Friday, July 9, 2010

It's Time to Start Taking Sides

Uncharacteristically Billy Roy Mitchum, while enjoying a few days of down time from his busy summer schedule of serenading the country and western fans of Central Texas, introduced the topic of conversation as Linda, the World's Greatest Waitress, poured coffee (stronger than the California governor in his prime). "I have always thought you could tell about a person by getting them to 'take sides', and while I don't have much good to say about our current White House resident, he does take sides. Just in the past few days he has sided with the Russians, anti-job environmentalists, anti-spill clean up Unions, illegal foreign criminals, Muslims, and then to top it off, the Black Panthers."

Aunt Martha was stunned by this remark, "BM, its not like you to exaggerate.  What in the world are you talking about?"

Of course this was a giant opening for Butch Jackson who is a semi store house of information of pertinent and some irrelevant facts, figures, and other things.  "Here is the background data that not only supports BM's statement but folks are at least sub-consciously considering as they approach the November mid-term elections:

Russian Spies

One side believes we should hold these 10 spies long enough to find out what and who they know and how to guard against more breaches of security.

Obama wants to release them in hopes that it will 'improve relationships with the Russians'.

Jobs and Energy

One side believes we should protect jobs during a tough economic cycle while reducing our dependence of foreign energy.

Obama wants to suspend drilling in the Gulf eliminating 80,000 jobs while increasing our dependence on foreign oil and our exposure to more tanker spills.  And what jobs has Obama produced? The economy has lost 2.3 million jobs since he signed his stimulus bill, leaving him 7.4 million jobs short of what he promised the American economy would support by 2010.

Oil Spill Clean Up

One side wants to use every emergency aid available to keep the oil from contaminating the beaches and marshes while cleaning the spill as fast as possible.

Obama wants to protect his campaign contributions from Unions by keeping foreign ships from participating in the clean up .

Illegal Criminals Crossing Our Border

One side supports any state, Arizona, in their efforts to enforce laws and protect their citizens and borders from illegal immigrants and drug cartels.

Obama wants to sue Arizona for enforcing federal laws that he will not enforce because he wants to make 12 million illegal criminals Democratic Party voters.

NASA and Muslims

One side wants to use tax payer money spent on NASA to advance the USA's interest in science and technology while insuring that foreign governments do not use space to threaten the safety and security of the country.

Obama wants our primary and 'foremost' mission for NASA to be praising Muslim nations and their contributions to science and mathematics in the hopes that it will improve their view of Christian and Jewish infidels.

Voting Rights and Racism

One side wants to enforce voting laws that protect polling places from menacing people with weapons who are trying to keep polling observers from interfering with the 400,000 fraudulent votes that ACORN and other 'community action' groups stuff into ballot boxes.

Obama supports the dropping of, not only charges, but convictions of Black Panthers who make videos screaming for Blacks to kill all Crackers and White babies and not to associate with White Whores.  These same Black Panthers are videoed with clubs intimidating White voters and polling observers.  This from the Black President that was 'post racial' and would bring us all together.  The same one that is currently fomenting hate and distrust in the Hispanic community as well as he tells them they can't take their children to get ice cream cones without being harrassed."

BM then approached Martha with great sincerity, "Aunt Martha, it pains me to say that I don't believe we are exaggerating, and I am afraid we may even be understating Obama's positions, motivations, and intentions.  You know I am like a lot of other people who didn't know things were working so good, until Obama broke them so bad."

Think about it,


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