubio appears to be the absolutely perfect running mate for a Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich in 2012. He rose to this position riding the Tea Party wave. He is bright, articulate, energetic, and reeks of credibility and humility. He claims he is not available in 2012. We should not accept his NO for an answer!

Marco is also absolutely spot on when it comes to the critical ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION issues of our time. He proposes a three step program:

1. Regain the confidence of the American people by securing and closing our borders to illegals. Also, enforce our laws against employers to prevent them from hiring illegals.

2. Rewrite and improve our current immigration laws and systems. They are dramatically broken. Rewrite our visa and guest worker provisions to make them more efficient and effective.

3. Then turn to the difficult issue of the 11-12 million illegals in the country today. This is the political quicksand that Gingrich jumped into last week, and most politicians are not prepared to address. Any issue this complex should be subjected to open debate led by rational and seasoned leadership. A Romney or Gingrich ticket with Rubio deeply involved would be the perfect team to find and codify the proper solutions.

One thing is clear. The solutions should result in LAWS that the executive branch enforces unlike recent administrations (Clinton, Bush, and Obama) who have brought shame to the US Constitution and the rule of law in this country with their neglect.

It seems to this feeble writer that Newt is brilliant about 90% of the time, and THEN a wire seems to come loose, and he takes a picture with Nancy Pelosi espousing global warming. Or, like last week, he takes on the cause of an illegal immigrant family of 25 years who pay their taxes, work hard, and break no laws (except the little immigration thing that nobody pays any attention to anyway). Meanwhile he doesn't say what he would do if they had just been here 20 years, or 10 years, or 2 years. This statement was uncalled for and has dominated the press ever since as they try to shoot down all Republican candidates. Meanwhile we have no idea what Obama's stated position is on any issue with the exception of taxing millionaires and billionaires. I also worry about the liberal press digging into Newt's income between the time he left office and today. Rumors have it that he made "many millions" during this period. And then there is Newt's personal life.  What we know is bad.  What the Obama mob will make up will be even worse.  We shall see.

The worst the Dems have on Mitt so far is his flip flopping and no one has flip flopped more than the campaigning Obama and the elected Obama. Mitt has flipped from bad to good. For example pro-choice to pro-life. From socialized medicine to overturning Obamacare. From a lenient position on gays to a commitment to traditional marriage.  While Obama's flips have all gone from good to bad. From bringing us together to demonizing white working people. From lowering healthcare costs and letting everyone keep their own policies to skyrocketing health care costs and forcing insurance companies to drop current programs. From being President of not blue America and not red America but of the United States of America to a President of occupiers, unions, and moochers.

Interestingly the Obama regime is already running negative flip flop commercials against Romney while not laying a hand on Newt, YET.  These ads are mostly on social issues (abortion, marriage, etc.) in an attempt to convince the Republican voter that Mitt is not a true conservative.  It is obvious that they want to run against Newt.

Obama's political guru, David Axelrod, only knows one thing. That is how to elect Black Mayors in large urban American cities. He has done it many times. Additionally his same tactics worked to elect a young unknown candidate against a very unattractive Hillary and her immoral husband in 2008.  However with the Obama presidency resulting in the poorest record in the history of American politics, Axelrod has no choice but to launch a $1 billion campaign of pure filth and deceit beginning now and running through the 2012 election against the Republican candidate.

Axelrod's current attention, in addition to trying to influence the Republican race away from Romney, is to solidify the black voting base.  That is why time and money is being spent to completely destroy Herman Cain.  Axelrod has successfully used sex and sexual harrassment against Obama's opponents in all of his early elections.  Throw up enough claims, whether true or false, and the typical voter will believe "where there is smoke there must be fire".  It is a filthy, cruel, and un-American political tactic, and it is Axelrod's specialty.  Axelrod foams at the mouth thinking of the attacks he can make against a Newt Gingrich presidential candidate in a head to head match up with Obama.  If they can get the American people to believe that Cain has things in closets then they can convince the same public that Newt has things in warehouses.  Remember the Libs have already discredited Newt once before, and they ran him out of Washington.  The liberal news media can't wait to help do it again.

It is time for Republicans to drop the debates over issues.  Any Republican candidate can beat Obama on the issues.  It is time to get serious about the most electable conservative candidate.  That would be the candidate that can best fight off the filthy character attacks of David Axelrod.  At this time the best ticket is clearly ROMNEY/RUBIO.

Believe me, Axelrod has no shame. It is obvious and completely predictable how the Chicago mob will attack the Conservatives.  And yet it works time and time again.  Evidence?  Today, Herman Cain is toast.  The ethics and intelligence of the American electorate will continue to be severely tested.  If the electorate does not respond to this challenge, the greatest country in history (you and I included) will join Herman Cain in the toaster.

Think about it, and it wouldn’t hurt to say a little prayer for Marco Rubio as well.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Clearly most sane folks would agree the current greatest threat to Europe, the US, and the free world is Islamic Terrorism. To be more specific that would be radical Muslims who want to annihilate Israel and every other Christian or Jew in the world. Sane folks would agree that since 911 we have been involved in a WAR against these elements.

So how is the WAR going?

The Bush administration declared WAR not only on the terrorists but on any nation who harbored or supported them. We took out the Taliban in Afghanistan and Saddam Hussein in Iraq. We drove most of the Al Qaeda forces out of both countries. We initiated a counter insurgent surge in both countries to provide their new and fragile governments a fighting chance to survive.

We then elected BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA to continue our WAR. His first major non-event was to throw the revolutionaries in Iran under the bus by claiming we would "engage" the Iranian regime to convince them to be nice to demonstrators and to stop developing and threatening their neighbors (those friendly to the free world) with nuclear weapons. The outcome? Iran put down the demonstrators and is racing to become a nuclear power.

BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA then turned his attention to Iraq (what he called the bad war) and to Afghanistan (what he called the good war). In Iraq he is pulling out all US forces after offering to keep a token force there. The leaders in Iraq were smart to believe no US forces were better than an OBAMA led token force. This leaves the country and the third largest oil reserves in the world at the mercy of Iran and the militant Muslim Shiites. Our investment of lives and treasure appears to be for naught.

In Afghanistan BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA is negotiating with the Taliban to return them to power after making a token effort at a surge. He also pulled out General Petraeus and other military leaders crippling the leadership of our war efforts.

Needless to say the militants throughout the Middle East have become emboldened by their comrade in arms BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA as evidenced by what OBAMA and his press called the Arab Spring.

First we had Egypt where mobs protested for "democratic" elections and the overthrow of a long time American ally (the primary player in providing peace with Israel), Hosni Mubarak. BARRACK HUSSEIN immediately called for his resignation. Remember in Iran our strategy was to engage the regime that is hostile to the US. Engage America's enemies? In Egypt just the opposite. Throw America's allies under the bus? As this blog goes to press the Muslim Brotherhood is preparing to take over Egypt, the largest and strongest country in the Middle East. It will be a typical Middle East Muslim driven election: one man, one vote, one time. Just like the democracy in Iran.

Then we joined our naive European friends to drive out and murder Qaddafi in Libya. He will be replaced by a Militant Muslim regime as well.

Tunisia, ditto. Replace a strong leader with a Militant Muslim Mob. Somalia is up for grabs as well.  Other countries with "protests" include in Algeria, Yemen, Jordan, Bahrain, Mauritania, and Pakistan.
Is it clear to the most casual observer that BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA has consistently done the bidding of the Islamists, who wanted to preserve the regime in Iran and who wanted to remove the US friendly regimes in the other Middle East and North African countries. Why? What is his intent? Is it diabolical? Is it to weaken and destroy the US and free world leadership in the world? Or is he just incompetent making one foreign policy blunder after the next? Does it matter? The results are the same, and they are catastrophic.

And guess what? Polls show the American people give their highest ratings to OBAMA's foreign policy leadership. Why? Because we are weary of our involvement in the Middle East who controls 70% of the world's oil reserves. Half of the American voters think that oil comes out of the local gasoline pump---temporarily. That is until we harness the power of the sun and wind.  Then everything will be OK.

BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA doesn't scare me. Militant Muslims don't scare me. The US electorate is what scares me.

Meanwhile BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA has mobilized less than 1% of the most worthless Americans (called occupiers) to declare WAR on successful tax paying Americans. He claims this worthless mob represents the 99% of Americans who want “social justice”.

Think about it,


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Re-electing Obama Won't Hurt Much? Huh?

A moderate friend recently commented that if Obama is re-elected it will not hurt much since the Republicans will probably control the House and Senate after the 2012 elections. This friend's brain has gone really soft since nothing could be further from the truth. We folks traditionally have been fairly well protected from government when government was divided. Even Bill Clinton was fairly harmless with a Newt led Republican congress. In fact they even showed a surplus and reformed welfare (to some extent). But that was in the "old days" back when the President was not surrounded by Communists, and most politicians believed they had to abide by the U.S. Constitution. Neither of these is true anymore.

Today's White House resident can use his czars, agencies, and judges to destroy the American system, not to mention our way of life. Speaking of judges, what kind of judge do you think Obama will appoint to the Supreme Court? Short of impeachment, the Congress can do very little about Obama's appointees, czars, and agencies.  And of course, the courts are packed with looney liberal judges.

Need evidence? Let's start with immigration and education, each harboring hugely important issues today.

Our Justice Department who is charged with protecting and defending our borders is somewhat distracted today. Eric Holder is fighting to avoid impeachment over his Fast and Furious perjury. However, he is not too busy to bring his third law suit against states who are trying to protect their borders and educational systems. On Friday "Justice" told Alabama's attorney general that it has the express authority to investigate potential federal civil rights violations in Alabama's public schools authorized by the state's controversial new immigration law. Civil rights violations? This claim is on top of the suit against Alabama over their recently passed law requiring school officials to insure that students are legal residents or legal immigrants. Justice argues the law unconstitutionally invades the federal government's exclusive authority over immigration. Alabama argues, like Arizona, that it would not have to pass such legislation if the Feds would do their job.

And now the Feds want to harass Alabama with claims they are violating the CIVIL RIGHTS of illegals. In their investigation, the Justice Department on Monday asked Alabama public schools for a list of all enrolled students as of Sept. 27, and a list of all students who have withdrawn from school since the academic year started.  Obviously a witch hunt and purnishment for not abiding by the wishes of the Chicago Mob in Washington.

If this isn't scary enough, how about the Energy Department and energy czar? When Obama bailed out the auto industry they screwed every preferred and common shareholder of GM and Chrysler. People like you and I. They diluted their stock positions by giving stock to the labor unions, and of course, the feds took stock ownership as well. No problem. They were looking after the tax payers, right? Wrong! How about Solyndra? Here the Feds threw away over 1/2 of a Billion dollars of the tax payers money while putting the Solyndra shareholders (mostly venture capitalist friends of Obama) AHEAD of tax payers (they actually broke the law on this one). When Solyndra just auctioned some of their bankrupted assets the funds went to shareholders not taxpayers. In addition $13 million was used to pay management bonuses to keep them quiet. Why did they treat the Solyndra shareholders different than GM shareholders? Because Obama and crew are completely in bed with the "Green Crowd". Solyndra is just the tip of the ice berg of the "Green SCAM". There is still Billions of stimulus corruption to be uncovered with other green energy crony companies.

