Saturday, September 11, 2010

Looney Politicians and 911

Mom worries the most about politicians that she strongly believes are "just not in touch with realty". The reason this concerns her the most is that these politicians are actually "voted and many times kept in office by citizen voters who don't seem to notice or care that their elected officials are looney". This weekend while viewing the 911 Memorial Ceremonies Mom was inflamed by the interruption of one Michael Bloomberg, who folks up there claim is the mayor of New York City.

Evidently Bloomberg compared the Islamic Muslim Radical Terrorists who destroyed the World Trade Towers and murdered over 3,000 innocent people with the people who want to stop the construction of an Islamic Muslim Mosque near the site of the murders. This Islamic worship site is to be named after a Spanish mosque, Cordoba, that was built on the site of a Christian church to celebrate the Muslim conquest of Spain. The idiot mayor said both groups, terrorists and protesters, are trying to take away people's freedom. Mom just doesn't understand how you equate moving a mosque away from a sacred site with cowardly taking the lives of 3,000 innocent men, women, and children.

Bloomberg was then asked about the progress of plans to build on the site which was destroyed 9 full years ago as the TV camera showed the vacant lot with one crane in the background. Loonberg, which would be a more appropriate name, said he was very pleased with their progress since there were two railroad line underneath the site.

Bloomberg summed up his insane comments by saying the mosque issue was purely political and would go away after the November election. I guess he and the elites think they can build their mosque and merrily go on about their business once the rednecks get past their elections. Once the politicians get through this whole project will probably be corrupted costing tax payers money and tarnishing the memory of our lost heroes.

Meanwhile the real mayor, Rudy Giuliani, believes they should not even build a commercial building on the Twin Towers site but a memorial only.

Mom says, "Don't think this is just New York City's problem because many are rumoring that Bloomberg may run on a third party ticket in 2012 taking enough Republican votes to re-elect the Black Liberation Theologists currently in OUR White House much like Perot did for Clinton, not once but twice. Once re-elected and Barry doesn't have to worry about those pesky elections he will have Reverend Wright living in his own wing of the White House."

In the spirit of full disclosure you should know that Mom is upset about people meddling. Her Great Grand Daughter, Riley Ann, was recently forbidden to bring peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to school in looney Austin, Texas. Seems Riley Ann didn't like eating turkey burgers, turkey hot dogs, collard greens, and other professed to be healthy things in her school cafeteria. Then when she carried her lunch, the food Nazis said there might be children in school with allergies to Riley's peanut butter. I guess they thought they might steal her lunch. Trust me, Riley is tough and nobody is going to get her lunch.  So what does Riley eat now? Only cheetos!! All this in the pursuit of interfering in Riley's life to force her to be healthy.

Mom who is enjoying her 88th year says, "Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals, dying of nothing."

God Bless those who lost, and gave, their lives on 911 and their families (46 babies were born without parents who were lost on 911).   May God also give us the wisdom and courage to protect our innocents from evil in the days ahead.