Friday, March 9, 2012

Obama: The Anti-Reagan

The Hubbard City Cafe loves Ronald Reagan. And why not? President Reagan brought the Soviet Union to their knees while growing the US economy for 92 straight months at almost 5 per cent per year. The Stock Market during this period of time doubled and 19 million new jobs were created.

In a rare moment Billy Roy Mitchem took the floor to actually kick off a discussion, it being his favorite topic, The Gipper, "Reagan was a man of ideals. He believed in the importance of FREEDOM. He believed the base of FREEDOM was FAITH. He said in front of the Berlin wall, 'This wall will fall because it can not withstand FAITH. This wall can not withstand FREEDOM.' Mikhail Gorbachev, who Reagan defeated, talked of the Reagan faith on The Gipper's 100th birthday,'He was driven by a sincere religious belief that influenced his morality. He was a great man,' according to the former Russian leader."

Butch Jackson, local historian and reciter of facts and figures, not to mention many opinions, "Right on BM. Compare this to the current President. The guy is the anti-Reagan. His idea of freedom includes forcing religious institutions to violate their beliefs as evidenced by the constitutional violation of forcing employers to offer things like morning after abortion pills to their employees, obviously an attack on freedom and faith."

Billy Roy recaptured the floor, "Reagan understood the correlation of military and economic strength. He said, 'We must put our economic house in order so we can once again show the world by example that ours is the best system for all who want security and freedom.' Even before his election Reagan said,'Power is not only sufficient military strength but a sound economy, a reliable energy supply, and credibility- the belief by any potential enemy that you will not choose surrender as the way to maintain peace'."

Butch couldn't resist, "Obama has the economy on its knees with record deficits and debt, high unemployment even with the cooked books he keeps, an outright attack on America's ability to produce hydrocarbons and nuclear energy, and of course the only cuts in spending Obama supports is cutting the military. This is anti-anti Reagan on steroids. And then you have the Obama credibility thing. Do you honestly believe that any American ally (UK, Iraq, Afghanistan, and of course Israel) believes anything Obama says? And as far as surrender, Obama is racing to the exits in Iraq, Afghanistan, and refuses to challenge Iran and Syria. This week his lackey, Leon Panetta, said we would not even discuss the deployment of troops with our own legislature without first getting 'International Approval'. Reagan knew how to make America the world leader because that was his obsession. Obama took the Reagan play book and reversed everything because his obsession is to destroy our standing in the world which he calls transformation."

Billy Roy came loaded for bear, "Reagan understood conventional conservative economics that when the wealthy invests their capital in the economy it creates prosperity. He knew that these investors were encouraged through tax cuts. He knew the tax cuts should be balanced with reductions in government spending in social programs and other domestic areas. He called for massive tax cuts over a 3 year period. He said, 'We cut taxes in 1981 by 25 percent which triggered falling inflation (remember Jimmy Carter), falling interest rates, and the strongest economy in 30 years.' He did this while increasing defense spending from $130 billion in 1980 to $280 billion in 1988 which resulted in bankrupting the Soviet Union. Even with these spending increases the economy completely recovered by 1983."

Billy Roy continued, "Butch, I know you are going to comment on Obama's ability to cut defense spending and still run trillion dollar deficits with an economy that doesn't seem to be able to grow more than a pitiful 1 1/2 to 2% annually. And of course Obama's 'anti-Reagan' strategy is to raise taxes on investor/producers and redistribute to the Obama moochers. I agree with you, Butch, Obama isn't dumb. He is accomplishing just what the has set out to do. That is to weaken the mean old colonialist United States of America. It is as plain as the nose of your face. What a shame that a nation that produced a Ronald Reagan could let this skinny little angry kid destroy everything he built."

Think about it,