Monday, February 8, 2010

Eric, Rahm, and Axelrod Make the New Idiot's List

Rush Limbaugh had it right last week when he said that if Obama is not an ideologue or socialist, as he claims, then that only means that he is an idiot. The Cafe had a "how are the idiots doing session" on Friday (see the 1/19/10 blog). Maxine and I viewed the session in person as I was an attentive visitor of some interest.

Butch kicked it off with a big fact about the big picture, "Pelosi, Reid, and Obama almost have their majority of voters. In 2009 47% of households will pay no taxes. That would be zero. Give em enough time, and they will have a majority of Americans as freeloading Dems. They gotta really be proud about that."

Billy Roy loves the Stimulaton of Clunkers program. "Because of the 'cash for clunkers' thing auto sales were down 23% in September. As for the Obama run companies GM was down 45% and Chrysler was down 42% according to the Wall Street Journal. I guess this is the kind of stimulation you can believe in, huh? No wonder these Chicago thugs are attacking Toyota. Makes me even think about buying one of those Japmobiles. You go Ford! Stay American!"

Joe Frank Dell is a Vet and loves the Navy Seals. He had the folks steaming like a tiny pot on a big stove with, "Petty Officers Matthew McCabe, Julio Huertas, and Jonathan Keefe are facing stupid charges over mishandling some Arab jerk named Ahmed Hashim Abed when they participated in the capture of this coward authorities believe is a most-wanted al Qaeda leader. Abed is the suspected mastermind of a 2004 ambush (of course) that killed four Blackwater security contractors – including a former SEAL – in Fallujah, Iraq. Military charges allegations against the SEAL3; among them, that McCabe is accused of punching this poor little sissy Abed in the stomach. Other charges include allegations that Huertas and Keefe covered up the incident. How in the hell can our boys protect us if they have this administration's politically correct lawyers acting like starving buzzards. The wrong folks are on trial. We should put Eric Holder on the hot seat for protecting, aiding, and abetting terrorists."

The folks added Holder, Emanuel, and Axelrod to the Top Ten:

1. Barry (despite the Commander in Chief's support of our country's "corpppsmen")

2. Eric Holder (attorney general vaults to this position as the terrorist's personal attorney going after those pesky Navy Seals)

3. Robert Gibbs (continues and continues to stack up idiot points big time defending lawyering up terrorists)

4. Nancy Pelosi (her spending is only surpassed by Barry himself)

5. Harry Reid (has been put in time out, maybe forever)

6. Bill Clinton (Hilary kept Bill on the list with her comments about the evils of organized religion at the National Prayer Day. Guess organized religion didn't stand by her man.)

7. Barney Frank (laying low but afraid we still remember him)

8. Henry Waxman (still looks and acts more like a weasel than weasels)

9. Rahm Emanuel (takes a real idiot to insult those with mental disabilities)

10. David Axelrod (with an advisor like this Barry is safe at the top)

Continues to be Disqualified: Joe Biden (considered as an "Off the Chart" idiot and unrankable eventhough new rumors are Barry will appoint him to the Supreme Court just to get him off the ticket)

I can personally report the folks are working hard for the rest of us folks. Also, am proud to announce the Hubbard Lady Jags beat Cayuga and will win the District Championship. The gym was raising the roof Friday night with the middle school band performing much better than the rock group, Who, performed at that other game.



  1. Hey, that's a good list, Jim. Please consider adding Banking Committee Chair - Get all you can while you can - Chris Dodd to the #7 spot with Barney Frank AKA Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.


  2. Good call Ginger. The folks say they left Dodd, who is always # 1 on the "most corrupt in Washington" list, off because he seems to be in "time out" with no chance for re-election even in Ct. The folks think they have more idiots than fingers, and since Hubbard folks wear shoes, they can't go over 10.