Saturday, September 11, 2010

Looney Politicians and 911

Mom worries the most about politicians that she strongly believes are "just not in touch with realty". The reason this concerns her the most is that these politicians are actually "voted and many times kept in office by citizen voters who don't seem to notice or care that their elected officials are looney". This weekend while viewing the 911 Memorial Ceremonies Mom was inflamed by the interruption of one Michael Bloomberg, who folks up there claim is the mayor of New York City.

Evidently Bloomberg compared the Islamic Muslim Radical Terrorists who destroyed the World Trade Towers and murdered over 3,000 innocent people with the people who want to stop the construction of an Islamic Muslim Mosque near the site of the murders. This Islamic worship site is to be named after a Spanish mosque, Cordoba, that was built on the site of a Christian church to celebrate the Muslim conquest of Spain. The idiot mayor said both groups, terrorists and protesters, are trying to take away people's freedom. Mom just doesn't understand how you equate moving a mosque away from a sacred site with cowardly taking the lives of 3,000 innocent men, women, and children.

Bloomberg was then asked about the progress of plans to build on the site which was destroyed 9 full years ago as the TV camera showed the vacant lot with one crane in the background. Loonberg, which would be a more appropriate name, said he was very pleased with their progress since there were two railroad line underneath the site.

Bloomberg summed up his insane comments by saying the mosque issue was purely political and would go away after the November election. I guess he and the elites think they can build their mosque and merrily go on about their business once the rednecks get past their elections. Once the politicians get through this whole project will probably be corrupted costing tax payers money and tarnishing the memory of our lost heroes.

Meanwhile the real mayor, Rudy Giuliani, believes they should not even build a commercial building on the Twin Towers site but a memorial only.

Mom says, "Don't think this is just New York City's problem because many are rumoring that Bloomberg may run on a third party ticket in 2012 taking enough Republican votes to re-elect the Black Liberation Theologists currently in OUR White House much like Perot did for Clinton, not once but twice. Once re-elected and Barry doesn't have to worry about those pesky elections he will have Reverend Wright living in his own wing of the White House."

In the spirit of full disclosure you should know that Mom is upset about people meddling. Her Great Grand Daughter, Riley Ann, was recently forbidden to bring peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to school in looney Austin, Texas. Seems Riley Ann didn't like eating turkey burgers, turkey hot dogs, collard greens, and other professed to be healthy things in her school cafeteria. Then when she carried her lunch, the food Nazis said there might be children in school with allergies to Riley's peanut butter. I guess they thought they might steal her lunch. Trust me, Riley is tough and nobody is going to get her lunch.  So what does Riley eat now? Only cheetos!! All this in the pursuit of interfering in Riley's life to force her to be healthy.

Mom who is enjoying her 88th year says, "Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals, dying of nothing."

God Bless those who lost, and gave, their lives on 911 and their families (46 babies were born without parents who were lost on 911).   May God also give us the wisdom and courage to protect our innocents from evil in the days ahead.


Friday, September 10, 2010

Who Is This Guy Living In Our White House?

Things started off pretty negative. Butch Jackson, usually one of the most inspirational people to coffee way regular at the Cafe, was in a really bad mood. "Man, I got to drive all the way to Waco to try to find a Wilson Sureshot 5 Iron for my golf clubs vintage 1962. I know I can't find one but if I buy any kind of replacement it will make the old one show up that being the only way I find things these days."

Billy Roy countered, "Butch, that don't make a lot of sense. You sound like you are getting old and somewhat goofy."

"I am old, and it is somewhat worrisome."

"Why worry about old age when it don't last that long," BM pretty much closed down this part of the opening conversation. "Well things just keeping get upside down it seems like. Muslims are strapping suicide bombs to kids and women and planting them under any road they can find, and the Liberal Elite justify it right and left based on how we just aren't treating them right."

"They murder over 3,000 folks in the Twin Towers and now want to build a Muslim church to commemorate the event and anybody who calls them out on it is called a racist, redneck, and wacko.  Muslims burn American flags and Bibles all over the world, and then when some little preacher in Florida threatens to burn a Koran everybody from the President of the United States on down call him a wacko, and the guy gets regular visits from the FBI because they are afraid he is going to make the cowardly bombers mad.  Like they need a reason to lie, murder, lash, and stone women.  This all takes the focus off how the White House Guy is letting the Iranians build nuclear weapons which may be a bigger event than burning a Koran in front of your congregation of 50 with attendance of no more than 15 on any Sunday."

Butch was feeling much better now with his blood boiling and all, "BM, you rock in a country kinda way.  Can you believe the latest Liberal Elite press trick is to ask a Conservative if they think Obama is a Muslim hoping they will get a yes so they can jump on the guy with all the wacko, red neck, radical, racist terms.  Did you see that they asked Haley Barbour, the Governor from the great red state of Mississippi, why folks thought Obama was a Muslim, and he answered because people know less about this guy than any President in our history.  Just who would have believed in the year 2010 in these United States of America that people would be arguing over whether the guy living in the White House is, let me make a list here:

Black Muslim
Black Liberation Theologists
A Reverend Wright Brand of a Christian
Extreme Liberal Elitist
And the very newest, An Anticolonialist

"Butch, where the hell did that one come from," BM inquired?