Think how the Environment Protection Agency will play God if Obama is re-elected. In the name of protecting us from dirty air and water and warming temperatures, they have license to destroy any organization and to favor others. And even the Agriculture Department just gave over $2 Billion to Black Farmers (these payments went to some people who have never seen a farm much less owned one).

Our Energy Department was created to make the US energy independent (how has that worked for you?). Instead they will spend four more years keeping American companies from exploring and producing American oil, gas, and coal while scamming the American taxpayer and consumer with all things green (Did you see this weekend that the Wind farms are interfering with military radar?).

Every agency (pick one) will have four more years to destroy our capitalist society and the freedoms that go with it. With probably more than one in five Americans un or under employed, and with debt of over $15 Trillion that's just what America's enemies can get really excited about. And our enemies call themselves the 99 PER CENT?

Please don't let anyone lull you into believing four more years won't hurt that much. Does anyone think a divided congress stopped Lenin, Stalin, Castro, Mao, or Chavez?  No communist ever let the will of the people nor laws interfere with their takeover plans.  This one won't either.

Think about it,


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Our Generation Is Destroying Middle Class Producers

The Obama Socialist game is an old one. A game played time and again by Communists. Blame the rich for all problems and use the mobs (moochers) to revolt and disrupt, all the while claiming to be fighting for the middle class. Of course the "rich" doesn't include the "ruling elite". That would be people like George Soros, Algore, and cronies from companies like GE and Goldman Sachs. They readily join up with the Socialists in their quest for money, but mostly power.

The aim is to transfer absolute power to the ruling class while destroying the middle class by transferring their assets to the moochers.

Examples? Health care for one. The worst fears about Obamacare are now being realized in a decision on Monday by the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MPAC) established by the law to supervise $500 billion in Medicare cuts (while Dems claim they will not touch Medicare). MPAC, whose decisions have the force of law, has voted to impose drastic pay cuts on all doctors under Medicare and, by extension, under Medicaid (which tends to follow suit). Obama's ruling board is passing down edicts that Specialists will have their Medicare (Obamacare) fees cut by 50% over the next ten years. General practitioners will take a 33% cut. Why? This is one way to pay for insurance for moochers (the poor uninsured). The largest cuts (25%) will come in the first three years. Obviously at least two things will happen, both bad. First, fewer bright people will become doctors. Secondly, the specialists (like oncologists and cardiologists) will quit treating Medicare (Obamacare) patients. The rich will continue to pay for their services, right? So who will be without specialized treatment? The middle class, of course. The moochers gain at the expense of the middle class.

What else? Education is being put through the same type drill. Mooching students who qualify by meeting government regulations are getting student loans up to $200,000 in many cases. Universities are dramatically raising their tuitions and fees because of these generous government loans. Students will be given up to 20 years to make token payments, and then all is forgiven. They are only required to make minimum payments during that period meaning the taxpayer will pay for most of the loans. So the Universities get paid in full in the first 4-5 years. The taxpayer (mostly middle class) pays the bill over the same period while receiving no financial assistance and having to pay the inflated college prices for their own children. The moocher spreads token payments over 20 years and then the balance is written off by the government. How large is the problem today? One trillion dollars is outstanding, one third of the nation’s total budget this year.

Remember the good old days when a middle class family's primary objective was to work hard, save money, and put their children through college. The Socialists are doing everything possible to convert broken families to moochers.

If health care and education are not personal enough, how about housing? Most experts agree the world's financial crisis is primarily the result of what they call a "housing bubble". We are told by Obama and his "occupiers", who are street mobs, that Wall Street greed was the problem. Many in the middle class have found that their home values have collapsed to the point that they owe more the current value of their homes. Why did this happen? Moochers were given "hot deals" to buy homes that they could not afford. Low interest rates with adjustable mortgages for the "sub-prime" buyer with plenty of homes to pick from since builders were enjoying low interest rates and readily available loans as well. The government assured bankers they were behind them with guarantees from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack (both of which went broke, were bailed out, and will never pay taxpayers back). Mobs would march on banks if they weren't responding to pressure from the government to make the loans. The banks unloaded the mortgages as best they could (who wouldn't?), and of course the bubble popped as they always do when you defy basic market principles. Obama's current solution is to spend another $35 Billion of taxpayer's money to FORCE banks (again) to refinance these bad loans to buy time and votes. Again the middle class (producers) suffer through an awful economy as moochers benefit with taxpayer funded bailouts.

If these schemes are too convoluted to follow let's take one that is a little more blatant. President Obama cheered Friday a federal judge who approved a $1.2 billion government settlement with black farmers who claim they were cheated out of loans and other assistance from the Agriculture Department over many years. Congress approved this payout one year ago. It comes on top of the initial payment of $1 billion paid to 16,000 black farmers. The second round was created to help those who missed the filing deadline on the first payment. Our leader made the following comment, "This agreement will provide overdue relief and justice to African American farmers, and bring us closer to the ideals of freedom and equality that this country was founded on." This scam comes right out of the pockets of the middle class who worked for their money and paid their taxes. All in the name of freedom and justice. Are you kidding me?

If these farmers were "cheated" who is going to be prosecuted and sent to jail? You know the answer. Not a soul because this is a scam that white, timid politically correct folks willl not challenge. Somehow taxpayers think this $2.2 Billion is not their money. They seem to think that it comes from someone else.

Who knows how many other scams will come from the Obama administration between now and 2012. Or imagine if the electorate gives him another four years after that. Here are four examples of Obama taking money from the hard working middle class taxpayer and giving it to the moocher who believes they have rights to free healthcare, free college educations, government assisted home ownership, and government handouts for being black. Every one of these programs was paid for with money that this government and nation does not have. It is a debt that our innocent children must pay.

