Friday, July 29, 2011

Boehner and the Tea Party: Both Are Right

The Tea Party is exactly right.

House Speaker John Boehner is exactly right.

When you are right, NEVER, NEVER, compromise.

The Tea Party is right that no proposal currently being considered to raise the debt ceiling SOLVES, or even makes a big down payment, on the deficit. They should continue to push for plans like their Cut, Cap, and Balance everywhere possible. They should also support the Boehner plan to raise the debt ceiling.

Boehner is right in that he does not have the Senate nor President's co-operation to SOLVE, or even make a big down payment, on the deficit. He also is right to pass a short term (6 mos. or so) extension of the debt ceiling that accompanies a small package of expense cuts. This scares the Socialists in the Senate and White House to death. The ball is now in their court. To not pass the House bill will make the Socialists responsible for having to ration our bill payments and run the likely risk of facing a downgrade of our nation's credit rating because we are not passing an expense reduction plan greater than $4 Trillion. It also does not give Obama the only thing he really cares about which is not having to face this debt issue again before the 2012 election.

To pass the House bill is not a compromise for Boehner nor the Tea Party. Both are voting to buy another 6 months to work the SOLUTION or at least a big down payment on the deficit. They can run on this progress in 2012 to gain a majority in the Senate and to put an ADULT in the White House.

The only way the Republicans can commit an evil compromise is if they agree to a small expense cut and an EXTENSION OF THE DEBT CEILING BEYOND 2012. If they do this we pack up and either : (A)  Move to New Zealand (B)  Move to Australia (C)  Secede from the Union (Texas only).

Think about it,


P. S. The following is a philosophical note I recently sent a friend.

In my later years I hate compromise. On most issues there is a right and a wrong. Right is right. Wrong is wrong. Compromise is EVIL.

Examples: The debt/deficit problem is a spending problem. Right is to cut spending to get our budgets back in balance. Wrong is to keep borrowing and spending. Compromise is to cut a little and keep spending while deceiving voters. I would rather see politicians Wrong than EVIL.

The debt/deficit problem is also a revenue problem. Right is creating an income and business friendly environment to grow the economy and the tax base. Wrong is to weaken the economy with high taxes and regulation and try to offset it with tax increases and regulations which weaken it more. EVIL is compromising with some tax increases and regulations and token spending cuts. The deficit grows the economy weakens and it just takes a little while longer to bankruptcy.

Example 2: If the Titanic is sinking and one group says abandon ship (Right) and the other says stay on board (Wrong) clearly one is right and the other wrong. The Compromisers say let’s let half abandon and half stay on board. This is EVIL.

Example 3: Gays in military. Right is to not allow gays in the military. Wrong is to openly allow them. Don’t ask don’t tell is EVIL knowing that the next gay friendly President will eliminate DADT. The end result of compromise is doing wrong without anyone taking responsibility.

Bi-partisanship today only serves the politicians and continues the country's slide downhill.


Just my ornery thoughts as I age.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Jello From Outer Space

As an Illinois Senator Barack Hussein Obama voted present on most issues.

As a US Senator, BHO had the most Liberal voting record in the Senate and gave speechs railing against Bush for raising the debt ceiling and in support of the War Powers Act (requiring a President to get Congressional approval to commit troops war like in Libya).   Both of which he jumped the fence on once elected.

As President of the United States, BHO sat on the sidelines as the Democratic Congress created and passed a monstrosity of a Health Care Bill. The same with regulating the Finance Industry. The same with "shovel ready" projects for the almost $1 Trillion "stimulus" plan and the auto takeover and Wall Street bailout.

Then last November when the Republicans, who won a majority in the House, started slowing down the spending and regulatory insanity of a Democratic Congress there was a cry from many "compromisers" for the President to get involved, show leadership, and break the log jams.

This weekend we saw Barack Hussein Obama at work. House Majority Leader, John Boehner, went head to head with the President to avoid Obama's declared crisis date of August 2 to raise the debt ceiling. Yes, this weekend at the end of two months of Boehner working with Obama events culminated in John throwing up his hands and saying negotiating with Obama was "like negotiating with jello". He said, "he felt he was dealing with someone from another planet."

Well for those who didn't already know, the cat is out of the bag now. Our President is an INCOMPETENT NARCISSISTIC IDIOT. It was obvious in his ridiculous press conference on Friday that Obama doesn't have a clue what the details of any of the proposed settlements mean. Anytime a reporter gets close to asking about numbers or time frames, which isn't often since Obama cherry picks those who can ask questions, Obama punts and lies that, "my staff will provide you all the details", which never happens.


Again, this President is corrupt, lazy, deceitful, narcissistic, and totally incompetent. And with what happened this week end (THE JELLO AND OUTER SPACE THING)  all the world now knows. How would you like to be the leader of Israel, Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Iran, North Korea, China, Russia, or the United Kingdom and know that the most important person to you in the world (The Leader of the Free World) is a piece of JELLO FROM OUTER SPACE?

Think about it because the next 18 months just got a lot longer (and shakier),


P.S. The debt ceiling debate boils down to the size and the extension of the ceiling. Anything around $1 Trillion or less and the Country wins. Anything over $2.4 Trillion and the JELLO FROM OUTER SPACE wins.  The short term extension enbles the House to continue to put pressure on the Dems for spending cuts.  Secondly, even without default which will not happen, if we don't seriously reduce our debt by more than $4 Trillion over the next 10 years the three rating agencies will more than likely reduce our credit rating because of our perceived inability to pay our debt.  If so, interests rates go up and the economy suffers even more.  Hold on to your gold teeth!