Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Stocks Falling? What We Have Here Is A Love and Truth Problem

Just across the street from the Hubbard City Cafe is the Country Kitchen. It is owned and run by a somewhat old boyhood friend who I grew up with. His name is Billy Mack Waller, a.k.a. Low Dollar Waller. Billy Mack is the uncle of a well known country and western star named Wade Bowen. Billy Mack is also a devout Christian who will discuss his faith at the drop of a baseball cap.

A well kept secret is that the absolute best hamburger in the whole world does not come from the Hubbard City Cafe but from the grill of Billy Mack Waller. So on a regular basis, I turn my Hubbard City Cafe cap around backwards, out of respect for my good friend, and eat at the Country Kitchen. I might add the only thing better than Billy's hamburger is his cheeseburger and onion rings. But I digress.

Recently I brought up the subject of our current White House resident and then absorbed a whole lot of home spun philosophy that I thought was very insightful. Bill talked about love and truth of all things. Here is the gist of the dialogue:

"A man does what a man loves in most cases. So what does our President love? Our Constitution?  Nope, he loads his administration with Czars to get around our Constitutional Governing Process.   Our country's history and culture? Nope, he wants to change and transform it. Our free enterprise business environment? Nope, he constantly demonizes business and thinks we must be tightly regulated. Our military? Nope, like most Liberals he has a strong distaste for the military and a desire to reduce our forces and withdraw as the world's peace keeper. Black and brown races? Nope, he continues to increase their addiction to welfare and government dependency. Families? While he appears to be a good family man, he makes abortion easy and is clearly for redefining marriage from our creators plan of one man/one woman. Does he love America's allies around the world. Nope, he constantly throws them under the bus whether it is Egypt, Iraq, or Afghanistan. I could go on. So what does he love? He loves one thing, OBAMA (period)."

"Now the second question.  What is his truth?  A man's truth is generally that which serves his LOVE.  This means every event, every piece of data, every proposal, every ally, and every moment of every day Obama will select what he claims to be true based on whether he believes it serves his LOVE which is himself.  He cherry picks statistics.  He exaggerates.  He distorts. In fact, he lies.  A study of his Health Care Plan, known as Obamacare, is a perfect example.  He promised things that he knows are not true.  Big things like the plan would bring down every one's health care costs.  Everyone, if they choose,  may keep their own insurance policy.  He would not raise taxes on anyone who makes under $250 thousand and then buried taxes throughout Obamacare including a tax on people selling their homes.  He raised taxes on cigarettes.  Most recently he said that if we lost our AAA credit rating it would be a tax on all Americans and that we must raise the debt ceiling to avoid this tax.  He then was a huge obstacle to debt reduction and blamed the downgrading of our credit rating on Standard and Poors and The Tea Party.  No one ever 'made it up as they went more than this President'.  So what is our President's truth?  Obama's truth is selectively what he believes serves him best at the time (period)."

Nothing like a little Christian philosophy with your burger and rings.  But, you know Bill has it just right.  So what is in Obama's personal interest at this time.  He must say what his big money Liberal donors want to hear to raise his $1 billion to buy his re-election.  He must find someone on the right to demonize.  That appears to be moving from Bush to the Tea Party.  He must take actions to buy votes.  This past week he funded programs and gave tax credits to aid returning veterans, he will support same sex marriage, he will extend unemployment and call it adding jobs, he will work with the mainstream press to manage the data that reaches the American people (the Austin American Statesman had the article on the credit rating downgrade on page 5 of section B), and he will use every deceitful scare tactic possible claiming how the Republicans will bring  harm to children, the elderly, and the ill (not guaranteeing the payment of social security checks and destroying medicare).   On the practice of demonizing, we haven't seen anything yet.  With the $1 billion war chest, just wait until the Republicans select a candidate.  This will predictably be the dirtiest campaign ever launched in the history of the American democratic process.

Bottom line, none of these acts will grow our economy nor will they reduce our skyrocketing debt.  In other words we have another year+ of misery. 

In fact the process could be renamed, Demon-cratic.

Think about it as your IRA and 401Ks go buy, buy, Bama.