While I truly believe the World War II vets were our best generation, I am equally convinced that the generation that followed and governs today is our WORST. I am sad to say that is my generation.

Think about it,


Monday, October 24, 2011

Washington Post: Obama Was Given a Pass Because He Was Black

Even the Washington Post has said it now. I forward their recent column verbatim.  It is simple, factual, and to the point.  Shame on our electorate.

The Washington Post

August 18, 2011 Obama: The Affirmative Action President By Matt Patterson (columnist - Washington Post, New York Post, San Francisco Examiner)

Years from now, historians may regard the 2008 election of Barack Obama as an inscrutable and disturbing phenomenon, a baffling breed of mass hysteria akin perhaps to the witch craze of the Middle Ages. How, they will wonder, did a man so devoid of professional accomplishment beguile so many into thinking he could manage the world's largest economy, direct the world's most powerful military, execute the world's most consequential job?

Imagine a future historian examining Obama's pre-presidential life: ushered into and through the Ivy League despite unremarkable grades and test scores along the way; a cushy non-job as a "community organizer"; a brief career as a state legislator devoid of legislative achievement (and in fact nearly devoid of his attention, so often did he vote "present") ; and finally an unaccomplished single term in the United States Senate, the entirety of which was devoted to his presidential ambitions. He left no academic legacy in academia, authored no signature legislation as a legislator.

And then there is the matter of his troubling associations: the white-hating, America-loathing preacher who for decades served as Obama's "spiritual mentor"; a real-life, actual terrorist who served as Obama's colleague and political sponsor. It is easy to imagine a future historian looking at it all and asking: how on Earth was such a man elected president?
Not content to wait for history, the incomparable Norman Podhoretz addressed the question recently in the Wall Street Journal:

To be sure, no white candidate who had close associations with an outspoken hater of America like Jeremiah Wright and an unrepentant terrorist like Bill Ayers, would have lasted a single day. But because Mr. Obama was black, and therefore entitled in the eyes of liberaldom to have hung out with protesters against various American injustices, even if they were a bit extreme, he was given a pass.
Let that sink in: Obama was given a pass -- held to a lower standard -- because of the color of his skin. Podhoretz continues:

And in any case, what did such ancient history matter when he was also so articulate and elegant and (as he himself had said) "non-threatening," all of which gave him a fighting chance to become the first black president and thereby to lay the curse of racism to rest?

Podhoretz puts his finger, I think, on the animating pulse of the Obama phenomenon -- affirmative action. Not in the legal sense, of course. But certainly in the motivating sentiment behind all affirmative action laws and regulations, which are designed primarily to make white people, and especially white liberals, feel good about themselves.

Unfortunately, minorities often suffer so that whites can pat themselves on the back. Liberals routinely admit minorities to schools for which they are not qualified, yet take no responsibility for the inevitable poor performance and high drop-out rates which follow. Liberals don't care if these minority students fail; liberals aren't around to witness the emotional devastation and deflated self esteem resulting from the racist policy that is affirmative action. Yes, racist.

Holding someone to a separate standard merely because of the color of his skin -- that's affirmative action in a nutshell, and if that isn't racism, then nothing is. And that is what America did to Obama.

True, Obama himself was never troubled by his lack of achievements, but why would he be? As many have noted, Obama was told he was good enough for Columbia despite undistinguished grades at Occidental; he was told he was good enough for the US Senate despite a mediocre record in Illinois; he was told he was good enough to be president despite no record at all in the Senate. All his life, every step of the way, Obama was told he was good enough for the next step, in spite of ample evidence to the contrary. What could this breed if not the sort of empty narcissism on display every time Obama speaks?

In 2008, many who agreed that he lacked executive qualifications nonetheless raved about Obama's oratory skills, intellect, and cool character. Those people -- conservatives included -- ought now to be deeply embarrassed. The man thinks and speaks in the hoariest of clich├ęs, and that's when he has his teleprompter in front of him; when the prompter is absent he can barely think or speak at all. Not one original idea has ever issued from his mouth -- it's all warmed-over Marxism of the kind that has failed over and over again for 100 years.

And what about his character? Obama is constantly blaming anything and everything else for his troubles. Bush did it; it was bad luck; I inherited this mess. It is embarrassing to see a president so willing to advertise his own powerlessness, so comfortable with his own incompetence. But really, what were we to expect? The man has never been responsible for anything, so how do we expect him to act responsibly?

In short: our president is a small and small-minded man, with neither the temperament nor the intellect to handle his job. When you understand that, and only when you understand that, will the current erosion of liberty and prosperity make sense. It could not have gone otherwise with such a man in the Oval Office.

Think about November, 2012.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Butch Uncovers Secretive Biden Re-Election Plan, MAYBE?

Butch Jackson thinks he has figured out the Obama re-election strategy, "They gave away their plan this week. It all started with the Black Panthers monitoring voting sites in the last election. These thugs with clubs will stand out front and determine who can vote and who can't. The only challenge left then is to get their voters to turn out. George Soros and his crew can provide funds to buy votes and buses to get them to the polls.

That all leads up to Smokin Joe Biden. At last we know why Smokin Joe is on the ticket. He is Obama's secret weapon. Smokin Joe started this very week to go into the grade schools. For those of you in Mr. Calm that would be grades 1 through 6. I actually think we could put 7 and 8 in there with them and save some money, but I digress. Smokin Joe is revving the kids up (strarted with 4th graders) by telling them that the good guys want to pay for more teachers so that they can spend more time with each student. He says they will pay for it by getting people with a lot of money to give a little more. So there you have it. The Black Panthers will only allow kids from grades 1 to 6 into the voting booths while Soros will hire bus drivers to transport the kids and money to buy them off with things like suckers and balloons and whatever else kids like these days. These Obama guys are really good!"

