Friday, September 9, 2011

If You Are Not Insulted, You Are Either Stupid Or Corrupt Or "Unexplainable"

Never has Obama insulted the American people's intelligence more than with the crap he called a 'Jobs Plan'.

Obama's speech should have provided solutions to the question, 'Why aren't American companies hiring(creating jobs)?' These solutions should correct or improve the following issues:

1. The US economy under Obama's leadership is not growing and therefore not creating the need for businesses to add additional employees.
2. Obamacare has created an environment of uncertainty throughout the business world not knowing what their increased costs will be, what new taxes they will have to pay, and what mandates are coming down and when.
3. Government regulations have created an unnecessary shortage of energy resulting in inflationary costs across the board (food, supplies, raw materials, transportation, etc.).  The green energy give aways are scams.  Government should leave energy inovation to the private sector.
4. Obama, in the name of fairness, has constantly threatened to raise taxes on small business owners from their current rate of 35% as he calls them greedy rich people not paying their fair share. This creates more uncertainty among small business owners. This same is true for corporations who pay higher taxes than most foreign competitors.
5. All companies are choking on government regulations as the Obama administration has set historic records in passing regulations to control and stifle business. The annual costs of regulations to businesses in now in the Trillions.
6. All tax payers from large companies to individuals have been threatened by Obama that they will lose their 'tax loopholes' which is another way of raising taxes and reducing a company or individuals ability to invest and expand. Big oil companies who are completely over-taxed and over-regulated in both exploration and production are prime targets for Obama's threats. Homeowners are afraid they will lose their mortgage rate deductions. Eliminating the charitable giving 'tax loophole' would destroy local and national charities leaving only the government to make the needy even more dependent on tax payers.
7. Lastly our tax structure is a complete mess. Taxes need to be lowered and the system needs reform from top to bottom.

So what were Obama's answers to these issues last night?

The biggest element in Obama's plan calls for increasing and extending a payroll tax cut for workers that goes to Social Security, while providing the tax cut to employers, too. For workers, the tax that has been cut from 6.2 percent to 4.2 percent for this year would fall to 3.1 percent under Obama's plan -- a $175 billion cost. The tax will go back up to 6.2 percent by the end of the year. For this year this is an additional cut of 1.1%. With the issues facing business people today, who would go out and hire anyone because they will receive a tax credit this year that is an average of $440 for an employee that makes $40,000 that they will turnaround and lose next year? Not to mention that Social Security is the last place that we need to be robbing AGAIN.

Next there are incentives (tax credits) to hire workers who have been on unemployment for longer than 6 months, for hiring veterans, and for hiring disadvantaged youths for summer jobs. Does anyone believe that business people would forget all of the Obama uncertainties because they would receive a temporary tax credit? Would they hire one additional person that they would not hire anyway? Uncertainty is eliminated by taking PERMANENT ACTIONS THAT AMERICANS CAN RELY ON. Adding temporary government hoops for business people to jump through only adds uncertainty.

The icing on the cake is to extend unemployment for 12 more months paying people not to work and calling it job creation while taking federal money, that we don't have, to hire teachers after local governments have trimmed unnecessary positions with the sole purpose of buying teacher union votes.

And then of course Obama is once again going to build bridges, tunnels, schools, highways, and anything else that would support his union campaign contributors AGAIN. This is just more 'shovel ready shit' that spends tons of tax payer money and never amounts to anything. Schools, highways, and bridges should be managed LOCALLY to avoid as much corruption and waste as is possible.

And then Obama closes with the greatest LIE ever. All of this will be paid for! Do the folks understand by now that when Obama spends money he does it NOW. When he cuts government spending he does it over 10 to 12 years, BACK END LOADED. So in this case he will spend $450 Billion NOW. He will add this to the $1.5 Trillion that he promised to cut to get his $2.5 Trillion debt ceiling raised and ask his committee to make the cuts over 10 years. He doesn't want to make them too quickly because it might hurt his recovery. Recovery my ass!

One last farce. Miss Michelle sits by the CEO from GE, Jeffrey Immelt,  who pays no taxes and moves operations to China. Obama again references Warren Buffett who is begging for tax increases on the wealthy because his secretary pays a higher tax rate than Warren. Facts: Warren takes money from his operations in stock not income. Therefore he pays the 15% capital gains tax not the income tax that he wants to raise on small business owners. Also, Warren is a multi-billionaire who needs no income. He is pledged to give much of his wealth to Bill Gates foundations to avoid inheritance taxes. Buffet, like, GE will pay little to no taxes. Of all of Obama's horseshit nothing smells more than this. Buffet should be ashamed and the GE CEO, Immelt, should have no association with government officials.

