Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Who would you waterboard? Horseshit lists grows rapidly!

These are busy times at the Hubbard City Cafe.

Butch Jackson posed the question to the Cafe, "Who would you waterboard to save your children from a horrible death like an exploding bomb in an airplane?"

Billy Roy responded with, "Obviously the light skinned orator and clean, President Obama, and his idiotic Attorney General, Eric Holder, will not waterboard captured Jihadists to save our children. I wonder if Obama would waterboard one of these punks if his own children were being held hostage? I bet he would in a manic minute if it were his daughters."

Butch Jackson retorted, "Hell, I would waterboard my own Mother if if would save the life of any ones' children. Wouldn't you?"

The silence that followed confirmed the hard, but right choice.

Billy Roy summed up, "Only idiotic liberal elite lawyers would rather protect the rights of Jihadist Scum than protect American children."

This conversation prompted an extension of the Horse Shit List:

Bailout: A process by which the Democrats after forcing companies (banks) to make bad business decisions (loans to Democratic voters who are poor credit risks) then loans the banks tax payer money to keep them from going bankrupt claiming that they are too large to fail and would destroy the entire world's economy. This action is soon followed by the banks improving their operations to the point of being able to pay back these government loans enabling the banks to then place huge taxes on the banks to pay for providing free health care to Democratic voters as a punishment for improving their operations too much.

Global Justice: The term is used by Obama-nites to provide Jihadist Terrorists who murder innocent men, women, children, and people of unknown genders with fancy lawyers and legal rights at the expense of the taxpayer resulting in protecting these cowardly Radical Muslim fanatics from having to share intelligence data that is essential to the protection of Americans and other people around the world. Non-Obama-nites, a huge majority and rapidly growing number of Americans, categorize this simply as "putting Terrorist's rights ahead of the safety of Americans". Obama-nites argue that by treating these people allegedly suspected of "man made disasters" fairly, fewer of them will be motivated to blow our asses up.

Finger Pointing: The term used when the Democratic Government screws up that keeps anyone from identifying who was responsible for the screw up. This process would be the opposite of a "whistle blower" program. While the President will accept screw ups, he "will not tolerate" finger pointing within his administration.

Partisan Politics: This term is used by Democratic Administrations when they screw up and Republicans "finger point" at them. It is considered by Democrats to be unfair.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform: This title is used for a legislative bill that would make illegal immigrants, who have broken American laws by illegally entering and remaining in the USA, legal. This bill would give these illegals voting rights and would give the Democrats the large majority of these millions of new voters and insure there elections in several states and nationally. Surprisingly, this legislation has been supported by President George Bush and Presidential Nominee John McCain before Republicans found out these two men were not real Republicans.

Comprehensive Health Care Reform or Comprehensive Anything: Comprehensive is a code name for any bill that is so complex no politician can read it nor any voter can understand it. All of the bills are aimed at the Federal Government taking over whatever is being reformed.

Global Warming and Climate Change: The folks at the Cafe have no idea in Hell what these terms mean other than the obvious. The World warms (and cools), and climates change four times a year probably tied to the seasons.

Additions are welcome,


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Surprise, Surprise: The Story Behind Obama's Presidency

Letter to: The Hubbard City Cafe

From: Jim Hammock

What a surprise? Even Harry Reid thought the Democrats could elect a candidate to the office of the President of the United States if he was a "good orator, light skinned, and did not speak using a Negro dialect, except when he wanted to". Remember when a political analyst as astute as old Joe Biden said, "I mean, you got the first sort of mainstream African American who's articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that's a storybook, man."

Wow, clean?

Notice no discussion nor concerns about the candidate's experience, ethics, leadership qualities, or even views concerning national or international issues. No concerns about the possibility that the candidate might be a socialist, a man of black militant faith, has an obvious Islamic background and education, no questions even about his ability to prove his citizenship, no investigation into close connections to organizations like ACORN or other "Social Justice" movements, nor a strong desire to completely "transform" the US economy by re-distributing wealth from the current stake holders to those chosen by the "chosen one". No concerns were exposed about the candidate exhibiting all the signs of someone with a pathological Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Hell, the guy has had more names than a New Orleans lap dancer.

In today's political arena all of those pesky little flaws and details can be managed. Particularly if Candidate Obama follows someone in office who has been crucified by the press and the opposing party for a good 7 of his 8 years. Particularly if he is running against someone as unattractive as Hillary Clinton who is threatening the nation with 4 more years of Bill staining the oval office. Particularly if he runs against a John McCain who is such a gentleman and patriot that he believes it would be disloyal to bring up any of these little uncomfortable topics that might disrupt the civil discourse of the campaign. Best to keep it positive and at the 60,000-100,000 foot level as not to drag voters into too many boring details.

Well, that's what happened, and now we see what we have. The American voters closed their eyes and shed years of racial guilt by electing a nice young black couple with two beautiful children to the highest office in the most powerful nation of the world.

Man, if it weren't for those pesky little flaws and details this would be such a great fictional story. Yeah, if it weren't for the parts that are real: things like our economy, security, and freedom.

Think about it,