Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Miners In Chile Didn't Need The ACLU

Aunt Martha reported the turnout for coffee at the Cafe was fairly light today what with Obama appearing on every one's favorite channel, that being MTV.

Butch says, "Dennis Miller says the Pres is running out of audiences he can pen up and get to listen to him. In fact Miller says the miners in Chile came up early to avoid Obama who was threatening to go down and hold one of his town hall meetings in the caved in shaft."

Scottie Anderson, father of the offensive co-ordinator of the Mississippi Southern University football team and local song leader at the number 1 Baptist Church in Hubbard, took over the discussion from here, "The ACLU and other Lib Elites had a bad day yesterday. An evil American company, Center Rock Inc., took it on themselves when they heard the miners would not be reached until Christmas, at the earliest, to take their drilling technology to Chile. They started with a 5 inch hole that ran down to the distressed miners and within 33 days had increased the hole to 28 inches enabling them to have the miners out in 69 days instead of the 150 days fore casted. This certainly saved some lives, and maybe all 33 of the miners."

"And wow, would we like to have Chile's President, Sebastian Pinera. He is the real thing. A seemingly honest, hands-on, positive, Christian leader. No junk about separating God and State here. He asked for God's help, and thanked God in his first act once the miners were freed. President Pinera really seems like he is a man of the people. He praised the life, health, integrity, and dignity of Chile's workers.  Sounds like that old fashioned stuff that our founding fathers called 'natural rights granted by our creator'."

"Did you hear the first things the miners asked to be sent to them down in the mine were toothpaste and Bibles. One miner named Sepulva, said 'I have been with God and with the devil. I was given a choice. I seized the hand of God, it was the best hand. I always knew God would get us out of there'."

"Survivor experts say when people are faced with the issue of 'am I going to live through this, or is this the end?' the single strongest determining factor is their belief in God. The US Navy did an exhaustive study that resulted in Faith in God as clearly the most important factor in surviving life threatening situations."

About this time Scottie was interrupted by the strong voice of Billy Roy blaring over the speaker phone, "Maybe folks will wake up and even start talking to God in other places where we need some help.  Places like schools, congress, and even football games."

Since Hubbard folks aren't talking about football games this year that pretty much broke the coffee meeting up, right there.

God, please help only those of us who need it,


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mr. Obama: Disclose This!!

"Did you folks see that Billy Mack Waller (who runs the Country Kitchen across from the Cafe), got so fired up about Jim's blog on religious liberty that he put up a new sign? It says 'In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash', " these opening remarks from Joe Borger Heard kept the folks from having to talk about Hubbard's homecoming loss which took the place of their first win of the season, again.

"Meanwhile, our President says he is working day and night to create jobs for the American people. Seems to me that employers create jobs by running successful operations. The better the company does, the more jobs the company creates, and the better employees do. So why isn't Obama helping businesses? Just seems that simple, and yet this Harvard and Columbia graduate (maybe he did or maybe he didn't) just doesn't seem to grasp this first principle of Capitalism. He constantly shows his unbecoming hatred for employers, that is all employers except those government and union employers."

Well Butch Jackson, almost fully recovered from some major surgery is beginning to feel his oats again, "With last week culminating in an increase in unemployment, this poor excuse for a President, Barack Obama, told a crowd in Philadelphia this weekend that;'special interest groups' like the Chamber of Commerce are 'spending unlimited amounts of money on attack ads.' The President continued: 'It could be the oil industry. It could be the insurance industry. It could even be foreign-owned corporations. You don’t know because they don’t have to disclose. ... Now, that’s not just a threat to Democrats - that’s a threat to our democracy'. Obviously this is a sleazy attempt to attempt to silence debate as the President faces a huge defeat in mid-term elections."

"Obama will be pushing what he calls 'The Disclose Act' that would exempt labor unions and other Obama interest groups while trying to silence the voices of free enterprise before his 2012 election. On Face the Nation this Sunday, even CBS host Bob Schieffer confronted White House Senior Adviser David Axelrod about a New York Times article showing that White House charges of 'secret foreign money' 'stealing our democracy' were completely baseless. Schieffer asked: 'Is this the only charge, three weeks into the election that the Democrats can make that somehow this may or may not be foreign money coming into the campaign?' He then asked Axelrod 'can you prove it?' To which Axlerod answered 'can you prove they aren't?' Shieffer, who usually carries water for the Libs answered, 'Is that the best you can do'? Seems even Obama supporters are beginning to recognize sleaze when it is rubbed all over them."

"He constantly demonizes American companies while passing every red tape regulation you can imagine to bog businesses down while increasing taxes and government mandates like health care. Hell, he still has a freeze on drilling for oil in the Gulf that applies to everyone but China, Cuba, and Mexico."

Billy Roy Mitchum could hold back no longer having just read a copy of the Tyler Courier Times that a friend provided free of any charges since BM is fully recovering from back surgery and was calling in on one of those fancy speaker phones, "Meanwhile, let me tell you about one of these evil American companies just up the road east of here in Tyler, Texas. For the past two years Brookshires Grocery Company has chartered a private plane and flown World War II Veterans to Washington, D.C. They call it their 'Heroes Flight'."

"This year 37 veterans participated, all free of charge. The company provides everything for the trip with 25 escorts including nurses to accompany those who require special care."

"The veterans are sent off from Dallas after a fire hose salute on the runway. Crowds enthusiastically applaud as they board in Dallas and they deplane in Washington. Senator John Cornyn of Texas hosts our heroes as they tour the Senate, World War II Memorial, and Military Cemeteries. Every veteran's story dwarfs anything most of us will ever do in our lifetimes. Talking about that time in their lives is still difficult for most, but they are more comfortable sharing these stories among themselves. You know how that it."

"Thank goodness several were recorded like Basil Dollins, 86, of Gladewater, still struggles with the memory of 19 dead crewmen laid out on the deck of the USS Pensacola, hit eight times by shore batteries while covering the Marine landing at Okinawa. 'Hundreds more were wounded,' he said, 'but I remember those 19'."

"J.W. Gresham, 90, of Tyler, was a private in the U.S. Army and was captured during the Battle of the Bulge. He recalls the sheer terror of being locked in a German boxcar with 60 other POWs as British planes bombed the rail yard. Gresham would remain a POW for 139 days."

"Hank Pendergrass, 86, of Tyler, saw combat as a tech sergeant with the 27th Infantry on Okinawa. 'We went in with 160 men, and only 60 came out,' he said. 'We added 30 men as replacements and went in a second time … again, only 60 came out'.

American companies like Brookshires are rarely recognized for truly patriotic acts unless someone like BM speaks up. They should not be demonized by anyone, and much less someone like Barrack Obama who has never done one constructive discoverable thing. These companies not only have a right, but an obligation, to voice their opinions.

Our veterans continue to make huge sacrifices for our liberties. They deserve our thanks, respect, and give more than we can ever repay.

And our children and grandchildren deserve better than to have their futures wrecked by Obama, Axelrod, and cronies.

November 12,