Monday, October 26, 2009

The Cafe Squares Off Against Dithering & General Electric

Butch Jackson had on an Obama T shirt this week that said, "I am not a racist. I don't like his white half either."

Joe Frank Dell came into the Cafe after watching the weekend talk shows raving about the attacks on Dick Cheney. His eruption went something like this, "Bush removed the Taliban from power in three weeks, captured or killed the lunatics, stabilized Afghanistan for seven years, and then launched a very successful surge in Iraq. This forced the Al Quaeda terrorists to retreat from Iraq back to Pakistan and Afghanistan. Meanwhile the Taliban who was routed has regained strength and are trying to take over the Afghan and Pakistani governments, again. Meanwhile, Obama runs for office by dumping on everything that has Bush written on it by calling Afghanistan the 'war of necessity' and the 'good war'. He then takes the Bush administration's plan for counter insurgency and sends troops to Afghanistan claiming he is committed to keeping them free from the Taliban, hunting down Bin Laden, and killing all Al Queda. And now, when his appointed General McChristal asked for additional troops and the chicken libs want to pull out, he is 'dithering'. And why? Because he says there is corruption in Afghanistan. Imagine that. Obama, the ACORN trainer, is appalled at corruption. Can you imagine dithering with George Patton because some north Afrcian country was corrupt during WWII?"

Oops, Billy Roy heard the term corruption, spilled his coffee, and took the floor, "Let's talk corruption. General Electric, parent company of Obama's favorite networks NBC and MSNBC, is supposedly a triple-A rated company and yet they were in line with their hand out for a $140B (with a B) bailout from we the taxpayers. Yet when Obama's salary Czar cut the pay of top execs bailed out by the government, GE's name was not mentioned with the other seven companies: Bank of America, American International Group, Citigroup, General Motors, GMAC, Chrysler, and Chrysler Financial."

"And this $140B is chump change when compared to Obama and GE's Global Warming scam. G.E. Chairman, Jeffrey Immelt, who has long insisted on doing business with Iran, is on the board of economic advisers for Obama. This guy brings shame to the legend of Jack Welch."

To the coffee drinkers dismay, Billy Roy took a news clipping from his pocket, "Timothy P. Carney, of The Examiner, has uncovered a secret GE Bailout packaged in Obama’s budget. The bailout is labeled 'climate revenues' and it totals $646 billion (with a B) over eight years. Earlier, Immelt presented hints of the money in a letter to shareholders describing the Obama administration as a profitable 'financier' and 'key partner' in regards to General Electric’s health. Immelt continued to assure shareholders in his letter that current events present an 'opportunity of a lifetime', because 'capitalism will be ‘reset'."

"Can you imagine these idiots 'resetting capitalism?" Billy Roy had to pause for breath, probably because of excessive inhalation of CO2 at this point.

Somewhat recovered he continues,"The current event Immelt speaks of in his letter is the cap and trade program in the budget that taxes industrial carbon output. Immelt continued to write, 'the interaction between government and business will change forever. In a reset economy, the government will be a regulator; and also an industry policy champion, a financier, and a key partner.' As other companies pay dearly for their production of CO2, GE is in bed with Obama to collect with their new venture, Greenhouse Gas Services. It's no wonder NBC goes out of its way to protect Obama. GE will make billions as a government partner in 'the new economy.' GE will control the green energy sector including the smart grid, and the government is subsidizing them, while GE provides favorable coverage through Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, and the rest of the goons on NBC. GE sells capitalism out for a deal with the devil. Once again it's proven, green is not about saving the earth. It's about the transition of power in the United States to the socialists and commies."

The only good thing about this according to Billy Roy, "at least this will piss Algore off unless he is getting his cut. And Obama hates the Chamber of Commerce because he would rather deal directly with companies like G.E without having to pay off the middle men. No sh-t!"

Well, since Billy Roy was mostly alone by now, things pretty much broke up at the Hubbard City Cafe.

The sad part is I think there is better than a 90% chance that our elected leader Obama is reading that teleprompter so fast, between date nights, that his handlers haven't explained any of this to him. Well, maybe Gov. Hubbard can help us understand how we got here and where we go from here on his next visit. Butch has been sleeping in late waiting for our esteemed advisor to reappear.

Think about it,


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  1. Is "Capitalism being 'reset'" a fancy term for socialism?