Friday, February 18, 2011

Just Another Day of "Looking Good"

Obama got up this morning and looked at his sticky notes from Valerie Jarret:


2.  Make statement about protests around the world. (secondary)


He then made his press release, "I condemn violence against peaceful protesters no matter where it occurs."  This press release was somewhat drowned out by the detailed reports of how a CBS female news reporter was sexually molested in the street by 200 of the peaceful protesters as they 'celebrated' their successful peaceful overthrow of 30 year American ally, President Mubarak.  The CBS reporter was rescued by women and soldiers after a 30 minute assault.

Meanwhile when his new press secretary was asked if Obama agreed with the leaders of Germany, United Kingdom, and France that multi-culturalism in their countries had bred Radical Muslim activities, the press secretary said, "I am not aware of these statements."

On this particular day the press was obsessed with the demonstrations in the streets of Madison, Wisconsin where school teachers set an example for our children by lying that they were sick and staying home closing the schools.  Their Democratic Wisconsin legislators supported their efforts by leaving the state so the democratic process could not move forward.  Why?  Because the new governor was elected to fix a $2 plus billion budget shortfall.

Teachers in Milwaukee make $60,000 a year and get another $40,000 a year in pension and medical benefits.  Not bad even though they do have to work a full 9 months.  This crazy new governor wants to pass legislation that the teachers have to pay 5.8% of their income toward their pensions and 12.8% toward their health insurance.

So our overworked President had to make another press statement.  He said, "I believe this looks like an assault on labor unions. We need to understand public employees are our neighbors. They are our friends."  Skinny didn't comment on civility.  Maybe the 'death to the tyrant' sign displayed by union thugs or the pictures of the governor portrayed as Adolph Hitler didn't register on Obama's civility meter or maybe these signs aren't shown on Obama's golf channel.

Taxpayers need to understand that while the American private workforce has dramatically opted out of unions to the point that only 7% pay union dues.  On the other hand, about 33% of 'public servants' (these neighbors of ours) are union members.  As our bankrupt local and state governments have proven unions love to negotiate with politicians who tend to make very attractive concessions in return for political contributions and votes leaving taxpayers with the economic destruction that comes later.

Next to Obama, Carter, and LBJ, Franklyn D. Roosevelt was about as Liberal as one can get.  And yet even FDR knew better than to allow 'public servants' to join unions.  "Meticulous attention," the president insisted in 1937,"'should be paid to the special relations and obligations of public servants to the public itself and to the Government….The process of collective bargaining, as usually understood, cannot be transplanted into the public service." The reason? F.D.R. believed that "[a] strike of public employees manifests nothing less than an intent on their part to obstruct the operations of government until their demands are satisfied. Such action looking toward the paralysis of government by those who have sworn to support it is unthinkable and intolerable." [from CCNY Professor Daniel DiSalvo]

Think about our firemen, policemen, and teachers, who are paid 100% by taxpayers, striking to obstruct the operations of government because their union thugs are trying to intimidate politicians and citizens to gain concessions.  As many states that ban collective bargaining for public employees realize, this is beyond insane.

If collective bargaining is allowed with public employees they will ban with others that are on the government dole in destroying the American Way.  This Republic was not designed to work if the number of citizens that receive their income from the government exceeds the number of citizens that pay taxes.  I repeat, this form of government can not work if the number of citizens that receive their incomes from the government exceed the number that pay for the government. Wouldn't it be just great if private workers could vote for politicians that raise their taxes and then have union thugs negotiate higher salaries and benefits to make up for the increased taxes they are paying?  Public employees pay their taxes with money they receive from taxpayers.  Got it?  That is exactly what the employees of the State of Wisconsin have today.  Some kind of friends and neighbors, huh?

If nothing else, let's take the teacher's union dues that are split between the thugs and politicians and spend it on our school children, huh?

Just to end the week on a down note, Dick Morris is passing along rumors that our crack Republican Senators are "compromising" with their Democratic friends to raise taxes.  Here is Dick's comment:  "A bi-partisan Senate working group which includes Republican Senators Tom Coburn (Oklahoma), Mike Crapo (Idaho), and Saxby Chambliss (Georgia) is considering back door, automatically triggered tax increases as a way to bring down the budget deficit."  Any compromise with Obama at this point puts him back in the White House in 2012 just like the Republicans did in Bush's second term.  Voters hated both parties.  Remember?

Suck it up, cut spending, no tax increases----PERIOD.

Think about it,


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Too Much Analysis Can Be Bad For Butch's Head

Butch can't seem to leave the 'social security thing' alone. He says it is typical of a good old fashioned hoodwinking of the American people. "As much as folks don't want to get dirty, sometimes you just got to look under the hood. When they invented this Social Security scam they had an idea of creating more revenue for the politicians to buy votes and gain power. They sold the folks that every working citizen should have a safety net. So a worker would pay into a fund and at the age of 65 the tax payer could receive retirement income until their death. Shouldn't every hard working taxpayer have a safety net? This little tax, when added to the medicare tax, now represents over 40% of the government's revenues. These payroll taxes are as large as the biggest source which is Individual Income Taxes. Since the life expectancy of a man was 60 years old, and a woman was 64, at the time Social Security was sold to the public there was so much money in the Social Security Fund that the politicians could use the money for other purposes. As we have said before 'they made-off with it' in a good old fashioned Ponzi scheme. Now the life expectancy of men is 75 years of age, and of women, a whopping 80. Not good news for the politicians. They never expected to really have to pay the money back to taxpayers. And here we are calling Social Security the third rail of American politics that no smart politician would touch. And for years no one has, Obama included in his receipt piece of crap that he called a budget. Add to this little life expectancy problem the fact that baby boomers are retiring faster than taxpayers are entering the work force (and those who do can't find jobs in an Obama economy) and projections are that the payout of social security benefits will increase by over 50% in the next 20 years. And of course this is money that we don't have."

