Wednesday, December 23, 2009


The folks at the Cafe could barely talk at all, and then only about the events in D.C. surrounding the closure vote on Health Care Reform. I have reported their brief and censored comments below:

That Nebraska senator xxxxxxxxx Nelson xxxxxxxx strung up by his xxxxx. And then xxxxxxxx Obama lied worse than xxxxxxx Clinton xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. You could stick xxxx Reid's xxxxxx brain in xxxxx flea's rear and it would rattle like a xxxxxxx BB in a box car. Blue Dogs my xxx, no dog would xxxxx with these xxxxx guys.

Billy Roy wants the Congressional Budget Office to do his income taxes since it all comes out neutral no matter what goes in.

Butch hopes the Democratic Congress can come back next year and continue to work on the awful corruption in Afgahanistan.

Let's be thankful for the coming elections in 2010.


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