Thursday, April 15, 2010

Billy Roy Endorses A Video Thats All Black

Billy Roy Mitchum saw a video on the Internet that really turned him on. He rolled into the Hubbard City Cafe in a somewhat uncharacteristic and fairly verbose mood, "It is so sad to see politicians screaming 'racist' each time someone questions an Obama policy. Recently Newt said 'Obama should spend less time playing basketball and more time working on creating jobs', and Newt got slammed. How sad when you know that young black people are suffering the most from unemployment. It seems this is where the Libs go when they are unable to defend their policies (Stimulus and government out of control spending) and the awful results of their actions (government takeovers). I don't know anyone that doesn't like Blacks because they are black. I do know a lot of people that don't like many things that represent a segment of today's Black Culture. Things like Gangster Rap, the large percentage of unwed mothers, high crime rates, high abortion rates, high school drop out rates, and high drug usage. Hell, I hate those same things when white people do them as well, and too many white people are guilty of the same things."

"Some wacko folks still want to blame today's Whites for slavery. This country went through hell freeing the slaves and ensuring that everyone has 'equal rights' (not equal results) under the law. We should celebrate these accomplishments. Drug Store Liberals as well as Cafe Conservatives should commit to Martin Luther King's wish that everyone is 'judged by their character and not the color of their skin'. And of course the Dairy Queen Moderates will want to compromise some how, but who cares what they want. You know most Moderates would straddle barbed wire they are so committed to fence sitting."

"Let's see if we can get Jim to ask bloggers to paste this into their browsers (if you don't know how, call Jim) and watch this 8 minute video. I guarantee it is worth the time. If anyone watches and doesn't like it I'll give em free tickets to my next concert at Carnegie Hall."

I agree with BM. If you don't like this video I will reimburse your blog subscription fees,


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  1. I appreciate Billy Roy bringing this classic video to my attention once more. The haunting strains of Amazing Grace provided music for most, if not all, of the funerals I attended during my life. I know I want it sung at my own passing along with Big Boss Man by Jimmy Reed, Georgia by Ray Charles, and Help Me Make it Through the Night by Willie Nelson, even though it will be a bit late for the latter.

    I haven’t met any of the Hubbard City Moderates. I don’t even know if there are any at the Dairy Queen. I do know this. People have accused me of many slanderous deeds in my day, but being indecisive has never been one. Not only do I not straddle fences, I usually jump them. Another thing I don’t do is go along with the club…any club. I don’t need someone else to do my thinking or make my decisions. After I give an issue some thought, I choose a position, and I don’t need the “Party” to tell me what that is. So not only am I a moderate, I am also an independent. BM will not likely know what that is, because I doubt that he has ever had an independent thought in his life.