Friday, June 4, 2010

These Folks Don't Forget The Little Things

Butch Jackson is well known around Hubbard City for having a memory that rarely forgets things of consequence, and many times things of lttle to no consequence.  Butch helps all the folks at the Hubbard City Cafe remember things much to the dismay of the Progressive Elites who take their coffee at the Drug Store.  It seems these Elite Spin Doctors hope that the folks are so busy watching Opra , NASCAR, and Katie Couric on the 6 o'clock news  that we will forget little things that could become big things. 

Well,  Butch made a short list, short for Butch anyway,  in answering a question from Billy Roy, "Just what things should we be remembering?"

1.  Don't forget to watch this "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" thing in the Military.  Just last Thursday, Sen. Roland Burris (D-Ill., remember he replaced Obama) complicated matters for Democrats by offering language that would draft the military into the war on the unborn. By a 15-12 vote, the Senate Armed Forces Committee agreed to an amendment that would lift the ban on abortions in all military facilities. As it stands, the Department of Defense is forbidden from performing abortions -- with exceptions for rape, incest, or the health of the mother. If the Burris language survives, some of the military's biggest civilian casualties will be the unborn. Medical facilities would turn into abortion clinics funded entirely by U.S. taxpayers. When old Wild Bill Clinton allowed military abortions back in 1993, doctors refused to perform them. Ultimately, the administration had to hire civilians to do the job.

(With Americans more pro-life than ever, it will be difficult to find men and women willing to destroy the next generation of U.S. soldiers. The military was meant to combat terrorism -- not perpetrate it against the unborn. Contact your Senators at 202-224-3121 and tell them to stop passing the President's liberal social agenda on the backs of American troops.)

2.  Don't forget the corruption of the Joe Sestak/Arlen Spector affair even though they announced it the Friday before the Memorial Weekend.  (This week Democratic Colorado Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff finally admitted they "dangled" jobs in front of him the if he would drop out of a race, in Chicago many of Obama's goons, that being Emunuel and Valerie Jarret, are being summoned to testify in "Rod" Blagojevich trial, and don't let them give you that 'Politics as usual' crap).

3. Don't forget Obama promised unemployment would not exceed 8% if we would only approve his stimulus plan. (Just this week unemployment 'dipped' to 9.7% and many folks have given up looking. Obama added the bailouts of banks and auto companies to his stimulus spending spree not to mention health care driving our deficit up to $13 Trillion. The guy lies like a hungry bird dog offering to guard  your hen house.)

4. Don't forget the big things like our country was founded on the rule of our Judeo Christian God's law, that being the "ten commandments". (We are one nation under God. That is the way it is. If you don't like it tough shit).

5. Don't forget Obama and crew had not read the Arizona Illegal Immigration Bill and opposed it anyway. (At the current rate of illegal immigration Obama will be front and center leading the nation in the year 2013 as our country celebrates White History Month).

Billy Roy summed it up, "They don't give us normal folks much credit do they?"

Think about it and don't forget even the little things,


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's Just Washington Politics and Everyone "Acting Alone" Does It

Chairman Billy Roy kicked off  today's discussion of world events, "Last Friday the White House published a letter explaining away the 'Sestak Affair'.  Everyone was supposed to have forgotten about it after the Memorial Day weekend.  A holiday that was rained out for our President who was vacationing in Chicago and unable to attend a military ceremony.  You know it seems to me that everyone is missing a big deal in this thing by not investigating what the Dems promised Arlen Spector to switch parties and then what they did to try protect him in the Democratic Primary or to double cross him, not sure which it is.  What do have on this Butch?"

"Once again, BM, you nailed it with semi-penetrating scrutiny."  Butch then spoke for some considerable time from a crumpled piece of notebook paper:

April, 1962: Billy Sol Estes is indicted as he ACTS ALONE to defraud the US government in Pecos, Texas despite his close connections with very powerful Washington politicians like Lyndon Banes Johnson (LBJ), former Leader of the US House (Estes later claims that LBJ was responsible for several deaths in West Texas as well as the assasination of President John F. Kennedy).

May, 1962: Robert Kennedy is rumored to hate the then VP, Lyndon Johnson, and is ACTING ALONE to attempt to force him from the ticket for re-election by threatening to release his association with Billy Sol Estes.