"From Obama's Dad. He was a Luo tribesman who grew up in Kenya and studied at Harvard. Obama Sr. spent his life trying to correct the plight of poor nations who suffered at the hands of the colonialist.  Folks claim his father's dreams are now Obama's dreams (Dreams from My Father).  Obama Sr. also was a polygamist who had, over the course of his lifetime, four wives and eight children. One of his sons, Mark Obama, has accused him of abuse and wife-beating. He was also a regular drunk driver who got into numerous accidents, killing a man in one and causing his own legs to be amputated due to injury in another. In 1982 he got drunk at a bar in Nairobi and drove into a tree, killing himself.  Clinton's dad was a polygamist and died drunk in a car wreck the same way," continued Butch who was pretty much talking to himself by now since the Cafe had pretty much cleared out.

BM called back to Butch on his cell, "Seems like Clinton and Obama are like birds of a feather that flock together, and then shit on your truck."

Think about it this Saturday it being  911,


Monday, September 6, 2010

Islam: Cafe Wants to Call Their Bluff, NOW

This writer was in Hubbard this weekend and while walking my dog, Max, I ran into an old buddy and former famous running back at Hubbard High and Navarro Junior College in the early-to-mid 50s, the one and only Dudley Castalow. Dudley and I both tried to come up with an old story or two that would be like new if the other hadn't heard it before (which is not unusual since we have been doing this for too many years to remember very easily). On this day Dudley got me. It seems an old friend named, Gerald Wayne Pursley, had fallen on hard economic times years ago and had driven up what would be called today "a deficit" around town. Well, Dudley says Gerald Wayne went down to J. D.'s Humble Gas Station and asked J. D. if he could write a $25 check for cash. J. D., knowing somewhat about this deficit thing, told Gerald he could, but there was a $15 charge for hot checks. Gerald carefully studied his situation before responding, "Well, in that case, J. D., you better make it for 40."

Not only Gerald, but several other Hubbard folks occasionally played, and still play, a card game named Texas Hold Em. So its not surprising that their card speak bleeds over into political discussions and pretty much everything else. Scott Riddle, who would take either side of any bet at any time for any amount of money with anybody waded into the whole topic of our problem with the Islamic world, "Time to call these Arabs bluff. They keep telling us that terrorists are a tiny number of Muslims, that the majority of Muslims are moderate, and that those who worship true Islam are practicing a very peaceful religion. In fact, anyone that doesn't buy into this explanation is being called a radical, racist, and is against the freedom of religion. Yet the terrorists turn their own children into human bombs in the name of Allah who they say has ordered them to either convert infidels to Islam or kill them. They call it Jihad."

"I couldn't agree more with the problem, Scott," Billy Roy, himself entered this conversation early which always draws considerable interest from the folks. "Even after 9/11 there are dummies who say that we must engage our terrorist enemies, that we must address their grievances. Heck, their grievance is our freedom of religion. Their grievance is our freedom of speech. Their grievance is our democratic process where the rule of law comes from the voices of many not that of just one crazy prophet. Heck, we instill respect in our children towards all religions to a fault in my opinion. Their grievance is the kindness and respect a gentleman shows a woman, the justice we practice as equals under the law, and the mercy we grant our enemy. Their grievances ain't going to be answered by any stinking Obama-type apologies. It just makes them feel we are impotent."

And here came Butch Jackson as usual with both feet, "Our sissy attitude of not confronting Islamic forces of bigotry and hatred wherever they raised their ugly head in the last 30 years, has empowered and strengthened these cowards to launch a full scale attack on the very freedoms we cherish in their effort to impose their values and way of life on our civilization. Scott, we are locked up in our agreement on this issue, but how do we call whose bluff?"

"The only folks that can really stop this terrorism as it exist today are those who claim to be 'Muslim Moderates'. They say they are against violence and terrorist acts, so we need to make them show it by calling their bluff. We need to wake up and challenge these Muslims to take action against the terrorists, and I don't mean just speaking out. They should completely cooperate with the non-Muslim world to capture or kill Islamic radicals. For the sake of our children and our country, we must wake up and take action. We must either call out these so called moderates to police their own people or assume they are supporters of Jihad themselves, and make them pay the price."

Billy Roy summed it up as usual, "Scott, it is almost as if Obama thinks once the Iranians get nuclear weapons then the free world will be too scared to take actions against the radicals, and he will somehow be off the hook. The time to put our chips on the table is right now."

Otherwise, as Gerald Wayne figured out, this country will have to write a much larger check.

Think about it,