Saturday, May 7, 2011

Notes Pertaining to Obama and Osama (and jobs)

Note 1:  Have you ever seen as many fictitious "official" announcements come out of a White House regarding any topic as you have seen with the killing of Osama?  This is a perfect example of mixing spinning, lying, politics, and a significant real event all managed by amateurs.  It is tough getting your story straight when you are masking a Puppet who was on the golf course and didn't have a clue what was going on.

Note 2:  Have you noticed that when this administration makes a good decision like using the CIA and Navy Seals rather than bombs, it was made by our courageous President all alone?  Yet when there are questionable decisions like whether to show pictures of Osama, it is Gates decision.  When Muslims complain about giving the evil Osama an honorable Muslim burial at sea, it is blamed on the advice of military intelligence and the Secretary of Defense as not to inflame Islamic Jihadists.  No wonder Gates can't wait to get out of this administration.  Every Obama cabinet member knows they are there for one major reason and that is to take the heat if something goes wrong leaving the image of Wonder Boy as clean as the driven snow. 

Note 3:  Have you noticed how upset we are that the Pakistanis have been harboring Al Queda's bin Laden yet we do not complain about them harboring Afghanistan's Taliban?  After all, it is the Taliban that kills American soldiers in Afghanistan, and Al Queda hasn't been in Afghanistan for years.  Why do we allow this?  Because Obama wants the Pakistanis to help him negotiate a settlement with the Taliban so that he can pull our troops out and declare a victory over Al Queda leaving the Afghanistan people at the mercy of the Taliban, again.  For their help with the Taliban Obama gives them Billions every year.

Note 4:  How do the Pakistanis get away with playing both sides, the US on one side and the Jihadists/Taliban on the other?  The answer is rarely even mentioned in the news and by analysts, INDIA.  This is the real enemy of Pakistan.  India  is larger and a  better armed foe on their border with a history of war against Pakistan.  And the US plays both sides, India and Pakistan.  We have trained the Pakistanis well how to straddle and play one against the other.  We have been doing it for years.

Note 5: Don't forget jobs.  How was the  jobs report celebrated by the Administration because they added over 200,000 new jobs (over 60,000 at MacDonald's who was given a deferment on implementing Obamacare)?  The same report said over 400,000 people filed new claims for unemployment taking the fake number from 8.8% to 9.0%.  The real number, including underemployed, is over 18%.

Think about it,


Thursday, May 5, 2011

As Yogi Said: "Islamic Jihad Is Not Over Till It's Over!"

Osama bin Laden is dead. 9ll is over. Let’s negotiate a settlement with the Taliban giving Afghanistan back, pull out of Iraq letting Iran have it, 'lead from behind' as a subordinate power to the UN and NATO, and slash our military budgets using the money for Obamacare.  Clearly this is the spin that puppet Obama and his handlers (Valery Jarret, Bill Daley, David Axelrod, and George Soros) will spin over the next few months.

The only lingering little problem is that Islamic Jihad (those dedicated to Sharia Law) is much larger than Al Qaeda. And even Al Qaeda is much larger than bin Laden. So terrorism is still very much alive and more harmful to our health around the globe than even those mean insurance companies that Obama hates the most.

The second lingering little problem is the declaration of victory does not solve our major strategic problems. They are:

Number 1: over 70% of the world’s oil reserves are in the Middle East and clearly our mission should be to do everything necessary to keep these markets “free” to trade around the world and out of the control of the Bad Guys (that President Obama would clearly be Islamic Jihadists).

Number 2: We must keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of the Bad Guys starting with Iran. If they take over Iraq after the Obama departure, they gain oil and are emboldened in their quest for nukes.

Number 3: The bin Laden episode puts Pakistan and their nukes on the strategic problem list. Simply put, whose side are they on? The Bad Guys or the non-Islamic Jihadist world (that would be Good Guys, Mr. President)?

