Monday, October 22, 2012

Billy Roy Warns Against a Big Time October Surprise

As the news reports, retracts, and re-reports possible deals with Iran only weeks away from the election, I asked Billy Roy if he expected an "October Surprise".  BM promised a face to face discussion this next weekend when I will attend the Hubbard High School Homecoming festivities.  I will be the featured speaker at a meeting to honor (roast) a Hubbard legend, also known as Gut Anderson.  Gut was an amazing athlete big enough and strong enough to throw the shot put in track and annihilate an opposing team in football as he anchored the middle of the line.  He also was fast and nimble enough to compete as a pole vaulter, not to mention his fame as a baseball pitcher with a blazing fastball.  But I diverge from our "October Surprise".

"Jim, there is no question the Dems are loading their cannons as we speak to attempt to shock voters at the eleventh hour back into the Obama camp.  They are only waiting until they are sure there is not enough time for the Romney camp to respond to the bullshit.  These Chicago thugs will go deep and dirty.  Axlerod has a history of destroying his candidate's opponents in large urban areas where he has mostly represented Black mayors.  I asked Butch Jackson, local finder of facts, to pull previous October Surprises.  He went to the Dick Morris site and found the following:

From Dick Morris:

Let's remember the history of Democratic October Surprises. Of the past five elections, two have been won solidly by Democrats - 2004 and 1996. The other three all featured October Surprises:

• On October 30, 1992, Iran-Contra Special Prosecutor Lawrence E. Walsh announced that he would indict Bush Defense Secretary Cap Weinberger. The announcement came after Clinton, the Democratic candidate against Bush, had fallen behind in the tracking polls. Clinton surged on the final weekend and won the election, in large part because of the Weinberger indictment announcement. (Bush pardoned Weinberger after the election and he was never actually indicted).

• On October 1, 2000, it was revealed that George W. Bush had been arrested for DUI in Maine in 1976. The arrest had never been made public. Bush was several points ahead in the popular vote prior to the announcement but lost to Gore by 0.5% after the DUI story broke.

• Eight days before the 2004 election, the New York Times revealed that the weapons from a conquered Iraqi weapons dump had been looted by insurgents who were using these weapons against American troops. Democratic candidate John Kerry cancelled his regular TV ads to focus on the discovery and allege Bush Administration incompetence in protecting the weapons. Fortunately, four days later (and four before the election), the Pentagon issues satellite photos of the dump indicating that the story was false.

• The original October Surprise was pulled by Secretary of State Henry Kissinger on behalf of President Richard M. Nixon when he announced that peace in Vietnam was "at hand" on the eve of the 1972 election, only to see the war drag on for months more.

If there be any of us that doubt the potential of both this Administration and the Ayatollah for using chicanery and phony deals to impact the election's outcome, think again!

Meanwhile on the verge of our Foreign Policy debate we find out we had a Drone viewing the planned terrorist attack on Benghazi.  Additionally, even the Associated Press is reporting Al Qaeda is flooding back into Afghanistan from Pakistan as we reduce our troop levels in our announced withdrawal.  Experts are predicting Yemen will be the first nation to be run by Al Qaeda as bombing attempts are rampant from New York City to Jordan.  Seems like Obama has Al Qaeda on the run but they are running in planned attacks on our friends around the world.  Obama's plan to allow militant Muslims to gain "justice" is working. 

Romney's first statement tonight should be, "Where do I start?"