So what will happen as a result of the jobs speech to congress. NOTHING!!!  Very little of this will pass and what does pass will have no effect of job creation.  Meanwhile Obama will say if the Tea Party would have passed his jobs bill we would be in recovery by November, 2012.   Obama is plagued by a do nothing congress.  Put him and the Socialist back in control in 2012 and everything will be OK, AGAIN.

I hope every reader of this posting is sufficiently INSULTED.

Think about it,


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Republican Candidates Rout MSNBC, a.k.a Pravda

"For some strange reason the Republicans agreed to let MSNBC to come into, and in doing so, to desecrate, the Reagan Library to televise a debate of the Republican Candidates.  All but two of these candidates are good Reagan Conservatives.  One is Ron Paul a Libertarian (and just can't seem to help himself).  The other. who I can't  remember  his name and don't want to, is a former Obama Liberal Ambassador to China (and just can't help himself)," by now you regular readers know this was a Cafe Coffee Kickoff by none other than Butch Jackson.  "Every one knows the Libs version of Russia's old Pravda propaganda machine is MSNBC which is owned by Obama's lackey, General Electric.  Just look at  their lineup, Rachel Maddow, Charlie Rangel, Bryan Williams, Al Sharpton, etc.  These guys are to the left of old George McGovern.  Their questions followed the old idiot gotcha style, 'Governor Perry, polls show that Texas leads the nation in wife beatings.  An advisor to one of your opponents has said that you beat your wife.  Are you still beating your wife, and what do you use as a weapon is these beatings?'  This type of question from people who would never ask Obama where he was born?  What are his academic credentials?  What positions of leadership have you ever held?  etc."

"All true, Butch," responded the un-official Chairman of the Hubbard City Cafe and world renown and semi-local country and western multi-star who performs with less than zero effort, Billy Roy Mitcham.  "Even though the Commies controlled the mike, the questions, and the agenda they got their asses kicked up between their elbows.  Here are some of my favorites:

1.  Williams asked Governor Perry if he could sleep at night knowing that Texas leads the nation in killing over 250 people during his term and that one of these people might be innocent?  First the audience interrupted the question when they heard Texas was in the lead in capital punishment.  Then they loved Perry's answer that if you come into our state and murder a citizen you will face justice and lose your life.

2.  Romney, who was governor of the most liberal state in the union, Massachusetts, had a great line to explain the difference in Perry's record and his record as a governor, 'Texas is a great state.  It has a Republican Congress, a Republican Supreme Court, is a right to work state, has no income tax, and a lot of oil and gas under the ground.' He also came to Perry's rescue when everyone was beating on Perry about mandatory, with an opt out, vaccinations that he passed around the state legislature.  Romney said that Perry's intentions were honorable, and that Perry had said he would do it differently if given a chance.  Romney said, 'We would all like to have a couple of mulligans with decisions we have made.'  I think Romney was more Presidential and won this round of debates except for Newt, who always wins debates but isn't taken seriously as a viable candidate at this time.

3.  The Commies attacked Romney who ran Bain, a very respected investment and consulting firm, about taking over companies and taking them apart by laying off people.  They painted this practice called 'turnarounds' as ugly and despicable.  Even though Romney didn't say so the ironic thing is this is exactly what the next President needs to do this with the federal government.  He needs to take it apart and eliminate all the pieces that don't work.  He needs to dramatically downsize the size of government and return it to a balanced budget while eliminating the insane debt that has been accumulated.  At the end of Obama's term he will have created more debt in four years than the cumulative total of all previous presidents.

4.  Bryan Williams told Ron Paul a bullshit story about LBJ going to an elementary school and seeing the distended stomachs of starving children asking Paul if he would like to kill the free lunch programs for starving children eventhough the current liberal crisis is nutrition not starvation.  Michelle and crew want to fix fat kids by giving away nutritious meals.  Paul killed the question.  He said, 'Why do people like you think that when we say every problem shouldn't be answered with a federal 'give away' program instead of letting the local people and government handle real welfare needs that we lack compassion?'  Great answer, but again unsaid, is that LBJ coming off the JFK assassination stuffed the Great Society down our throats which has led to the nanny state that is destroying this country.  LBJ probably has done more damage than FDR.  Given 8 years BHO will do more damage than either.

5.  The big question aimed at Perry was about him using the term Ponzi scheme to describe Social Security.  First, what is a Ponzi scheme?  A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation that pays returns to separate investors, not from any actual profit earned by the contributed funds, but from their own money or money paid by subsequent investors. The perpetuation of the returns that a Ponzi scheme pays requires an ever-increasing flow of money from investors to keep the scheme going.  The system is destined to collapse because the earnings, if any, are less than the payments to investors.  Social Security is a classic Ponzi scheme, and as our birth rates fall and work force grows slower that retirees the system will collapse if not changed.

