Friday, August 20, 2010

Billy Roy Answers the Question: What In the World is Obama Doing Now?

Sweet Lou Tekell loves a certain Sheriff in Arizona so he is somewhat biased when it comes to his report, "The Civil Rights Division has been investigating Arizona's Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio since March of 2009, and now The Justice Department officials have issued a rare threat to sue this guy known as America's Sheriff.  The suit is threatened to intimidate him into 'co-operating' with their investigation of discriminating against Mexican prisoners.  Seems the complaint against the Sheriff is that his jail guards speak English when talking with inmates.  Can you imagine that?  And that is right here in these United States of America.  The concern is that speaking English could endanger the inmates health care.  Additionally, the inmates were forced to fill out a 'citizen check' form.  Man, discrimination doesn't get worse than this." 

Caution here in that any comments from Joe Ed Johnston, local unemployed blacksmith since back in the 50's, are considered an intrusion and certainly this one qualified, "Hell, some of my relatives think if the cops don't stick a 45 in their mouths on the way to jail they are getting off easy.  These same kin folks do believe they are discriminated against though for being drunk, disorderly, and down right mean while in other people's home towns, of course.  Hell, we discriminate against foreigners.  You know folks not from Hubbard.  Who wouldn't?  Anybody causing trouble in Hubbard is going to have to do more than fill out a form.  Most folks dumb enough to raise hell in Hubbard can't write anyway. On the English thing, hell, most cops I have had run ins with didn't have a lot to say in any language.  Seems like they ain't there to carry on conversations."

Scotty Anderson, choir director at the First Baptist Church and local diplomat of some renown, slid into the conversation knowing that if he didn't Joe Ed would launch into really bad stories about the days when Big Earl Ash was the local Hubbard City Constable, "Really good points, Joe Ed, as always.  Speaking of a 45, it just seems our 47 year old President keeps doing things like in Arizona, and with the Muslim Mosque, and with his major policies of healthcare, cap and trade, and tax increases that go completely against the wishes of American Citizens.  Now we are all focused on discrimination and racial strife more so than we have since the 1960s.  What in the heck is happening when this guy was going to be something they call 'post racial'?"

Well by now you readers know when the big question is posed like this one, then all eyes go to Billy Roy Mitchum, local country and western star with wisdom unsurpassed since before Willie Nelson started smoking those funny roll your owns,  "It is all fitting a pattern.  Obama, if nothing else, is courageous in pushing legislation and bureaucracies that will destroy our country as we know it.  His popularity with most folks is about as low as it can get, and he knows it.  So he doesn't care what most folks think.  He looks at the Presidential Electoral College for 2012 and knows that if he can maintain the nonwhite voters at the (83%) that he got last time,  he can get re-elected.  Polls show today that against any Republican Obama is favored by a margin of 44 to 1 among blacks (87% to 2%).  With Hispanics he is nearly 2 to 1 (49% to 26%)."

Of course the folks know BM got those numbers from Butch, and if they didn't know that, all they needed to do was see Butch's beaming face to get the message.  BM continued,"  And of course Obama  also knows he will lose the Senate and House to the Republicans because they don't have the electoral college advantage, and doesn't care.  He knows he can do enormous damage from the White House with his Czars and Government Welfare and Entitlement Programs that will be in place for the next six years.  During that time of turmoil he will blame everything on the Republican Congress.  And it they do the typical Republican thing, they will be so timid they can't stop anything anyway.  Remember if Obama is nothing else, he is courageous.  Republicans just aren't mean enough to handle this guy.  It would take a Reagan or Gingrich, and I just don't see one in sight."

BM then closed the gate, "The shame is Obama's plan for re-election will be the most divisive strategy ever to this country when it comes to race relations. The Liar and Chief will do everything possible to stoke the racial fires. My hopes and prayers are that citizens will be Americans first and are surely too smart to fall for this skinny little community organizer's tricks."

Far fetched? Think about it.


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