Mom, who at one time was the Secretary to the Superintendent of the entire Hubbard City Public School System, put a fly in Butch's soup, "Like most Socialist ideas, there is one problem, and as always, it is fatal. Kids don't want more teachers in the class room nor more 'one on one' time with the teachers that are there! Unlike most Obama voters, kids are too smart for the Biden pitch. Not to mention that even a fourth grader knows that public school teachers, just like policemen and firemen are employed and paid by state and local governments, not the federal government. The last thing even grade school children want is to have federal police, firemen, and school teachers acting like the post office which is semi-obsolete in today's Internet society. Most kids don't know what the post office is, but they know how to tweet. But I digress."

Well, Butch went lower than a Pennsylvania coal mine. When this happens he does some major league sulking. Lots of times Billy Roy Mitcham, who gave a terrific performance at the Hubbard High School Reunion last weekend, tries to lift his buddies' spirits when this happens, "I wouldn't completely give up on that kid theory, Butch. Why else would the Commies be campaigning in the grade schools, and the bigger question is why they keep an idiot like Biden on the ticket if not for some scheme like this."

BM continued, "With the killing of Qadhafi and the first norther blowing the Fall into Texas, how is Obama's Arab Spring coming along? He, Bush, Carter, and their European Socialists buddies have pretty much killed or driven out most of the Middle East strongmen who were keeping the Radical Islamists at bay. It all started with the Shah of Iran, and we see how that turned out. Bush got Sadam. Obama has taken out strongmen in Egypt and now Libya. The royal families that rule Saudi Arabia and Jordan (pre-Obama big time US allies) have to be next on the list.

And then you have the Iraq pull out that was announced on Friday because Qadhafi's murder was dominating the press. Our diplomacy in Iraq failed because we could not convince the Iraqis to let us stay. Boy, Hillary did a great job here. The radical cleric Sadir led opposition to the US presence and won, as did his Iranian pals. Obama wanted to leave 3,000 troops there (his military leaders wanted 25,000-35,000). The Iraqis rightfully decided zero was better than such a small number that would just irritate those who wanted us out. People like Sadir the radical cleric who has returned to Iraq from Iran. The troops requested by the generals were vital resources needed to train Iraqis, to resist Iranian assaults, and to protect the Kurds. This would secure our gains made over the last 8 years.

If you don't believe the Iranians are serious threats, how about their attempts to kill the Saudi Ambassador last week, and on US soil?  The Iranians will probably overthrow our 'democratic' government in Iraq within 12 months. Makes you wonder why we spent 4,482 precious lives and took over 32,000 wounded while spending $805 billion, and for what? Within two years Obama's Radical Muslim pals can control over 70% of the world's oil.  Radical Muslim Arab oil will spring out of the Middle East to China and other foes of the the free world."

"Meanwhile Obama is negotiating with the Taliban to return Afghanistan back to them. No wonder Pakistan doesn't trust the US as an ally knowing that the Taliban could be threatening them on one side while they worry about India on the other. That leaves poor Israel. What chance will they have with a radical Muslim dominated Middle East and American politicians like Barrack Hussein Obama? The only positive thing from all of this is Obama may not get his normal 80% of the Jewish vote in 2012.  Go figure."

"What a shame. We have such a great and successful military. They took Iraq in 3 weeks and Afghanistan in 3 months. Compare that to NATO who took 8 months to drive out the Libyan forces (and they had a huge rebellion helping them). To see our accomplishments flushed down the drain by incompetent politicians is more than a shame. It is criminal."

Butch was rejuvenated, "Sounds like Obama is aiding and abetting the Arabs to 'spring up' and take over the entire Middle East in a huge Jihad. I am going to stay on this Biden angle to see if there is not a connection between the Arab Spring and Obama's plans to take over and federalize local policemen and teachers. Also, I am going to seriously ponder which way Obama will go if he is successful with his Communist and Islamic plans. Twenty years from now they will have pushed the Capitalist out, and they will have a huge confrontation with each other. Will Obama be more Commie or Jihad? Don't worry, BM, I'll figure it out."

By this time everyone but BM and Butch were pretty much "pulled out" from the Hubbard City Cafe.

Think about it,


Monday, October 17, 2011

Look Out, The Ugandans Are Coming

40% of Obamacare's "cost savings" were quietly flushed from the program on Friday of last week with the cancellation of the long term care provision. This program was used to gain the support of the elderly for Obamacare while providing a complete SCAM for a part of the program where they would collect premiums for 10 years without paying out any benefits. Surprise, surprise citizens would not agree to voluntarily subscribe. So they just quietly dropped 40% of their fake savings. Could it be that Obama wants the Supreme Court to find Obamacare unconstitutional so that he can run on how the Republicans and their Supreme Court don't want Americans to have healthcare? Otherwise, he has to defend the worst legislation passed in American history in re-election campaign.

Meanwhile, "occupiers", whatever the hell that is, continue to demonstrate, defecate, and break laws to protest the injustices of some people earning more money than other people. Think of that. Hundreds are being arrested, and their lawyers are demanding their release. If not, the lawyers threaten they will tie up the courts with phony trials. How is that for American justice at work? Obama meanwhile urges his supporters to "take off their house slippers and march in the streets", while he tells his worshipers at the opening of the MLK Memorial that "we must work to make things the way they ought to be" which he describes as "more equality and justice". His buddy, Al Sharpton, tells the crowd, "if you can't get the jobs bill done in the suites, then we will get the jobs bill done in the streets". Martin Luther King must be flipping and flopping in that grave when he hears these idiots.

While Americans have to work very hard to keep up with the Marxist activities of the White House domestically, Obama is quietly, yet dramatically, putting this country at great risk against known enemies. His techniques are right out of the Marxist playbook. Few of these events are on the front page of Obama's newspapers. They are buried in the center sections and, like a White House document dump, printed in Friday papers.

