Friday, March 2, 2012

How Stupid Do They Think We Are?

Butch thinks the Obama anti-colonialist socialist saboteurs have out done themselves this week, "Even the sleaze man himself, Bill Clinton, couldn't support Obama and his political bed partner, Hillary, this week on the pipeline from Canada. Old William Jefferson, who ain't looking any better these days unlike Butch and I, said he would EMBRACE the Keystone pipeline."

"Now Obama is making an idiot pitch about ‘recapturing $4 Billion of the taxpayer's money that he says are being given to the evil oil companies’. Any idiot knows energy subsidies are measures that keep prices for consumers down and reduce costs for consumers and producers. These subsidies are intended to ensure adequate domestic supply by supporting US production and to reduce our import dependency. Those against these subsidies want to reduce oil consumption, drive up the price, and spend tax payer money on wind and solar. In the same speech Obama announced another $2 Billion give-a-way to help his wind farm buddies. What do you think about that B.M.?"

Billy Roy, who has been in intensive training in preparation for his 'Chamber of Commerce Man of the Year' award this very month, took a fairly deep breath before responding with that patented BM smile, "Well, I guess given the choice between EMBRACING Hillary or an old cold pipeline, I would jump that pipeline every time."

While BM had the floor, "They really seem to be testing the stupidity of the American people slash voter. In a really sickening event Obama, and those lackey military leaders he has in Afghanistan since he yanked out Patreous, apologized for burning the docs that Taliban terrorists were using to pass information along to each other, and then claims his apology was to protect soldiers lives and that it had 'calmed' things. Meanwhile no American soldier, even though they are in training roles, can turn their back on any Afghan. Seems weird? It is perfect for Obama. Six soldiers, including a Colonel and Major, have been murdered with shots in the back of their heads after the apologies. The American people are ready, and will become more ready, to get the hell out of there which is what Obama wants. He has tried to get the Taliban to negotiate and get 'commitments from the good Taliban' they will behave after we pull out. The Taliban knows how weak Obama is and how much he wants out. They clearly are using the Koran caper and assassinations to make Obama's knees even weaker while making the American public sick of the whole thing."

Butch came back in, "Well put BM. Obama talked about the ‘good war’ and now the ‘good Taliban’. The Taliban has publicly taken credit for each of these murders. I just read where an administration official said, ‘There is no less a commitment to our long-term relationship with Afghanistan. But is there a concern now that many will question the need to stay? Yes, especially in an election year.’ So you are right on BM. Obama will use this to pull out and then when our ‘good war’ turns the country back over to the Taliban terrorists, Obama will say it ‘was the will of the people’.”

“Personally, I would like to pull our entire troops home from any place of danger while this saboteur is in office. Obama's intentions are to weaken the US around the world, and if I had my way, I would not waste one more young soldier for this morally corrupted commander in chief (no capital letters here). Clearly the current military leaders are not standing up to Obama.   So there is no help there. This is a truly sad time in our nation’s glorious history."

Even Mom had had enough of Obama’s attack on the American intelligence, “So the President and the Democratic Senate pass laws that first, everyone has to either buy insurance or get it ‘free’ from their employer. Secondly, they tell us what must be in the insurance coverage. And now, they force employers to provide plans that cover not only contraceptives but morning after abortion pills. Clearly their next steps will be to force everyone to cover late term abortions as well. What Constitution could they be reading that would make them believe they can legally do any of this? Clearly this is about the right of a citizen or religious organization to practice their faith which is guaranteed in the United States of America’s Constitution. Do they really believe the American people are this dumb? They are spinning it that the Republicans and religious fanatics are against contraceptives.”

Well Butch has several more items scribbled on the back of his Lucky Strike pack but he has learned that it is time to quick speaking once your audience has left the Café, and at this point in time, the parking lot dust was really flying.

Think about just how stupid do they think we are,