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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cafe Folks Explore Glenn Beck's Pursuit of Honor

Local retired banker and former right tackle, not to be confused with this writer's brother who played left tackle, D. L. Holiman quoted his hero Ronald Reagan before he had even sugered and saucered his coffee this morning, "Reagan said 'to say the federal government was spending money like drunken sailors would be to insult the sailors since they were at least spending their own money'. What would Reagan say about the Obama/Pelosi/Reid deficit. The CBO is projecting a fiscal year 2010 budget deficit of $1.34 trillion (with a T). Combined with the actual $1.41 trillion deficit from fiscal year 2009, the last 2 years will have created $2.75 trillion of debt. The 17 years from 1992 through 2008 created $2.62 trillion of debt. We thought George Bush with two wars and a Democratic Congress (Pelosi/Reid) was going crazy and even they kept the deficit under $400B."

Billy Roy, who it seems at times has regular dialogue with Reagan and others who have passed on but left big footprints, was quick to repond to the what would Reagan do question, "He said more than once that 'government would not solve the problem, that government was the problem'. Scotty, what's your take on this mess?"

"Dr. Martin Luther King's niece, Dr. Alveda King nailed it this weekend at Glenn Beck's shindig in Washington when she said 'Our material gains are going the way of our moral losses'. Our economic problems are piling up on top of the corruption and immorality of our society," answered Scotty Andersen, local insurance tycoon, father of a college football player and coach, and choir leader from the very largest Baptist church in downtown Hubbard City. "Glenn Beck's Pursuit of Honor Rally leap frogged politics and went right to the heart of most of our nation's problems (and even the World's) that being 'God is the Answer'. Beck's historical research discovered some Pre-American Revolution church ministers called the Black Robe Regiment (because of the robes they wore). They preached that all men had the same rights, and these rights came from God, not from the King of England back then (nor even from Obama/Pelosi/Reid today). Their sermons roused the folks starting 30 years before the actual Revolution. People like Jefferson, Adams, Franklyn, and Washington were mentored by these preachers. Their principles and values laid down the foundation for our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Republican form of government that has created the greatest country in world history."

"Sarah Pallin said, 'we don't need to transform this country like some (Obama himself) are calling for, but we need to restore our Nation to our original values'. She was speaking as the mother of a soldier, not a politician. I saw the whole thing on Facebook, and it was way too serious to be about something as rotten as politics what with our soldiers and veterans being celebrated and all," Butch Jackson piped in showing some substantial knowledge of the subject matter at hand which is not that unusual.

Banker D. L. pushed a tough question to Butch, "What about Beck calling our President a racist?"

"Beck apologized which he shouldn't have in my opinion," Butch was anxious to respond liking the easy questions as he does. "He amended his statement to say that Obama practiced Liberation Theology like his Rev. Wright. That theology practiced in some Black Churches is racist as well as having Marxist roots and contrary to most Christian beliefs. Everyone should google 'Liberation Theology' to see what we are dealing with at the highest levels of our government or else if you guys would like to stay around another hour and a half, I'll be happy to give a tutorial."

As usual, Billy Roy summed it up as folks were racing from the Cafe to their trucks, "Well if Glenn Beck keeps talking against liars, thieves, racists, bigots, cheaters, and political pimps he is sure going to make a lot of enemies who will be calling for his scalp. They seem to want to all call him a 'hatemonger', and I guess that means he sorta hates liars, thieves, racists, bigots, cheaters, and political pimps. Seems to me it is not such a bad bunch to line up against. But that's about all I know about it."

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