Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cafe Proud to be Looking to Reagan and the Old Dead White Guys

Remember when they asked Ronald Reagan how the government was going to solve a problem? His answer, "Government doesn't solve problems, government is the problem." Republicans need to tattoo this on their visible body parts because Obama will ask the new congressman over and over how they are going to solve the debt problem.

The election is over and now the folks at the Cafe, being the central headquarters of conservative thought in all of Hubbard City, have to focus on the big question, "Where do we go from here?" It's not like people like Billy Roy Mitchum haven't been thinking about that, "It is critical that we not lose sight of what we are fighting for in this country in the year 2010. There are code words that guys like Obama use to signal his intent. Words like 'progress'. He said today that he thought we could still make 'progress' despite the election. We can still move 'forward', and not go 'back'. These are code words for Progressive Socialists who have committed their lives to gaining power over, and for, an UNLIMITED federal government. Among their circles they worship the concept that in a changing and complex world a government must change and progress as well and should not be limited by the ideas and principles of old white dead guys like Madison, Washington, Adams, Franklyn, and Jefferson."

Butch backed BM with facts as usual, "In only two years Obama, Pelosi, and Reid have enlarged the federal bureaucracy dramatically. They clearly believe if you can't nationalize it yet, then at least regulate it. Progressives for years have moved the details of regulation and implementation of legislation from the legislators to a permanent class of government bureaucrats in agencies like the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and of course, Health and Human Services (HHS). These agencies call their laws 'rules'."

BM took the baton in a full sprint, "This will be the biggest challenge the new Congress will have to face upon their arrival in January.  The progressives  like to peddle the myth that President  Bush deregulated much of the U.S. economy. But this is just plain false. By every objectively measurable metric, the size and scope of the regulatory state grew significantly under Bush, we thought at the time. However, Obama's regulatory regime is currently rising at more than twice the rate that Bush's did. No wonder our nation's job creators can't help us escape near double digit unemployment.  Business is being crushed by regulations.  Big regulations mean big government means big regulations.  It is a death cycle for free capitalism." 

Piling on with more facts and figures Butch re-entered the diatribe, "I just read where the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is set to issue new regulations on emissions for boilers used in facilities like oil refineries, paper mills, and shopping malls. The EPA claims their new regulations will only cost the economy $9.5 billion by 2013. But the American Chemistry Council says the cost will surpass $20 billion and kill 800,000 jobs. Who is right? We don't know. But what we do know is that if you total up all of the new regulations already passed by the Obama administration last year, using their own cost estimates, fiscal 2010 saw the largest increase in regulatory burdens placed on the U.S. economy in the nation's recorded regulatory history."

"And most jobs come from small businesses. According to a report released last month by the Small Business Administration, existing total regulatory costs already amount to about $1.75 trillion (with a T)annually. This 'hidden tax' on the economy is nearly twice as large as the sum of all individual income taxes collected last year. Adding to this burden, federal agencies issued 43 new rules during the fiscal year ending September 30, 2010. The total cost of these rules, each one individually calculated by the Obama administration itself, was $28 billion."

"And these guys are just getting started.  Obama claims to have saved us from the pirates on Wall Street while lowering health care costs when the truth is the Obama administration is planning to inflict a regulatory tsunami on the U.S. economy during their final two years in office. The 2,319 page financial regulation bill (that saves us from Wall Street) requires 243 new formal rule-makings by 11 different federal agencies. The 2,700 page Obamacare bill (that saves us from Insurance Companies) contains more than 1,000 instances where Congress instructed HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to regulate the health care industry".

"In the name of Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, and Franklyn this is what the tea party of 2010 is about.  Regulation is a boring and complex topic, but something that threatens us and our way of life even more than Legislation.  We have to dismantle these Czars and agencies and return government to the governed."

It is a clear warning from both Reagan and the Cafe that we the people must GET CONTROL OF GOVERNMENT: Specifically, Congress must immediately reestablish legislative accountability by posting complete legislation, ending earmarks, reviewing all unauthorized programs and respecting constitutional limits on government. Congress must check executive branch overreach with aggressive oversight and investigations, roll back recent government interventions like health care, stop unnecessary administrative regulations and sunset new ones, restrict bureaucrats’ rule making authority and override executive orders. This is a Big Job!

Think about it. Our brilliant founders nailed it. It is pretty simple.  We just need to go backwards to go forward.