Friday, July 12, 2013

And BM Lost His Cool Over Fort Hood

A funny thing happened at the Hubbard City Café this week. Billy Roy Mitchum just absolutely lost his cool. Now this is pretty unusual, him being the seasoned (and semi-mature) entertainer of some pretty difficult venues in and around Central Texas. You know, places like where Willie Nelson played on a stage behind a wire net to protect the entertainers from thrown Lone Star and Pearl beer bottles. You remember the old long necked heavy containers that also doubled as weapons in less than friendly encounters held usually at taverns near county lines separating wet counties from the Southern Baptists. But I digress.

What set BM off? Well Benghazi had him sitting on ready. BM thinks nothing hurts military effectiveness,recruiting, and retention more than Obama’s pledge to “always leave a soldier behind if you don’t know the conditions on the ground or if it might hurt your re-election campaign”. And of course without a healthy recruiting and retention plan of solid non-feminist and non-gay soldiers there is no military. (Or at least none that could defeat an opponent unless that opponent was manned by skinny assed girly guys like Obama or New York policians like Wiener and Spitzer.)

Obama then made it personal with Billy Roy when he came into the near Hubbard town of West, after the fertilizer explosion, and pledged his support during a photo op. Of course Little Skinny O then reneged.

And now we read about the Islamic Terrorist Traitor Nidal Hasan’s trial. What we don’t read, unless we dig deep, is the other Islamic Hasan’s prompted law suit brought by no fewer than 180 victims of the Fort Hood shooting. This law suit is against Barrack Hussein Obama’s own Federal Government. As you know Obama and Holder call this shooting a case of “workplace violence” instead of a terrorist attack.

Obama’s thugs argue the shooting was the act of a “lone wolf”. They argue that, “declaring Hasan a terrorist would undermine the prosecution and compromise Hasan’s ability to get a fair trial” (like who cares?). Obama’s legal team is out to protect the families, but of course. They argue, “A failed prosecution would thwart the real and lasting measure that will bring closure to the grieving and harmed victims and families”. Only legally trained Muslim friendly socialist jerks would dare to argue such drivel. If Obama is so concerned about looking after the families then why are they suing?

The 180 plaintiffs argue the workplace violence label keep them from getting monetary damages, proper medical attention, retirement benefits, and Purple Hearts. They say Obama’s interest is “for political reasons and to protect both the policies of political correctness engaged in damage control including efforts to obscure Hasan’s religious motives” (Guess which religion Obama is protecting once again?). Who would have thought that? Hasan has said in open court he was defending the Taliban in shooting American soldiers. The same Taliban Obama is attempting to negotiate so he can pull out of Afghanistan. So at least Obama has an ally this time. Hasan is right in there with skinny defending the Taliban who are poisoning school children’s water in Afghanistan because they are sending girls to school. And I thought only Republicans warred against women.

So what are Obama’s thugs doing with these wounded whistle blowers? Here are a few examples according to BM:

1. Staff Sgt. Alonzo Lunsford, who was shot 6 times, said he was denied a promotion because he spoke out.
2. Spc. George Stratton was denied his requests for PTSD counseling after being wounded because his superiors were told to “play down the terror attack”. He was demoted in rank because of his protest.
3. Staff Sgt. Shawn Manning was also shot 6 times and said being denied the Purple Heart cost him retirement benefits estimated at more than $60,000.

Well at least as Obama and family spend millions on their African vacation a little of it will be “paid for” by Obama’s savings on his support of our nation’s defenders.

Looks like Obama has the back of the American soldier. He is having his thugs stick a dagger in every back they can reach. Bottom line Obama may be successful where Hitler, the Japanese Emperor, Stalin, and many others have failed. He has the US military on the run as we the American people sit on our hands when we are not trying to legalize millions of more minorities to vote for a Democratic welfare state.

A very sad day at the Hubbard City Cafe and it hurts to think about it,

Jim paraphrasing the one and only Billy Roy

P. S. While all this is going on Republicans like John McCain are working hard to support Muslim Terrorists in Syria and Egypt when he isn’t trying to legalize anywhere from 11 to 40 million illegals while shutting down GITMO and declaring the US guilty of torturing by pouring water in a bomber’s face to catch other bombers before they murder thousands of additional innocent Americans. Hasn't been that long since we ran this same guy to put Skinny in office. Wonder why more of us aren't showing up at the polls?