Nov 23, 1963: Lee Harvey Oswald (LHO), ACTING ALONE, assassinates President John F Kennedy in LBJ's home state of Texas after having married a Russian while living in that country and working with Communist organizations in New Orleans.

One hour and 20 minutes later: LHO shoots J. W. Tippit, an off-duty Dallas policeman, who is ACTING ALONE trying to apprehend LHO before the on-duty Dallas policemen and FBI agents can arrest him

Nov 24, 1963: LHO, ACTING ALONE, shouts to reporters he is framed and a "patsy" after his capture.

Nov 25, 1963: Jack Ruby, local night club owner in Dallas with a history of having been an enforcer for the Mafia in CHICAGO, is ACTING ALONE as he shoots and kills LHO who is being transferred by local Dallas police

Aug, 1964: Arlen Spector is the young, slick Yale educated attorney chosen by the Warren Commission to present how LHO ACTED COMPLETELY ALONE in the assassination of JFK. Spector is the author and spokesman of the single bullet theory which was required to get the public to accept the Warren Commission's report. Spector then was elected District Attorney as he ran on a Republican ticket even though he was a Democrat at the time. Note: A 2004 survery found that 80% of Americans do not believe the Warren Commission's Report.

June, 1968: Robert Kennedy, who is then running for President, is killed in Los Angeles by Sirhan Sirhan, ACTING ALONE. Sirhan is given the death penalty which is then changed retroactively to "life" when California makes capital punishment illegal (like their current immigrants).

April, 2009: Arlen Spector, now an 80 year old Republican Senator from Pennsylvania desiring re-election for 6 more years, and ACTING ALONE, decides to meet with the Democratic White House to explore how the Democrats can bribe him to change parties giving Obama his 60th vote needed to pass their Socialist Agenda and to insure Spector's re-election as an unchallenged Democrat

August, 2009: Joe Sestak, ACTING ALONE, double crossing Spector decides to leave his House seat to challenge Spector for the Senate seat after Spector, ACTING ALONE, has switched parties

Date Not Revealed as the White House Letter Says This Happened Over a Two Month Period: Rahm Emanuel, Chief of Staff for Obama, ACTING ALONE asks former impeached for perjury President Bill Clinton (none other than Arlen Spector defied his party in supporting Clinton during the impeachment process) to bribe Joe Sestak to drop out of the Senate race and keep his House seat or take other jobs

Date Not Revealed: Bill Clinton, ACTING ALONE, discusses opportunities with Sestak if he will drop out of the Senate race

May 18, 2010: Joe Sestak defeats Arlen Spector in the Pennsylvania Democratic Primary.

Today:  We are told this is just the way politics work in Washington, D.C. and all real "Adults" know and accept this. Just as we were told when President Bill Clinton had sex with a young intern that was in trusted to his employment and then committed perjury after taking a Bible oath, everybody does it.

By now the only person still in the cafe, and then only because he is the unofficial Chairman, was Billy Roy who summed up, "Well it is my opinion the number one message from the Tea Party Movement is that everyone doesn't do what Washington does, and it is time for Washington to STOP. Let's stop bribes and punish the co-ordinated collusion of Obama, Emanuel, Clinton, Spector, and Sestak. Collusion in which NONE OF THEM WERE ACTING ALONE!  First they bribed Spector to get his vote for sure, then they may have attempted to bribe Sestak to fix the primary, or did they screw Spector with Sestak to get rid of him? Either one, their actions would make LBJ proud and real citizens sick!"

Think about it,


Monday, May 31, 2010

Look Out America!

On this Memorial Day a good friend in Austin, Texas asked me to pass on a warning to the Hubbard City Cafe:


This morning, from a cave somewhere in Afghanistan , Taliban Minister of Migration, Mohammed Alibaba Akmed, warned the United States that, if military actions against Afghanistan continues, Taliban authorities intend to cut off America 's supply of 7-11 Managers and Motel 6 Managers. If this action does not yield sufficient results, cab drivers will be next, followed by DELL, AT&T and AOL customer service reps. Finally, if all else fails, they have threatened not to send us any more candidates for President either. It's gonna get ugly, people.

Have a great day,