Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Once Again, Barry Has Fixed the Problem!!!!

Yesterday a Billy Roy letter gave scary details summarizing why the US Military is in DEEP DOO DOO, and therefore the same is true of we the American people.

Today the current resident of the White House showed his decisiveness by accepting the resignation of General Stanley McChrystal for allowing comments made by him and his staff to be published by a silly left wing adolescent magazine.  This is the same resident that refuses to identify our enemies as Jihadist Radical Muslims.  In fact he will not admit that we are fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan.  He claims we are fighting Al Queda even though most have left Afghanistan long ago and fled to Pakistan, Somalia, and the Muslim conclaves in the free world. 

So can the American people feel confident that our military leadership problem has been fixed?  To answer that let's look at what is left of Obama's crack military team now that McChrystal is gone.

He is replaced by General David Patraeus.  While Patraeus was implementing the "surge strategy" in Iraq and gaining control of that country candidates Obama and Biden, not only fought tooth and toenail against "that failed policy" but also said Patraeus was a liar and misleading the American public about the status of our progress in Iraq.  Just today these two clowns praised this same lying Patraeus.  It is OK though, because remember their battle cry is "change".  Who has changed General Patraeus or these two bit politicians?

General Patraeus is dependent upon the Afghan government and their leader Hamid Karzai for success.  Where is Karzai on the firing of McChrystal?  The Afghan president, and his powerful half brother, Ahmed Wali Karzai, mounted a full-throated defense of General McChrystal with no  success.  Afghan officials said Wednesday that firing Gen.Stanley McChrystal would disrupt progress in the war and could jeopardize a pivotal security operation under way in Taliban strongholds in the south.

At the end of a one-hour video conference Tuesday night with President Barack Obama, Afghan President Hamid Karzai expressed his confidence in the top NATO commander in Afghanistan, Karzai spokesman Waheed Omar said.  Karzai rallied to McChrystal's support, saying he had increased cooperation between Afghan and international troops, worked to reduce civilian casualties and gained the trust of the Afghan people.

And what about the rest of this "dream team"?  The Obama dream team has suffered many internal conflicts, including complaints from the American ambassador, Karl W. Eikenberry (an outspoken critic of our current strategy in Afghanistan and McChrystal), about Richard C. Holbrooke, the special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan. In one episode that dramatized the building animosities, Gen. James L. Jones (supporter of gays in the military and according to McChrystal someone who is stuck in the '80s), the national security adviser, wrote to Ambassador Eikenberry in February, sympathizing with his complaints about a visit Mr. Holbrooke had recently made to Afghanistan. In the note, which went out over channels that were not secure, officials said, General Jones soothed the ambassador by suggesting that Mr. Holbrooke would soon be removed from his job.

The Jones note prompted Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to complain to current resident Obama, and her support for Mr. Holbrooke has kept him in his job.  And who says Hillary is worthless?

This controversy erupted as June is on track to becoming one of the deadliest months for U.S. and international forces in the nearly nine-year Afghan war.The military announced six more NATO deaths Wednesday — three of them Americans. The three other service members were not identified by nationality, but NATO said all died in the south — two in a bomb attack and one in a firefight. That makes 73 international forces killed so far this month. Forty-four of them were Americans.  The deadliest month of the conflict for U.S. forces was October 2009, when 59 service members were killed. For NATO forces overall, the deadliest month was July 2009, when 75 troops were killed.

The firing of McChrystal comes as NATO and Afghan forces are ramping up security in and around the key southern city of Kandahar, the birthplace of the Taliban.

"If McChrystal is fired, it will disrupt the operation," Ahmad Wali Karzai said. "It definitely will affect it. He (McChrystal) started all this, and he has a good relationship with the people. The people trust him and we trust him. If we lose this important person, I don't think that this operation will work in a positive way."

The Community Organizer in the White House did not harm Stanley McChrystal with this decision nor did he eliminate any of the incompetence and infighting of his crack military team. What he did do is harm the war effort in Afghanistan, our relationship with our Afghan allies, and the safety of, not only our American and UN troops, but the free world as well.  I would bet big money that those who are close to the situation feel strongly that Stanley McChrystal is the lucky one in this silly political farce. 

My prediction is that poor General Patraeus will suffer many more episodes of "dehydration" (like he did giving testimony to the congressional hearings) before this assignment is completed.

Please pray for our troops.

Think about it,