Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Miners In Chile Didn't Need The ACLU

Aunt Martha reported the turnout for coffee at the Cafe was fairly light today what with Obama appearing on every one's favorite channel, that being MTV.

Butch says, "Dennis Miller says the Pres is running out of audiences he can pen up and get to listen to him. In fact Miller says the miners in Chile came up early to avoid Obama who was threatening to go down and hold one of his town hall meetings in the caved in shaft."

Scottie Anderson, father of the offensive co-ordinator of the Mississippi Southern University football team and local song leader at the number 1 Baptist Church in Hubbard, took over the discussion from here, "The ACLU and other Lib Elites had a bad day yesterday. An evil American company, Center Rock Inc., took it on themselves when they heard the miners would not be reached until Christmas, at the earliest, to take their drilling technology to Chile. They started with a 5 inch hole that ran down to the distressed miners and within 33 days had increased the hole to 28 inches enabling them to have the miners out in 69 days instead of the 150 days fore casted. This certainly saved some lives, and maybe all 33 of the miners."

"And wow, would we like to have Chile's President, Sebastian Pinera. He is the real thing. A seemingly honest, hands-on, positive, Christian leader. No junk about separating God and State here. He asked for God's help, and thanked God in his first act once the miners were freed. President Pinera really seems like he is a man of the people. He praised the life, health, integrity, and dignity of Chile's workers.  Sounds like that old fashioned stuff that our founding fathers called 'natural rights granted by our creator'."

"Did you hear the first things the miners asked to be sent to them down in the mine were toothpaste and Bibles. One miner named Sepulva, said 'I have been with God and with the devil. I was given a choice. I seized the hand of God, it was the best hand. I always knew God would get us out of there'."

"Survivor experts say when people are faced with the issue of 'am I going to live through this, or is this the end?' the single strongest determining factor is their belief in God. The US Navy did an exhaustive study that resulted in Faith in God as clearly the most important factor in surviving life threatening situations."

About this time Scottie was interrupted by the strong voice of Billy Roy blaring over the speaker phone, "Maybe folks will wake up and even start talking to God in other places where we need some help.  Places like schools, congress, and even football games."

Since Hubbard folks aren't talking about football games this year that pretty much broke the coffee meeting up, right there.

God, please help only those of us who need it,


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  1. Jim, Check this out. Gregg Hall, Drillers Supply International, a Texas Aggie, Cl 82. His wife was working with me at Tenneco when they got married.