Iran's plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the US did make the front page. Seems they were going to murder 10's of people in a restaurant bombing. Our response is to once again attempt to get the Russians and Chinese to join others in economic sanctions meanwhile the Iranians race to obtain nuclear weapons. Obama is either by design or incompetence completely impotent when it comes to Iran.

Meanwhile hidden in most papers is the US pullout from Iraq. The small headlines said, "US drops plans to keep troops in Iraq past Dec 31". The text said, "despite growing concerns about the Iraq security forces and the potential for instability". This means the bad guys will be joined by the Iranians to take over the world's 4th largest oil reserves to go with Iran's number 3 ranking in due time. If they can take over Saudi Arabia (ranked #1) that would give them control of almost 70% of the world's oil. Not to mention huge sanctuaries for terrorists who could be armed with Iran's nukes. We have sacrificed 4,400 brave US soldiers since 2003 and their brave efforts could go to waste with the Obama pullout. Is this by design or just incompetence?

It is ironic that the #2 ranked country with huge oil reserves is our neighbor, Canada, who does not have a Marxist administration that prohibits the exploration and production of oil and natural gas. The US is ranked a pitiful 17th even though we have huge potential that is unproven without adequate exploration.

Back to the news. Buried in the papers also is the story where our brave leader is quite aggressive. He is in fact coming on like John Wayne in a preposterous letter to House Speaker John Boehner in which he said his deployment "furthers U.S. NATIONAL INTERESTS AND FOREIGN POLICY". Must be a big deal, huh. Where? Israel, Russia, China, North Korea, Yemen? How about we send troops to Uganda? We can join up with those fighting what sounds like Christian bad apples. Obama says we may have to go into South Sudan and the Congo as well. Hold on to your seat because Obama may have told his biggest lie ever as he declared, "his decision to send troops is in keeping with the NATIONAL SECURITY INTERESTS of the United States". Our national security is threatened by a band of renegades in Uganda to the extent that we need to send troops to help kill the bad guys? Yet Iran's nuclear threat just calls for economic sanctions? Obama says our troops will just be there "for months". You can hang this statement right up there with Obama's Libyan promise of the conflict lasting "weeks not months". Does Obama need to risk American troops in Africa to shore up his Black voting base against Herman Cane? Are do we need to make a preemptive strike before they canoe over to attack our shores?

By the way, Uganda, the Congo, and South Sudan are not on the top oil reserves list of countries. I guess they will provide a big solar market for Obama sponsored clean energy stimulation.

Additionally, last week Obama held a press conference with the President of South Korea to celebrate a trade agreement that he had held up for years until he could get a billion dollar "retraining" bribe to his union buddies. Obama said of South Korea, "they buy as much from us as we buy from them. This is the way free trade is supposed to work". I am not making this up folks. What is it about "free" that Obama doesn't understand?

Meanwhile Obama is on his million dollar bus today telling the folks that the Republicans don't want clean air, clean water, roads, bridges, schools, airport runways, teachers, cops, or healthcare. Obama said Americans have a choice between Republicans who want dirty air and dirty water and Democrats who want to put teachers in the classroom and police on our streets? Wow! Heck, all Republicans want is to protect a few millionaires and billionaires like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Michael Moore, Algore, Bill Clinton, and most of all, those Hollywood and Wall Street crowds. Who wouldn't want to help them?

Think about it,


Friday, October 14, 2011

Our Sorry President

This is an excellent article published in

In November 2009, Barack Obama became the first U.S. president to bow to Japan's emperor. This week leaked cables show Japan nixed a presidential apology to Hiroshima and Nagasaki for using nukes to end the overseas contingency operation known as World War II. Will the next president apologize for the current one?

The obsessive need of this president to apologize for American exceptionalism and our defense of freedom continued recently when Barack Obama's State Department (run by Hillary Clinton) contacted the family of al-Qaida propagandist and recruiter Samir Khan to "express its condolences" to his family.

Khan, a right-hand man to Anwar al-Awlaki, was killed along with Awlaki in an airstrike in Yemen on Sept. 30. We apologized for killing a terrorist before he could help kill any more of us.

It's yet another part of the world apology tour that began with Obama taking the oath of office to protect and defend the United States and its Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, something he immediately felt sorry for.

One stop on his tour was Prague in August 2009. There he spoke of "America's commitment to seek the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons," ignoring that before 1945 we lived in such a world and it was neither peaceful nor secure.

Another stop on the tour was in Japan, where Obama in November 2009 bowed to the emperor, something no American president had ever done. It could have been worse if plans to visit Nagasaki and Hiroshima to apologize for winning the war with the atom bombs had come to pass.

A heretofore secret cable dated Sept. 3, 2009, was recently released by WikiLeaks. Sent to Secretary of State Clinton, it reported Japan's Vice Foreign Minister Mitoji Yabunaka telling U.S. Ambassador John Roos that "the idea of President Obama visiting Hiroshima to apologize for the atomic bombing during World War II is a 'nonstarter.'"

The Japanese feared the apology would be exploited by anti-nuclear groups and those opposed to the defensive alliance between Japan and the U.S.

Whatever Tokyo's motive, Obama's motive was to once again apologize for defending freedom, this time for winning with devastating finality the war Japan started.

While Obama envisions a world without nuclear weapons, and moves steadily toward unilateral disarmament of our nuclear arsenal, we envision a world without tyrants and thugs willing to use them against us. We do not fear nuclear weapons in the hands of Britain or France, countries that share our love of freedom and democracy.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Communist Takeover Gaining Ground: Where? The Good Old USA

With the collapse of the Soviet Union and the recent movement of Communist China to a more market or capitalistic economy many of us thought we could forget the Socialistic Communist Marxist Leninist threat to the United States of America. We felt our threats were more from radical Islamists. We were wrong.

