Tuesday, November 23, 2010

In With the Military and CIA and Out With the Politically Correct Lawyers

"The American people have handed over our country to lawyers whether they are politicians, judges, ACLU pukes, practicing attorneys, political suck up military leaders, or practitioners of political correctness. Most of them are all power and money hungry sleazy lawyers. Take what just happened in California. Albert Brown raped a 14 yr old girl, got paroled, and then raped and strangled a 15 year old with her own shoe laces. He didn't stop there as he called the little girl's parents and verbally tortured them with vivid descriptions of her murder. The California system of justice, run by lawyers, sentenced old Albert to the death penalty. That was 30 years ago. His execution was stayed a couple of weeks ago until 2011 because they were not sure his execution would be painless because they didn't have the necessary medications available at the time of his execution. Hell, I would've jerked a rope around Old Albert's neck within 15 minutes of his sentencing some 30 years ago and saved the tax payers millions while sending a message to rapists and murderers that God fearing, law abiding people frown on that stuff." Seems Billy Roy is somewhat ornery coming off his back surgery.

The room somewhat erupted in response with Butch's voice winning out as is the usual custom, "This lawyering political correctness crap is OK as long as it is harmless, but most of the time these days it's not even semi-harmless. They have us distracted about getting patted down and pictured nude at airports, meanwhile Obama and our Attorney General Eric Holder are putting the whole world at risk due to their incompetence in governing in a time of war against terrorists. Since these two lawyers hate the military and intelligence agencies they both guaranteed convictions if we try the terrorists in civilian courts. Obama said one year ago, 'I have complete confidence in the American people and our legal traditions and...the tough prosecutors from New York who specialize in terrorism and have brought multiple convictions before are telling us that they will convict this person with the evidence they've got going through our system.' Just like he guaranteed no one would lose their insurance coverage or pay higher taxes. And what happened last week? A New York federal jury acquitted alleged Al Qaeda accomplice Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani on Wednesday of all major terrorism charges in the 1998 suicide bombings of two U.S. embassies in Kenya (home of Obama's father) that killed 224 people, including 12 Americans. They found him guilty of one charge, conspiracy."

Even the world's greatest waitress, Linda Hoerton, got into this one, "I hear they threw out evidence that this Ahmed guy had bought the explosives to make the bombs. Just because this captured military combatant terrorist slime bag informer had a little water poured down his snout. Whose side are these lawyers on anyway?"

BM came back in like a hawk on a field mouse, "Can't you just hear an Al Qaeda recruiter talking to some frustrated Muslim teenager at this very moment. 'Look what happened in the New York court. Even the infidels know our cause is right. They found brother Ghailani not guilty on 224 false charges. When you serve Allah, he will serve you.' These guys know better than anyone what a joke the American defense and security systems have become under the governance of Obama and his liberal lawyers."

"So what's next for our great protector, Obama? He wants our Congress to drop everything and approve his START Treaty with the Russians. What nation in its right mind would let Obama and his intellectuals negotiate a nuclear treaty when the major debate around the world is whether Obama is a Communist enemy of the State or just a totally misguided incompetent narcissist who watches ESPN all day?"

"Meanwhile in the real world at 2:43 PM local time yesterday, North Korea fired artillery rockets at the South Korean island of Yeonpyeong setting dozens of residential homes ablaze, wounding three civilians and fifteen soldiers, and killing two South Korean Marines. In August, the North fired 110 artillery shells near Yeonpyeong and another island. And in March, 46 sailors were killed when a North Korean torpedo sunk the Cheonan. Clearly Hillary and Obama's strategy of using sanctions against N. Korea and Iran while hoping China and Russia will bring sanity to these goofballs is a disaster and is putting the free world at risk. Maybe Obama thinks putting gays in the military will scare off the bad guys."

"Seems like we should keep a guy like Obama focused on little things like health care, saving the world from global warming, putting salad bars in grade schools, and determining whether the Auburn quarterback should be eligible for post season play."

"You are putting some heavy thought on us today, BM. I don't know the answer, but I do know if things keep on, then we aren't going to have a choice. Hubbard City is going to have to get our own lawyer," whimpered Butch in his saddest voice since he was last asked by a transient person about Hubbard's football record of 0-10 this year. Seems Butch's senior year they were 1-9, and Butch don't like finishing second to nobody.

On second thought, maybe we shouldn't think about all this for a while. Let's just give thanks for the elections this month.