Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Nation Sinks As It Watches the TV Battle of Dems and Dopes

Our current President looked the teleprompter straight in the eye and read this lecture to the American people, "We have to live within our means." He then lied that he would keep the deficit from growing from $14 trillion to $26 trillion by $4 trillion trick of smoke and mirrors. This on the same day we got news on his most recent budget reducing accomplishments.

The recent bad TV battle between Dems and Dopes (why Dopes? it will be obvious) provides a perfect example of how Washington really works. Today the House votes on the $38 Billion budget reduction for the five months remaining on the 2011 non-budget (there never was a budget). And when the Congressional Budget Office scored the impact of these big cuts, guess what. The CBO "confirmed that the legislation does indeed cut that much from what federal agencies are authorized to spend this year -- but the study reveals that it will only amount to a reduction of $352 million (that is with an m not a b) in government spending for the rest of this fiscal year. That's in part because a significant portion of the cuts come from authorized funds that won't be spent this year". So in most cases they cut out spending they weren't going to spend anyway. Instead of reducing this years spending by less than 1% they cut by less then one tenth of one per cent. Welcome to Obama, Reid, and Boehner's historic spending cut.  Maybe the term "dope" is too kind.

When Obama took office he pledged to the International Community who borrows much of our debt that he would reduce our deficit by half by 2013. He pledged that again in his state of the union lie. The International Monetary Fund announced on Wednesday that the US "lacks a credible strategy to reduce its deficit and to reduce the debt by 50% by 2013 and it must take drastic action". The President's response was that he would not extend the Bush Tax Cuts AFTER 2012, AGAIN. This is the third time that he has pledged to not extend the Bush tax cuts. It's just like closing GITMO, AGAIN. Once Obama lies, you have to admit he sticks with it and keeps lying. Obama will always say he will do things to fix things as long as he doesn't have to do anything now. Now he votes PRESENT which is also a lie. He is ABSENT in his DERELICTION TO DUTY with every pledge he has made as President of the United States.

Now back to the President's speech to the Nation on debt reduction. Just when you thought this President could not get more idiotic, just when you thought this President could not insult the intelligence of the American people more, he stooped to a new low. The best news is surely this is rock bottom. Idiocy does not go below this. This speech was aimed at Democrats who have been "bought and paid for" and idiotic imbeciles. An idiot or imbecile is someone having a mental age of three to seven years.

First, the President lies that his plan will take a budget that will increase the nation's deficit or debt from the current $14 trillion to $26 trillion over the next 12 years, and he lies that he will take actions to reduce that to only $22 trillion. Now what mental age group do you think Obama targets with this logic. Now get this.  His action plan is to give this speech calling for the establishment of commissions to come up with a plan. This is his new plan to follow his previous plan to set up a Deficit Commission who came up with a plan that he ignored. Yes!!! And he is going to close GITMO and cut the deficit in half buy 2013.  A three to seven year old could get lost listening to this explanation in a speech that went on for what seemed like two or three days (Biden went even more unconscious than usual during this speech). A confused three to seven year old might even believe that this guy said something. After all the American people elected this guy President.  And then there is the other group.   Those that are "bought and paid for" (blacks, hispanics, welfare, unions, loan students, and government employees) don't care what he says. Just send the check.

The fact that there were no details to the claimed $4 Trillion cuts doesn't even matter. Obama plans to take no action before his 2012 re-election anyway. And even if the cuts were real, which they are not, this nation will still go bankrupt.

In summary, the stage is set for no action from Washington for the next year and a half except posturing and campaigning for the 2012 election.  All while our deficit increases drastically, our foreign policy weakens our security and world leadership, and we move closer to government takeovers of our way of life.  UNLESS dramatic action is taken by the Republican party in not increasing the debt limit, AND UNLESS the AMERICAN PEOPLE COME TO THE REPUBLICAN'S AID as they did during the 2010 elections. 

Is there hope?  Some.  The tea party has it right.  It is simple.  They are for:

A Balanced Federal Budget
Smaller Federal Government
Lower Taxes
Strong National Defense

But if we do that, we reduce the checks of those that are "bought and paid for".  They will fight.  Will we?

Think about it,


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