Perry says number one he would not change the system for older people dependent on SS.  However, he says it must be fixed because it will be insolvent for younger tax payers.  Perry is absolutely right.  Because he tells it like it is (the truth) he is considered in today's political correct world an extremist.

6.  Lastly, as is usually the case, Newt said it all when he called out the MSNBC Obama lackeys, "I'm not interested in helping your efforts to get Republicans to fight each other."
Bottom Line, our guys won, big time."
Think about it,

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cafe Wants To Clean House At The University of Texas

Since the University of Texas is the state university being a land grant school and all, and since many folks at the Hubbard City Cafe are big time football fans to say the least, and therefore since these two powerful forces come together every fall, you might say there is some excessive hooking of horns about this time of year.  Some of the Cafe loyal ain't happy!!

"Seems like UT has gotten a little too big for their britches.  Prior to the arrival of Mack Brown, the UT elite seemed to cut ties to alumni and fans.  Everything was about the big bucks and a handful of contributors that ran everything.  Long time faithful season ticket holders were forced out because they wouldn't make large contributions to go along with high ticket prices.  Meanwhile UT lost it's status as a national power.  When Brown arrived he was somewhat smart in bringing Darrel Royal back into the fold and catering to alumni and Texas high school football coaches around the state.  This was a great move and resulted in phenomenal recruiting which made up for really bad coaching from Brown, Gregg Davis, and crew," Butch opened the discussion with a history lesson and some editorial comments as well.  "Great players like Rickie Williams, Vince Young, and a skinny kid named Applewhite made up for a lack of creativity and softness in coaching.  UCLA players said Texas players 'look like Tarzan, play like Jane'.  Those who were kind said the Mack Brown scheme was built on execution.  This meant Mack did great as long as his players were twice as good as your well coached players."

"Right on Butch.  And most recently the arrogance of the Texas elite has returned big time.  With UT stinking it up last year with only 5 victories and 2 at home due to horrible coaching from Mack Brown's pals the arrogance ran amuck.  Brown got mad at fans, press, and everyone else who criticized him.  He locked the press and fans out of practices and sulked like a baby when he was forced to fire his buddy Gregg Davis and other coaches.  Brown is fortunate that Texas is what Texas is producing the best high school football players in the USA and the greatest loyalty to their state and universities, not to mention that UT is rolling in money.  Because Texas is what Texas is Brown was able to attract a great defensive coach and an even better offensive coordinator from Boise State.  This past Saturday night was the first time in years where I felt UT 'outcoached' their opponent, that being Rice."

"So is Texas elite arrogance under control.  Not even close.  They have destroyed the Big Twelve Conference in a way that most Texans would be ashamed of if they knew the facts.  Sheer greed and arrogance have created a Longhorn Network among other things that has already driven Colorado and Nebraska out of the conference with Texas A&M in the process of leaving.  Oklahoma, Missouri, and Oklahoma State will make moves in the next few weeks."

"Why?  No body likes a bully.  It is best summed up by Oklahoma State mega-booster T. Boone Pickens, 'DeLoss Dodds (UT Athletic Director) had too may cards, and he played every damn one of them.  You get tired of saying aahh while you get something shoved down your throat.'  T. Boone thinks the Oklahoma schools will wind up in the Pac 12 with Colorado.  And as is always the case with the elite and arrogant, they are also incompetent.  Saturday night the much publicized Longhorn Network that is causing much of the trouble was not able to televise the Rice/UT game to most of the nation including Austin, Texas.  As happens when folks get too big for their britches, shit happens.  And it is happening at forth acres.  DeLoss Dodds is a very small man compared to the people he is ignoring.  People like conference partners, honest sports writers, season ticket holders, taxpayers, intelligent kids who would love to attend their state university, and loyal sports fans.  Nope, DeLoss, Mack, and crew are pretty small and getting smaller every day that they keep their heads where the sun don't shine."

Aunt Martha, local librarian and columnist of much local renown, introduced the little discussed topic of academics, "How about arrogance in admissions.  Our state land grant school is not open to most Texas kids while admitting non-citizens from all over the world.  Their professors rarely teach and bask in their academic standings instead of educating and preparing TEXAS KIDS.  It is the same elite arrogant attitude that rules athletics.  Mack seems to spend a good part of his time just trying to get his 'student atheletes' out of jail."

BM summed up, "Rarely do I call for government interference, but in this case I think Texas legislators need to get off their asses and represent the taxpayers and sports fans of the great State of Texas and clear some elite and arrogant asses  out of 40 acres.  I would start with Dodds and Brown and the University President and the Board of Regents.  Next they should unload tons of professors who are not shouldering their teaching load.  Give our University back to the folks."

Think about it,