Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Making Bets on Obama vs.Osama

What with running the auto companies, banks, and the Iranian election folks at the café are wondering whether Obama will capture Osama bin Laden real quick like he said he would back before the election. Hubbard folks have long memories and don’t like Osama at all (that’s with an S). Candidate Obama's pledge to hunt him down was music to their ears and probably got him 20-30 votes in Hubbard last November.

Now with all the talk about health care being a "ticking time bomb", it is just hard not to get confused. When it comes to health care there is one group in town represented by Morris Lee DuBerry whose slant is a little different, “Life should NOT be a trip to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty body, but rather to skid in sideways – a cool one in one hand – a smoke in the other - body pretty much used up, worn out and yelling 'YAA HOO, What a Ride'’.

Looks like Morris Lee might get sideways with President Obama on any kind of mandatory preventive health plan.

Back to Osama, most of the folks would like to see Obama spend a little more time on national defense things. Hubbard folks believe in making your fences horse-high, pig-tight, and bull-strong. They sure don’t believe in vacationing the Gitmo guys in Bermuda nor spending over $10 million per head to send them to some darn Pacific Island called Palau. On top of that you have our friends down south floating those funny cigarettes across the Rio Grande (actually the folks are about 50% mixed on this one between Willie's followers and George Strait's fans).

Heck, the Hubbard folks are so negative about Obama’s search for Osama that the local barber and bookie, Spooks Bounds, is giving 3 to 1 odds that O. J. finds Nicole’s killer before Obama lives up to his campaign promise to nab bin Laden.

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