Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Unintended Consequences of Damned Fools

Last Saturday Mom and I were having lunch with Scottie Anderson, insurer of most of the things in Hubbard, and wife, Donna. Scottie looked at his watch and pushed back quickly. "I have an appointment at my office in one minute. I can make it if I don't catch that damned light."

The light he was talking about is a controversial three way traffic light (red, green, and yellow) in the center of downtown Hubbard, Texas. I say three way because for years it was a blinking red light (one way) which was great for creating revenue when travelers would "roll through" the light enabling the local Constable to "give them a ticket".

A few years back a local politician sold the tax payers and county officials on a proposition that a three way traffic light would actually attract more traffic to Hubbard while improving the safety of local residents. Today, we might call this a stimulus plan. At great expense to all, the three way was installed.

You guessed it. Ticketing is down, revenue is down, and the traffic didn't come. Meanwhile people take the "side streets" now to avoid the three way and this creates more potholes on streets maintained by the City. Aunt Martha, local news reporter/column writer/librarian, calls this "unintended consequences of well meaning political servants". Most Hubbard Conservatives just call it "the stupid acts of damned fools".

The Moderates at the Dairy Queen might seek a compromise in terms and call this the "unintended consequences of damned fools".

Thank goodness our political servants in Washington anticipate all consequences and don't make mistakes like this on issues like Tarp, stimulus, medicare, social security, welfare, education, health care, cap and trade, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack, immigration, and taking over the American auto industry. I guess that's why we are looking for more aspects of our lives where we can put them in charge.

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