What we did not consider, nor can many of us still believe, is that our greatest threat is from within. And that threat is clearly from Socialism.

Proof? You be the judge. Way back in 1958, when I was 16 years old and driving a solid Red Chevrolet Impala to Hubbard High School, a book was written, The Naked Communist.  It listed goals of socialists who wanted to take over the USA. I have a subset of those goals listed below.  The author's goal is shown with my (comments) following each goal:

1. Permit free trade between all nations regardless of Communist affiliation and regardless of whether or not items could be used for war. (Obama's Jobs Czar, Jeffrey Imelt from GE says that China is his "second market" as he builds plants there and provides critical technology for Chinese products such as their newest airplanes)

3. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States. (One down and one to go.  We ain't talking about Republicans, yet)

4. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers' associations. Put the party line in textbooks. (We must return schools to local control by eliminating the Department of Education!)

5. Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack. (The OCCUPY WALLSTREET movement isn't even warmed up yet as we approach 2012 elections.  What organizations are under attack?  How about the Tea Party?)

6. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures. (Thank goodness for FOX as ABC, CBS, NBC, and Hollywood are long gone.)

7. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them "censorship" and a violation of free speech and free press. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV. (Do I need to comment to convince you?)

8. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as "normal, natural, healthy." (Same sex marriages, protected gay rights, and gays in the military--any progress here since '58?  Name 5 current TV series that don't have gay themes.)

9. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with "social" religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which does not need a "religious crutch." (Check out the Methodist, Episcopalians, and others at the national level.  Remember when Obama said Bitter Pennsylvanians were "klinging to their guns and religion" because they wouldn't vote for his party?)

10. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of "separation of church and state." (This will never happen, right?)

11. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis. (Currently of 9 Supreme Court Justices 4 believe this and a 5th is a swing voter)

12. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the "common man." (Or maybe as old white racist rich guys?)

13. Support any socialist movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture—education, social agencies, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etc. (How about health care, the auto companies, and banks?  The EPA?  These are rolled up into "Obama Inc.")

14. Infiltrate and gain control of more unions. (Which ones don't they have now?  They over achieved here!)

15. Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity, masturbation and easy divorce. (Done!  Plus toss in abortion, welfare for unwed mothers, and defining marriage to include anything you want to do.)

16. Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks and retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents. (Hillary says it "Takes a Village")

Well I guess we have to do more than to just tear down the wall in Berlin.  Some years ago these goals were considered "Un-American".  We had a House Commttee on Un-American Activitities.   As it turns out those engaged in fighting Socialism then were actually living in "the good old days".

Think about it and vote the Socialists out before it is too late,


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What Is Really Too Big To Fail? Crony Capitalism

George Bush, Jr., as he left office, bailed out Wall Street (the banks) to 'save the world economy' and because the banks were 'too big to fail'. He spent about $300 billion and handed off another $400 billion or so to Obama to finish the job. They called it TARP.

Obama not only continued the bank bailout but added the auto companies to the list and heaped money on GM and Chrysler (Ford refused). Interesting that Obama forced money on some of the banks that didn't want, nor need, bail out assistance. Strange, huh? Not really, read on.

So what was it that made these businesses TOO BIG TO FAIL? Let's take the banks first. The federal government muscled banks to make questionable loans to a large set of the populace that could not afford to own homes (called sub-prime mortgages). They claimed to back these banks by having Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae support these loans with tax payer money. George Bush, Sr. signed legislation that stated that Fannie and Freddie have an affirmative obligation to facilitate the financing of affordable housing for low-income and moderate-income families.  They set a target of 30% for loans to this segment.  In 1999, Fannie and Freddie came under pressure from the Clinton administration to expand mortgage loans to low and moderate income borrowers by increasing the ratios of their loan portfolios in distressed inner city areas.  They drove the percentage to over 55%. (this also served the Clinton economy).

These actions supported the Liberal cause by making loans to moochers who vote Democratic (and favored racial groups) while hyping the economy (we call it a bubble). When the government creates a partnership with selected large corporations to further their mutual causes it is called CRONY CAPITALISM. Also in most, if not all cases, it results in disaster because it interferes with natural FREE MARKET FUNDAMENTALS.

So when the 'stuff' hits the fan (in this case the sub-prime homeowners can't make their payments and the price of their homes fall below the their mortgage balance) the government starts scrambling because their SCAM IS TOO BIG TO FAIL and the politicians need to cover up the facts of their actions that caused the problems. So they buy off their cronies with bail outs. The last thing they want is for the banks to tell how they were forced, and enticed, into violating their own regulations and business practices at their government partner's urgings. So politicians bail out their cronies with taxpayer money and government debt to keep them quite and to get their continued co-operation (not to mention big contributions to their campaign funds). It is a typical government cover up.

And why bail out the auto companies? Look at the two major factors that have made the American auto companies fail. The first was labor laws and government practices that backed the labor unions with excessive wage rates, lucrative health care plans, and ridiculous retirement plans. If that isn't enough to keep you from competing in a world market add severe regulations on top of the labor costs. Regulations that dictate what kind of products the auto companies must make to meet fleet emission standards and mileage regulations supporting the government's global warming scam. The government then makes it difficult for the auto companies to build plants in labor markets where they would be competitive. Again when the stuff hits the fan and the auto companies approach bankruptcy, the government must bail them out. It just would not serve the politicians interests for the auto companies to, first, tell the public why they failed. And next, for the companies to take the actions necessary to get rid of union contracts and to demand less regulation. As it is, the government and their crony auto executives are just kicking the can down the road. The auto companies will fail again unless they throw off union and government control. American companies have no chance in competing against free market competitors with lower costs and the freedom to build autos that world buyers desire.

