Monday, December 26, 2011

2012: Blue, Purple, or SOLID RED?

So what are the choices in 2012? There are three: Blue, Purple, or SOLID RED.

Blue would be a return to the first two years of Obama's term. If you loved Obama/Reid/Pelosi dominated government resulting in Obamacare, $1 trillion handouts to voters and capitalistic cronies, deficit spending exceeding $1 trillion each year ($5 trillion in Obama's first 3 years), gays in the military, bans on energy exploration and production unless it went into the pockets of Algore and the green scammers, government takeovers of industries like autos, health care and energy, and taking your hard earned money and "spreading it around". A second term would be a repeat with one huge difference. It would be on STEROIDS.  In other words, "you ain't seen nothing yet".

Or if you loved the drama of the so called Payroll Tax Holiday extension, your color of choice would be to repeat the good old Purple government split between the Democrats and Republicans. Nothing big would get done, and most of the time that is a good thing for the government to do nothing. However, these times are different. The greatest nation in history has been dramatically weakened by entitlements, bailouts, and redistribution. A continuation of our Purple government would hasten our slide into bankruptcy (today our debt exceeds our GNP). And without economic power, we have no foreign power or influence. Our "leading from the rear" approach practiced by Hillary and Obama, while giving these two egomaniacs clips for the 6:00 News, renders the US as impotent in real world affairs.  Do you really believe there is a single world leader who listens to Barack Hussein Obama today?

This Purple government not only did not cut the federal budget this year they actually increased spending for the coming year by $50-$100 billion.  Remember the downgraded credit rating of the US for the first time in history.  Remember the creation of the super committee to identify bi-partisan spending cuts to avoid the dreaded "government shutdown".  Remember newly elected Republicans pledging to cut the budget by $100 billion when they came to town in the first year.  Bottom line, Obama would not make any cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security and the Republicans were unsuccessful in cutting any of the federal agency spending.  It was a complete standoff as the Senate completed its third year in a row without passing, or even submitting, a budget in a violation of the US Constitution. So hold on because our economic slide just gains speed with the color Purple.

Our last choice is to go SOLID RED with a Republican  in the White House combined with Republican majorities in the House and Senate. The last SOLID RED government left office on January 3rd, 2007 when the Democrats took control of the House and Senate for George Bush's last two years.  At the time the DOW Jones closed at 12,621.77.  The GDP for the previous quarter was 3.5% vs. last quarters 1.8%.  The unemployment rate was 4.6% vs. a fudged current 8.6%. 

A SOLID RED  government going forward would adapt Tea Party principles of returning the country to fiscal responsibility by not overspending, and not burdening our children and grandchildren with our bills. These principles also include constitutionally limited government which means power resides with the people and not with the government. Governing should be done at the most local level possible where it can be held accountable. The American people make this country great, not our government.

The third, and last, Tea Party principle would return us to free market economics that has for at least two centuries provided generations of Americans more opportunities and higher standards of living than any nation in history. An erosion of our free markets through government intervention is at the heart of America’s current economic decline, stagnating jobs, and spiraling debt and deficits. Failures in government programs (Fannie and Freddie loans to moochers) and government-controlled financial markets (packaging bad loans and reselling them) helped spark the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.

The most reliable polling organization, Rasmussen, explored the type of action that voters were looking for the government to take. Among all voters, 77% want the government to cut deficits, 71% think the government should cut spending, and 59% want the government to cut taxes. This is consistent with long held voter views that cutting spending and taxes is good for the economy, and it is right out of the Tea Party playbook. And of course, the Obama media calls the Tea Party radical, in which case the majority of voters are "radical" as well. It is time for this country to get radical, big time.

Non-Tea Party issues would include energy independence, allowing God back into our public life, supporting the family unit, and returning schools and marketplaces to a merit based system of rewards.
So there are clear choices. Our challenge is to communicate these choices to the American electorate in simple, positive terms while not getting caught up in the weeds (a 2 month payroll tax holiday or a 12 month theft of social security). Communications are critical. The Republican House just forced Obama and the Senate to drop a tax on millionaires while also forcing Obama to move up his decision on the Keystone pipeline. These were big wins, yet America is absolutely convinced House Republicans lost because the Senate got a 2 month extension instead of a 12 month extension. Many are touting this dribble as Obama's biggest win that will insure his re-election. Only in a Liberal controlled media could this happen.

Think about how we do can replace Obamaspeak with the truth, and think SOLID RED, big time!  So what are the odds we can go SOLID RED?  I believe in the American people so I would give it a 51-49 chance of going RED.  And the odds of implementing a country saving agenda which would take great courage and tenacity?  Again I am a believer, so I would give it another 51-49 chance.

This is a chance we have to take,