Puppet Obama will play the Idiot Teleprompter Pitch as long as 51% of the voters are idiots. Muslim is a peaceful religion. We are not at war with Muslims. Al Qaeda is on the run, and we will continue to pursue them. Our mission in Iraq is over, and it was a mistake, and Obama got us out. Afghanistan was the good war, and we won by capturing bin Laden. We will let the Afghanistan people work out their issues with the Taliban. We will join our Global partners in organizations like the UN to bring peace to the world, and they will all love us for doing so. Energy independence from the Middle East means providing financial assistance to Algore and my green (like the color of money) friends (who will give me millions once I am out of office) while doing everything possible to drive up the price of oil in the US. We will work with Global Organizations to eventually make the World 'Nuke Free', and they will love us even more.

So now we just argue about the small stuff. Like how did we find bin Laden? Did the Pakistani’s know he was there? The answers are clear if you don’t have your head up your Liberal rear end. We first got the intelligence nugget about bin Laden’s courier from Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM). It was obtained from Enhanced Interrogation Techniques in an out-of-the-country prison before bringing him to GITMO.

Regarding the Pakistanis, the first thing you do when you establish a 'safe house' is to secure the surrounding area. Clearly the Pakistani military and government would have known about these 'foreigners from Kuwait' who had a $1m compound with 18 foot walls. The Pakistanis clearly play both sides. What side does Obama think they will take when Obama pulls out of the Middle East? They would be crazy not to provide some level of support for the Taliban and Jihadist groups knowing we are leaving as soon as Obama can pull it off. Obama’s recent personnel moves taking out Petraeus and Gates signal the withdrawal is near. These guys would not go along with what Obama's handlers want to do.

So what do the Good Guys (that would be non-idiot Americans) in the US need to do?

1.  Pressure Obama to take action against Iran. Take any actions necessary to keep Iran from getting nukes and controlling Iraq including keeping troops in Iraq.

2.  Never make our defenses subservient to the UN or anyone else (this should also obviously include the Liberal Democratic Party).

3.  Support Petraeus in revitalizing the CIA who is our best defense, and offense, against Islamic Jihad (not invading ‘oil-less and nuke-less’ Afghanistan).  Use CIA/Seal Teams, drones, bombs, and missles against those who would harbor terrorists, NOT NATION BUILDING OF MUSLIM COUNTRIES.

4.  Make every effort to force the Obama Democratic Party to acknowledge the fact that the Bad Guys are Islamic Jihadists and the Good Guys are non-Islamic Jihadists.

5.  And of course, drill baby, drill.

As Yogi Berra said, "It is not over till it's over."  Certainly the war against Islamic Jihad is not over.  And, even the bullet in the head didn't end it for Osama bin Laden.  His real trial was held on May 1, as was Adolf Hitler's, on the same day just 66 years earlier.  That would give us two of the three sixes (666) symbolic of the antichrist.  The Bible tells us we have one more to go but it doesn't tell us when.  Maybe on May 1 in the not so distant future?

Think about it,


P. S.   Did you see this one?  "It is a great day for George Bush.  Osama bin Laden is dead, and 1.5 billion Muslims are super pissed at Obama".

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

An Inside Look at The Killing of Bin Laden

A mysterious friend of  Billy Roy has privy to the President's Little Red Phone:

Date:  August, 2010
Caller:  Mr. President, this is Mitch Rapp, special agent with the CIA.  Leon Panetta wanted me to call you and let you know we have credible sources who know where Osama bin Laden is living.
Callee: OK, Mitch.  Now jog my memory, who is this Been Laaden guy?
Caller: Mr. President, he is the mastermind behind the 9ll Twin Towers terrorist attack as well at the Pentagon and the one in Pennsylvania.  You remember the airplane thing.
Callee: Oh, yeah, of course.  Well how can I help you, Mitch?
Caller: Sir, Mr. Panetta would like some guidance on how to handle this situation.  bin Laden is in a compound in Pakistan.
Callee: Well, I'll be damned.  Mitch, why don't you give my Attorney General, Erich Holder, a call.  He has asked me not to get involved in this terrorist stuff (we don't like to use that word) without going through him.
I don't have Erich's number but Leon probably does.  Good talking with you and good luck on this Been Luuten thing.

