Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Folks Are Sniffing Al Gore's Money Trail

Mom witnessed a heated argument last week over whether Scott Riddle's, local cattle baron, cows were expelling too much gas and globally warming downtown Hubbard. Hubbard folks would rather not turn on their window fans until mid-June.

One thing led to the next and the argument settled on Al Gore who used to carry water for Bill Clinton. It seems Al left office with $2m and now has $100m, all while spending most of his time hanging out with Venture Capitalists and warning us of the evils global warming.

Borger Lee Heard, being one of the best hunters in the county, says if you want the prize, you have to follow the trail. Borger Lee thinks Al Gore's trail smells worse than the gas coming from Scott's cows. He says Obama's "carbon crap and trade scam" makes Madoff look like a minor league player and will make Al Gore even a fatter billionaire.

Aunt Martha says Borger's been watching too many videos like the one below. You decide:



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  2. Apparently, the comment system only wants perfectly agreeable comments. This will be my second try.

    I'm pretty sure that the real cause of global warming is long-winded-old-Texans. From what I can tell, it's genetic.

    I can go along with you up to a point. But, when you get to the 'your politician is more corrupt than mine' stuff, you are barking up the wrong tree.

    Out here in the Libertarian West, we gladly send our 25% off to Washington each year. We think it goes into a fund to help those poor disabled people. Folks who are born with the 'I need to be in charge' gene tend to migrate towards Washington anyhow. 25% is a small price to pay for their care and feeding. We just hope they stay there and don't come to visit very often. The disability affects about 12% of the population.

    Meanwhile, Washington is always a boom town...has been for 50 years.

    So, leave the 'my politico is holier than yours' stuff alone. All that happens when you engage in mudslinging is that it gets on your clothes. I'm pretty sure that it's bad manners in Hubbard to show up with mud on your shirt.

    Picking out the most corrupt politician is like trying to figure out which cow's behind smells the worst using the close up sniffing method. Again, all you accomplish is getting muck on your clothes.

  3. Ummm ... while reading the johnsummer post I detected a little bit of a "I need to be in charge" attitude in his instruction to "leave 'this' alone and 'that' alone." Perhaps he has the "gene" and needs to join his like minded friends in Washington. You know JS I might have been inclined to listen to you if the first words out of you mouth had not been a stereotyping attack on anybody from Texas. Who are you anyway?

  4. One of the pitfalls of eschewing faith to pursue science is you often lose sight of what science is telling you and end up relying on a new kind of faith.

    Next thing you know, you're bowing and scraping and tugging your forelock to some Washington politician who says the holy words;

    "There is but one Al Gore, and Global Warming is his profit..."