Sunday, September 23, 2012

Why Mitt Doesn't Carry His Old State?

Billy Roy Got a Letter:

Dear Billy Roy,
My very left wing baby sister posed a question I can not answer. Maybe you can help. She wants to know if Mitt is so good, why is he behind 25% in the state where he was Governor? The only thing I could come up with was that they have their health care as much as the nation hates Obama Care. Any insight on this one?
Bobby Joe Biggers
Big Brother to A Little Sister Gone Loco
Billy Roy's Response:

Dear Bobby Joe,
Sorry to hear about your little sister.

Massa-what-ever-it-is  (never wanted to learn out to spell it) is like California and New York in that it is hugely, I mean hugely, Liberal. When they get in real trouble spending wildly and with excessive crime and lawlessness, they elect token Conservatives. NY does it with mayors and governors, like Rudy Giuliani and George Pataki. California did it with Reagan, and then tried it with Arnold Schwarzenegger (found out he was about as conservative as Obama is American). Ronald Reagan cleaned California up, and then they went back to their spending sprees.
Same with Massachusetts. Romney cleaned up their debt and put them back on their feet.  Mitt has been successful with every job he has had (not that 47% of Americans care).
Other entities, states, are doing this now. Ohio, Wisconsin, Florida, Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, etc. (even Michigan). They have Republican governors to clean things up. It is sad that history tells us that once clean, they seem to drift back into their political give-a-ways and financial crisis.
Some of the Republican governors are not polling well even though they have turned their Liberal states around, like Wisconsin, Florida, and Ohio.  Why?
To clean things up you have to say no to spending. This pisses people off and enables the Dems to demagogue big time. "Republicans cut spending so they can hurt women, children, education, air, water, poor people minorities, etc. Republicans, of course, do this so they can take care of their rich friends." Ever heard this before?

Hope this helps with your kin.   Seems like every family has at least one that is wandering in the wilderness, off the reservation, or just plain ornery.  Next time you are at the Cafe ask me about my cousin Looey.

Sincerely Yours,
Billy Roy Mitchum
Chairman of the Board
Hubbard City Cafe