Date:  September, 2011.
Caller:  Mr. President, this is Erich Holder, your Attorney General.
Callee:  Sure, Erich, I remember.  What's up?
Caller:  Mr. President, Panetta over at the CIA is driving me crazy about this bin Laden thing in Pakistan.  I have strongly suggested that Panetta turn this over to the FBI so that we can take this guy into custody, read him his Miranda rights, lawyer him up (I have a good friend out in Hollywood who would love to handle this one.  You know the young guy that worked with OJ).   We can hold a great trial in either Vegas or New York City.  Leon says that some hot shit guy name Mitch Rapp is pushing back and causing problems.
Callee: Look Erich, Axelrod wants me to start my re-election campaign in the next few months, and he doesn't want anything that would make waves.  Tell Panetta to sit on it until he hears from Axelrod.  By the way do you have Axel's number?  I'll call and let him know.
Caller:  Better let me do that Mr. President.  We will get back to you if we need to.

Date:  April 30, 2011
Caller:  Mr. President, this is David Axelrod, your campaign manager.
Callee: David, great to hear from you.  Can I move back to Chicago yet?
Caller:  Not yet, Mr. President, and I have other people on the call.  We have a situation.  Leon Panetta, who runs the CIA (you know the spook thing), and Erich Holder, Attorney General (you know the brother that is like the country's top lawyer).  They are on the line with me now.
Callee: Hi, guys.  I love these calls with people in all kinds of different locations, and yet we are all connected by telephone lines.  Way cool!  I wish Michelle was here.
Panetta: Mr. President, this is Leon.  I've got a real stud guy that works for me named Mitch Rapp.  He talked to you last August about this bin Laden guy that we have found in Pakistan as a result of George Bush's torturing prisoners, but I don't want to get into that, and hope Erich doesn't either.  Rapp has threatened to go to the press and tell them we have found bin Laden.  He will do that if we don't let him go in and take him out (whatever that means).  This would be a horrible thing if the press got it, and, David (again your campaign manager), would shit a brick if this happened.  So I am going to give Rapp your specific orders to go in and place this bin Laden guy under arrests.
Holder: I am OK with that as long as you bring him to directly to me.
Axelrod:  I am OK under two conditions.  One if it is successful, Rapp backs us in saying it was all planned by the President.  Two if it is a failure, I want it blamed on the Israelis.
Panetta: Got it.  Mr. President, do I have your orders?  Mr. President?  Mr. President, are you there?
Holder:  The Bulls playoff game just started.  I think we've lost him.

May 1, 2011
Caller:  Mr. President, this is Leon Panetta.
Callee:  Hey, Leon, this is Smokin Joe Biden.  I've got phone duty.  This is so cool.  It's never rung before.
Caller:  I have a situation and need the President.
Callee: Won't happen.  He's on the golf course.  Just made the turn at the 9th hole.  One of the boys called and said he had his best round ever going.  A 51, without penalty strokes of course, and with a few gimmie puts, but who is counting, right?  You want me to get Michelle or Valery or is it that important?
Caller.  Shut up Joe, and listen.  Get the President off the golf course and send him to my office.  Make him change clothes because we have a photo op.  He and some other people are going to watch Mitch Rapp and some Navy Seals in a key mission in Pakistan.  Tell the President this is not, I repeat, not a speaking part.  It is cameo.  Also, no refreshments will be served so have him grab a burger or some ribs on the way over.  Also, have him come in with his serious look.  You know the one I'm talking about?
Callee:  Cool, hey, is this Rapp dude a Hip Hop guy are something?  If he is, I might tag along.

The rest is history,

Think about it and sleep well tonight,