"So what do the Libs want to do now? They want to takeover our Health Care System the way they have 'made-off with our retirement safety net'. Fat chance. The way these morons manage things in 20 years every car GM sells will cost the taxpayer more than GM can 'make-off' with. They will be selling them at 10% of GM's cost to the Chicoms so that they won't call our debt while Libs tax American workers to make up the difference while they save Health Care and the Auto industry."

"Only Obama could take employment from 136 million workers to 130 million in two years while increasing the deficit by $5 Trillion and say he can't make budget cuts because it would screw up his RECOVERY. Only Obama would propose a budget that adds another $1.4 Trillion to the deficit and call it a 'downpayement' on the deficit. Down payments, saving us from the brink, reforming us, changing us, windmills, trains, civility, social justice, redistribution, closing Gitmo, attacking Afghanistan in the 'good war' because al-Queda was there at one time, whitewashing the Fort Hood shooting. My head's exploding. Does anyone know what Obama is talking about? He also says he is right on schedule to meet his campaign pledge to cut the deficit in half in his first term in office. I will give away a spanking new Billy Roy Mitchum autographed Farmall hat to anyone that can explain that one."

This was a pretty safe offer and with no takers primarily because all the folks had left the cafe pretty much earlier which has happened to Butch somewhat frequently when he bloviates on the Social Security thing and such.

Think a little more about it and maybe Butch could back off a little,


Sunday, February 13, 2011

TV Terrorism: Egyptian Style

Terrorist acts today are TV events.  Have you noticed?  To make major political gains activists at one time had to make war.  Folks like George Washington, Castro, Mao, and Stalin.  It took resources and posed great risks to the activists.  Now because of TV you just need acts of terror or intimidation.   911 was the granddaddy of them all.  A handful of horrible people staged a TV event using a handful of deranged and brainwashed poeple and a minimum amount of cash and resources (mostly stolen).

Who would of thought it? Only two short weeks ago Egypt was ruled by an 82 year old, very ill man, who wanted his son to replace him in a position that VP Biden assured us was not a dictator. For some odd reason this guy was paranoid.  After all he was only wounded when the Muslim Brotherhood killed Sadat.  And OK, there were 7 additional attempts to assassinate him.  Of course the Military who runs Egypt had no intention of letting the young Mubarak replace his Dad. And then what is being called no less than a miracle by the press happened. A 'leaderless' revolt of peaceful demonstrators who only set fires and threw firebombs and rocks demonstrated for TV cameras while facebooking and tweeting each other to cause this miracle revolution. The 82 year old was forced to step down now instead of on the scheduled departure date of September. Details of the miraculous event are compared below:

                                 Before                                              After

In Charge      Council of Army Officers          Council of Army Officers

Leader          Field Marshall Tantawa            Field Marshal Tantawa

Party            National Democratic Party         National Democratic Party

Threat          Muslim Brotherhood                 Muslim Brotherhood

Election        September, 2011                     No Schedule

At a certain point, the opposition’s euphoria will subside and demands for elections will be voiced. Whether the military stays true to its commitment to hold elections on schedule in September remains to be seen. If elections are held, however, the military must have a political vehicle in place to counter opposition forces, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood. Sustaining its hold on power while crafting a democratic government will be the biggest challenge for the military as it tries to avoid regime change while also dealing with a potential constitutional crisis.

What have we learned?  In this day of TV Terrorism a non-event, with no leaders and no cause, can stand in the street and lead a non-movement to replace oppression with the status quo.  This thing was so disorganized and confusing that Obama and his regime couldn't determine how to join the 'wrong side' because there didn't appear to be any sides.  My gosh they tried though.  You have to give them credit.  Biden said Mubarak wasn't a dictator.  Obama's top security chief, Clapper, said the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD wasn't a religious organization but 'secular'.  Obama made daily announcements that only proved how irrelevant he is, and has made the US, to International Events. Does anyone have any idea what Obama said in any of his press releases?  Do any world leaders care?

The potentially positive result is that there is an opportunity to turn this new TV Terrorism movement against real thugs like Iran, Syria, Palestine, Gaza, Libya, Cuba, Venezuela, and even China.  If only we had a shred of competence in the White House and the CIA.  If only our leaders had anything on their minds except the 2012 elections? 

The potentially negative result is that the TV Terrorism might be co-opted by a combine made up of Muslims and Socialists targeting nations such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, and Iraq under the banner of 'democracy'.  Their ideas of democracy are one man, one vote, one time before the facists takeover as they did in Iran.

What will happen when we have our first post-revolution face off between Socialists and Muslims. Right now we would get even money on a bet as to which side Obama would support. It might be his best straddle yet.

On the other hand, how effective would a leader like Ronald Reagan be in today's world with people screaming for democratic values of liberty and freedom based on rights granted by our Creator?  A leader who believed in the rule of law and gaining the consent of the governed? A leader who wanted government to get out of people's way?  On the other hand why would these same people respond to a regime that violated their own Constitution in trying to enble the government to gain more control over their people's lives (talking healthcare, autos, and energy)?  I just heard a Muslim cleric ask Hannity a good question, "Who do you trust to make your laws Allah or Obama?"  The answer should be our rights come from our Creator and are protected by laws----not Obama.  And unlike an Allah dominated theocracy, all people are guaranteed the same rights to worship as they please.

Think about it,