Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Clearly most sane folks would agree the current greatest threat to Europe, the US, and the free world is Islamic Terrorism. To be more specific that would be radical Muslims who want to annihilate Israel and every other Christian or Jew in the world. Sane folks would agree that since 911 we have been involved in a WAR against these elements.

So how is the WAR going?

The Bush administration declared WAR not only on the terrorists but on any nation who harbored or supported them. We took out the Taliban in Afghanistan and Saddam Hussein in Iraq. We drove most of the Al Qaeda forces out of both countries. We initiated a counter insurgent surge in both countries to provide their new and fragile governments a fighting chance to survive.

We then elected BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA to continue our WAR. His first major non-event was to throw the revolutionaries in Iran under the bus by claiming we would "engage" the Iranian regime to convince them to be nice to demonstrators and to stop developing and threatening their neighbors (those friendly to the free world) with nuclear weapons. The outcome? Iran put down the demonstrators and is racing to become a nuclear power.

BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA then turned his attention to Iraq (what he called the bad war) and to Afghanistan (what he called the good war). In Iraq he is pulling out all US forces after offering to keep a token force there. The leaders in Iraq were smart to believe no US forces were better than an OBAMA led token force. This leaves the country and the third largest oil reserves in the world at the mercy of Iran and the militant Muslim Shiites. Our investment of lives and treasure appears to be for naught.

In Afghanistan BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA is negotiating with the Taliban to return them to power after making a token effort at a surge. He also pulled out General Petraeus and other military leaders crippling the leadership of our war efforts.

Needless to say the militants throughout the Middle East have become emboldened by their comrade in arms BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA as evidenced by what OBAMA and his press called the Arab Spring.

First we had Egypt where mobs protested for "democratic" elections and the overthrow of a long time American ally (the primary player in providing peace with Israel), Hosni Mubarak. BARRACK HUSSEIN immediately called for his resignation. Remember in Iran our strategy was to engage the regime that is hostile to the US. Engage America's enemies? In Egypt just the opposite. Throw America's allies under the bus? As this blog goes to press the Muslim Brotherhood is preparing to take over Egypt, the largest and strongest country in the Middle East. It will be a typical Middle East Muslim driven election: one man, one vote, one time. Just like the democracy in Iran.

Then we joined our naive European friends to drive out and murder Qaddafi in Libya. He will be replaced by a Militant Muslim regime as well.

Tunisia, ditto. Replace a strong leader with a Militant Muslim Mob. Somalia is up for grabs as well.  Other countries with "protests" include in Algeria, Yemen, Jordan, Bahrain, Mauritania, and Pakistan.
Is it clear to the most casual observer that BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA has consistently done the bidding of the Islamists, who wanted to preserve the regime in Iran and who wanted to remove the US friendly regimes in the other Middle East and North African countries. Why? What is his intent? Is it diabolical? Is it to weaken and destroy the US and free world leadership in the world? Or is he just incompetent making one foreign policy blunder after the next? Does it matter? The results are the same, and they are catastrophic.

And guess what? Polls show the American people give their highest ratings to OBAMA's foreign policy leadership. Why? Because we are weary of our involvement in the Middle East who controls 70% of the world's oil reserves. Half of the American voters think that oil comes out of the local gasoline pump---temporarily. That is until we harness the power of the sun and wind.  Then everything will be OK.

BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA doesn't scare me. Militant Muslims don't scare me. The US electorate is what scares me.

Meanwhile BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA has mobilized less than 1% of the most worthless Americans (called occupiers) to declare WAR on successful tax paying Americans. He claims this worthless mob represents the 99% of Americans who want “social justice”.

Think about it,