Monday, January 31, 2011

From Now On It's All About Obama's Second Term

Scott Riddle opened discourse at the Cafe with a summary of Obama's Speech in Cairo last year, "Let me net some of his key points:
1.  Colonialism and treating Muslim countries as proxies over the years had caused strife between the Muslim and non-Muslim worlds
2.  The US should not have invaded Iraq and he will pull out
3.  He will stop the US practice of torturing people and close GITMO
4.  The US played a role during the Cold War in overthrowing a democratically elected government in Iran
5.  Islam has a proud tradition of religious freedom
6.  The US will have friendly relations with any country whose government is elected democratically (basically implying an overthrow of the Egyptian government)
7.  He called for Israel to stop building its settlements in occupied territory
8.  He profusely quoted the Koran at every turn and bragged of living in three different Muslim nations.

And now is there any wonder Egypt could possibly fall into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood?  When Hillary was asked this week-end if she was afraid the Brotherhood could fill a void in leadership, she avoided an answer by saying we didn't want a void.  We wanted a peaceful migration of leadership.  The Obama administration refuses to oppose Radical Islamists even though their takeover of Egypt will not just cause chaos in the middle east but all around the world."

Butch Jackson intercepted the conversation at the Cafe, as he is apt to do and particularly on slow days when there aren't Friday night football games, "To quote a famous American, Forrest Gump, stupid is as stupid does.  How stupid can we be?  First we put this current guy in the White House.  Can you imagine you are Mubarak, who ran the Egyptian Air Force before Sadat was assassinated, and then was the President of Egypt for 30 long years in which he fought off Jihadists.  His tenure included no fewer than 7 attempts to assassinate him.  Months after Obama gives his speech to college students in Egypt, then when he has what Obama calls 'peaceful street demonstrations', he gets a call form Skinny. After the call the American President attends his propaganda chief, David Axlerod's going away party.  Axelrod is leaving to go back to Chicago to avoid scrutiny as he organizes the likes of ACORN for the 2012 election.  Back to poor Mubarak, Skinny wants to lecture him about how to rule a country whose last opinion poll said 70% of the people want a radical Muslim government.  Obama lectures him on 'listening to the folks and how leaders rule by the consent of the people'.  This is from the guy who stuffed Health Care up the rears of the folks completely against our wishes.  I will bet Mubarak would rather fight off 10,000,000 terrorists than have a 15 minute telephone conversation with a hypocrite like Skinny."

A deep breath and Butch is off again, "And now, I repeat, and now we have to spend two years watching Skinny, who is supposed to be running the country, run for re-election.   The first thing he must do, and has started doing, is to raise $1 Billion (with a B).  He has to go buy off the big contributors that put him in office last time.  Example:  Generous Electric.  He puts their CEO into his regime to run his Business Council to funnel money in an openly disgusting case of crony capitalism.  All Socialist do this in the early days.  Why do you think he is pushing Clean Energy and Innovation for investment?  These are his big contributors and Obama can make GE, Algore, and cronies billions if he can set regulations to increase the prices of oil (mid-east turmoil will help), gasoline, and coal while funneling tax payer money into so called 'investment or research'.  When Obama came into office gasoline was less than $2 a gallon.  Now the average is $3.15 and going up fast.  Trump says it will easily hit $5."

Billy Roy Mitchum added, "Don't forget the education investment thing.  This buys votes from the teachers union while indoctrinating the class rooms with Socialist doctrine, a double whammy.  I'll bet folks like GE can provide some really cool light rail technology.  Hammock tells me the trains in Austin are running on empty with less than 10 riders per car on a good day.  And Obama wants 80% of all people to have access.  And you know what?", there was a long pause.

"What?", the folks could wait no longer.

"The time to stop Obama is right now.  No compromises.  Yet, I will bet a dollar against a Krispy Kreme that the Republicans make a deal with Obama.  They will give him his 'investments' if he will let them cut some spending just like he let them give tax breaks to 'the rich'.  He will then tell the folks how the mean Republicans are trying to cut expenses on the backs of the poor, old, young, sick, and crippled as they protect their 'fat cats and billionaires'.  Meanwhile these investments in innovation, education, clean energy, and infrastructure will make Obama's backers billions and fill Obama's pockets with campaign money now, and personal graft once he is out of office just like Clinton.  These guys also shovel money to the Chinese in trade agreements like Clinton did and my guess is the payback to those with the shovels is huge once they leave office."

"Lastly, Obama will buy votes everywhere possible.   All the way from pushing Gay Marriage to claiming to be the saviour of the middle class as they war against the fat cats..  He has already turned unemployment compensation into basically a welfare program.  Remember when Clinton reformed welfare to get re-elected.  Well those days  are over.  Why work?"

Actually Mom summed it up, "Does anyone, not on the take from Obama, really think the country and free world could survive a second term of his corruption and incompetency?"

So the slow day ended on somewhat of a sour note.  I just hope the new guys in D.C. tune in and make Butch and BM dead wrong.  Butch, BM, and the folks at the Cafe pray they are dead wrong as well.

Think about it and pass it on if you think the new guys,in D.C. need a warning,