Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Who Still Wants to Stand and Fight?

One of the really good things about this Obama guy is that he has really made the Cafe folks study up on their history as evidenced by Billy Roy's latest observation, "I feel like the Constitution is old Fort Henry and the Communists are out in the harbor like those British ships. The incoming ' rockets and bombs' are in the form of the government passing illegal laws such as  Obamacare, violating bankruptcy laws like the GM/Chrysler bailouts, and not enforcing immigration laws to add socialist voters to name just a few. All their guns are aimed at taking down the American way of life.  Our very liberty (freedom but with responsibility) is at risk."

"Just saw a great video about Francis Scott Key and the Star Spangled Banner. Takes a little while to get through it but never have Americans needed to bone up more on their history more than we do as we stave off this attack from the O-bam throwers."

The narrator of this video quotes George Washington, "American Christians would rather die standing  and fighting than to get on their knees."   Our challenge in the US is to keep American Christians in the majority.
Here is the video link:

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  1. Americans indeed need to "bone up" on US history. The poem by Fancies Scoot Key that became our National Anthem was written in 1814 while Key was securing the release of Dr. Boene – a single noncombatant; not a group of prisoner of war. The people in Fort McHenry were not colonists, but US citizens having fought the war of independence some 38 years previously. The war was the War of 1812. Most sources attribute the “live standing” quote (minus the American Christians part) Che Guevara, though George Washington may have said the entire thing. It seems doubtful that Key used the quote with any British sailors.