Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cafe Folks Worried about Cuba and the Border

The folks at the Café are guessing that more of their tax money will go to Cuba than to help enforce our borders over the next 4 years. Their news last Wednesday morning said that Charlie Rangel and his ACORN friends were going to Arizona to stop Joe Arpaio, America’s Sheriff , from putting illegal immigrants in jail. Then they hear that Bobby Rush and Babara Lee had a great visit with Fidel Castro, who loves Obama and thinks “he will be good for America”. You know Fidel has always worried about what is good for America.

Then they read that Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s request to the Feds for military assistance with border protection is “being considered” as “more information was requested”.

If you are interested in what is going on with Cuba, read the bios of our delegates Barbara Lee and Bobby Rush (remember the Black Panther Party?) to understand who is working to improve our image in the World with countries like Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, China, and of course, France. Then click on the “Fidel Castro sees” link below.

By the way, I have found out that a lot of the good stuff that comes out of the Hubbard City Café comes from the Heritage Foundation Web Site. Mom and Aunt Martha, a.k.a, The Snoop, are both probably contributors.


Bobby Lee Rush (born November 23, 1946) is an American politician from Illinois. A Democrat, he has served in the United States House of Representatives as the member from Illinois' 1st congressional district since 1993. Rush's district is located principally on the South Side of Chicago. It is a minority-majority district and has a higher percentage of African Americans (65%) than any other congressional district in the nation. Rush has the distinction of being the only person to date to defeat President Barack Obama in an election for public office. Rush is a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, as well as a former member and founder of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party.

Barbara Jean Lee (born July 16, 1946), is an American politician, and has been a Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives since 1998, representing California's 9th congressional district. She is the first woman to represent that district. Lee is the Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus and was the Co-Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. Lee is notable as the only person in either chamber of Congress who voted against the authorization of use of force following the September 11, 2001 attacks.[1] This made her a hero among the anti-war movement, but also caused her to receive death threats.[2] Lee has been a vocal critic of the Iraq War and supports legislation creating a Department of Peace.

The link:

Fidel Castro sees President Obama as “a good person and good for America.”

Obama Makes Friends in the Wrong Places

Excuse my lack of control but a couple of weeks ago I forced myself to sit through Obama’s town hall meeting in Strasbourg. Along with “his first task of solving the U.S. financial crisis”, “with no time to waste stopping global warming”, “bringing the U.S. a health care system like you European’s have”, his new one “solving world poverty in the third world nations so that they can buy goods from us”, “closing Gitmo and stopping the American torture of prisoners”, and he did the following (and I am not making this up).

Obama said that we could not ask the Iranians and North Koreans to not proliferate nuclear weapons until the U. S. and Russia reduce our nuclear weapons. This is the same week that Netanyahu, the new leader of Israel, said that if the U. S. did not stop Iran’s move to nuclear weapons than the Israelis will. The following week of course the North Koreans fired their missle test.

If I hear one more Conservative say that this guy is bright and articulate then I am apt to punch them.

This guy is a shallow, stammering narcissistic toy of some very scary people. At the teleprompter he just reads whatever he thinks his audience wants to hear in an unending campaign with no election in sight. Off the teleprompter, he gives long winded meaningless and boring answers to planted questions laced with stammering blunders. All the while he was trying to develop a “BRO” relationship mostly with brainless young people that he invites to join the “REVOLUTION”.

I am sorry if I am taking this personally but Billy Roy Meechum in Hubbard was arrested the morning of the Strasbourg speech for assaulting his big screen TV because this town hall meeting kept him from watching the View. Obama may be welcome in France but not at the Hubbard City Café.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hubbard Folks Want Some Stimulation

Are the folks down at The Hubbard City Cafe the only ones questioning whether our Political Leaders and Media should be scaring the shit out of everyone as we struggle in recession so that they can gain support for trillion dollar government bailouts and “stimulus” plans for the purpose of building consumer and business confidence ? If so when is our fear supposed to CHANGE to confidence? Our folks HOPE it is soon because they sure as hell are ready to feel better.

Do any of you city folks have an answer that I can take back to them?

Of course, Hubbard is really unlucky when it comes to getting stimulated. Hubbard is so unlucky we can’t even find our crumbling roads and bridges. Even, if we found some we are afraid that most of the jobs would go to illegals. Hubbard doesn’t have many road and bridge builders. We do have some crumbling barns. Are those on the list?

Not even sure we can get some money to clean our energy in Hubbard. Not even sure it’s dirty. What luck? By the way, how do you know when you have too much carbon? They asked me that last week at the drug store. Some of them even wanted to sign up for some global warming because of the cold winter we had this year. They read that it snowed in NYC yesterday.

Hell, Hubbard hasn’t even had a mortgage default or bank failure. When will we ever get a break? We did have a cashier steal some money from the till, but it wasn’t nearly as much as this Madoff guy. Heck she got caught the first time because they are so old fashioned that they still count their money every day at closing time. They want to know whether they will need to do that once they get this “congressional oversight thing” that they hear about on TV.

On the other hand, Billy Roy Meecham said he didn’t want Barney Frank overseeing nothing about him. Guess you just can’t please everybody.

Man, I have never seen the folks so mad, which I guess is good for stimulation, but they do have some pretty good questions.


Heritage Foundation tuning into Hubbard City Cafe

Mom called and said the guys at the Hubbard City Café were asking “how many of those NATO guys were going into the mountains and take incoming fire with our guys”? Hubbard guys never have been big on trainers and consultants.

I flipped on the TV on Saturday and Obama was talking about how those trainers were as important as troops. I would guess if that’s true then we will have about 30,000 of our guys wanting to transfer into the trainer brigade. I know our guys want the important jobs. Americans are just like that. Guess we don’t need anybody in those mountains with those Taliban shooters. Maybe we can just handle them with some good tough UN Resolutions like we did in Iraq.

Interestingly I then went to the Heritage Foundation and they must have a plant at the Café because this is what they said about Obama’s visit:

“President Obama must call on European allies to help bear the military burden of the fight against the Taliban by sending more combat troops to the battlefields of Helmand province and by removing the dozens of caveats aimed at keeping their personnel out of harm's way”.

Mom will stay tuned because all we know is what we hear at the Hubbard City Café.

Somewhat confused down here in Texas.