Interesting that even though Ford didn't take bail out money, they are on the record supporting the bail out program. Are you kidding me? Obviously they have been threatened to not criticize the 'hush money bail out'. The rumor is they were recently encouraged to take down an ad bragging about not taking bail out money. The Obamas were quick to announce that Ford had approved of the bail out even though they didn't participate.

What are the lessons learned?  Moderate Republicans, the Bushs, will pass legislation working with the Libs that seems reasonable at the time. The Dems (Clinton, Obama, etc.) will then dramatically alter the implementation to buy votes and ultimately do considerable damage to the economy.   Example:  George, Jr. hands Obama $400 billion in TARP.  Obama immediately adds another trillion in stimulus.  George, Sr. passes  sub-prime legislation, and Clinton drives a truck through the opening he was given.

Think about it and vote the bums out before they destroy other industries and bankrupt the nation.  Also, beware of Moderate Republicans.  If it wasn't for George, Jr. there would not be an Obama in the White House.  If it wasn't for George, Sr. there would not have been a Bill Clinton.


Monday, October 3, 2011

William Jefferson Clinton: A Business Genius or Scammer?

As promised in the last blog posting Scott Riddle (local cattleman, insurance tycoon, Texas Holdem expert, occasional investor in anything of interest, and nephew of Hall of Fame Baseball Player, Tris Speaker) was asked to discuss the Clinton Boom Years of the 90's. His remarks follow.

"Many folks rewrite history by giving Bill Clinton sole credit for a robust economy, creating jobs, and generating a federal government surplus (by raising tax rates). Clinton's economic metrics were benefited considerably by what is called a 'bubble' in the Internet sector of the economy. What was the Internet Bubble? It was an orchestrated assault on America's investors by Wall Street investment bankers, venture capitalists, and the Clinton administration led by one, Robert Ruben (Clinton's Secretary of the Treasury and former CEO of Goldman Sachs, but of course). This collusion literally flooded the IPO (Initial Public Offering) stock market with high tech Internet start up stock offerings. Most of these companies were heavily funded by venture capital firms, many of which were also funded by the venture investor organizations of the investment bankers who would 'take these companies public'."

"Most of the IPOs (Initial Public Offerings) went public at huge valuations and most of the companies were operating at huge losses at the time of the public offerings. In this crazy Internet world all former rules based on revenues and profits were thrown out in this race to Internet 'gold'. Those hyping these companies convinced investors that profits weren't important. A term called 'eyeballs' replaced profits. The companies spend huge sums of money enticing visitors to their web sites while convincing public investors that this would convert to revenues and profits sometime in the future (sounds a lot like GREEN INVESTMENTS DOESN'T IT). The end result was the company employees, the venture capitalists, and Wall Street investment banking companies all made out handsomely, and the Clinton economy produced jobs and wealth for those who were lucky enough to 'cash in' before the BUBBLE POPPED. And when did it pop? In Clinton's last year of office (of course) dumping the country in a recession at the expense of the nation, and particularly at the expense of the shareholders who thought they had made investments in real companies with long term futures. Very few companies lived up to this expectation. Companies that did not make the IPO window shut down losing the investor's money and the jobs of many employees. The High Tech Industry has still not recovered."

"Another big loser of the Clinton Bubble was the whole concept of Initial Public Offerings. This method of rewarding successful high tech start up companies with liquidity and growth capital had been largely responsible for this countries' world leadership in innovation, technology, and worker productivity. Clinton's outlaws basically KILLED INITIAL PUBLIC OFFERINGS! This may be the greatest cost of Clinton and his cronies GREED."

"So what did Wall Street move to after the Clinton Internet Bubble? They colluded with Washington (Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Black Caucus, Fannie, and Freddie) to create a huge REAL ESTATE BUBBLE. Using the government and taxpayers to bail out their bad loans they packaged things called 'instruments' and played a game passing off the hot potato (they called these sub-prime loans) hoping they weren't the last to be holding these instruments when the bubble popped. With the un-able (Dennis Miller calls a race between Obama and Cain a race between Cain and Un-able) assistance of Obomb-us we are still suffering from this criminal act."

"While Bush didn't stop the Real Estate Bubble, he did get the economy moving again after inheriting the Clinton recession by eliminating Clinton's tax increases and not doing the insane government interference of the Obama crowd. Bush, however, did allow his obsession with the nation's security to blind him into allowing the Democratic Congress to overspend. Bush's weakness in reigning in Democrats lost his conservative base and enabled the election of Obama in my opinion. His approval ratings as he left office was in the thirties because he lost conservatives."

"And what Bubble would the Libs like to replace the real estate mess with? THE GREEN REVOLUTION, of course. If they can sell the world on 'man caused global warming', they can use government regulations to create an artificial market for all types of GREEN SCAMS. They can through regulations force consumers and companies to buy and use any products they choose whether it is window shades, solar panels, roofing materials, electric cars, or public transportation to name just a few. This could be the biggest scam of all if they can pull it off."

"Lastly, if of course when you get under the covers of the surplus during the Clinton years, he had no choice. The Clinton policies created an environment begging for the Gingrich Revolution. Newt and the Republicans forced Clinton to move to the right and balance the federal budget, thus creating a surplus."

Mom had a question, "Scott, how do you know so much about this Internet Bubble?"

Good question, Maxine, "I actually invested in some of these Internet start up companies, and one in particular in Austin, Texas."

"Right, Scott. I think I know that company. The IPO window closed real tight right before they planned to go public, thank goodness! A failed start up company is one thing, a failed public company is much worse; I am told by a close member of my immediate family."

Lots to think about as Americans determine whether Hillary would be any better than Obama,