Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Shut Down This Government and Lock the Door

The folks at the Cafe are shaking their heads about the budget debate going on this week. Butch opened the door, "Forty days ago the House Republicans passed a budget for the remainder of this year calling for a modest 1.6% reduction in the federal budget of $61 billion. With this cut we would just spend about $1.4 Trillion more than we have. Over these forty days the federal government spent $223 billion more than they have adding that amount to the deficit which either has to be printed or borrowed. And listen to what our liar-in-chief said following a joint meeting with Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader (punch drunk)Harry Reid in which no agreement on the budget was reached, 'I shouldn't have to shepherd this process through Congress'. In other words, he shouldn't have to lead. 'I shouldn’t have to oversee a process in which Congress deals with last year’s budget where we only have six months left – especially when both parties have agreed that we need to make substantial cuts and we're more or less at the same number'. What a liar. We are dealing with last years budget because back in October he and the Democratic controlled Senate and House did not want to pass a budget before the November elections. They wanted to put cuts off for the new Republican House. And then Obama says it is more or less at the same number? The Dumb Dems are at $31 million of UNSPECIFIED CUTS. Boehner calls it smoke and mirrors. The Republicans $61 billion cuts are SPECIFIED in a real bill that was passed by the House."

Billy Roy joined in, "Yesterday, President Obama said, 'the only question is whether politics or ideology is going to get in the way of preventing a government shutdown'. What a jerk? It has already gotten in the way, Mr. President. The fact remains that the House passed a budget, the Senate has not, and Democratic leadership is posturing for political gain hoping people will be dumb enough to blame Republicans for a government shut down which is really just a slow down. Obama says poor Americans won't be able to take their kids to Yellow Stone Park. With the deficits we are running each month I would say shut the sucker down and lock the door until the federal government starts balancing their budget like everyone else."

"Meanwhile today Obama took time out before he leaves for his fund raisers to talk to the Afghan leader about the burning of the Koran that happened two weeks ago. Seems that pissed Obama's Muslim friends off so at least 19 people have died and 100 people have been wounded in Afghanistan since Friday when the demonstrations began. In the deadliest incident, seven foreign United Nations staff members were killed in the northern city of Mazar-e-Sharif when protesters attacked a U.N. compound.
Obama and the commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan, General David Petraeus, have condemned the Quran burning."

"Same day Cuba announced they will drill 5 new deep water oil wells in the Gulf, and since they don't have any rigs you know that Chavez or the Chinese are behind this. Looks like these guys along with Soros and Brazil are taking over Gulf oil. Then to top everything off the Libyan Rebels with the support of the UN and al Queda are complaining that when they call for air strikes from NATO that by the time the planes get there the targets are gone. Can you imagine letting al Queda call in NATO air strikes. They also say the Libyan military is not fighting fair. They want them to wear uniforms, get in their tanks, and get out in the open dessert so that NATO can blow them up."

"I haven't seen things this bizarre since I bummed a cigarette from Willie Nelson at a goat ropin."

Think about it,