Friday, May 20, 2011

Obama's Strategy Is Now Clear: They Win, You Lose

This week our President celebrated the Arab Spring. He came very close to taking personal credit for revolts throughout the Middle East where protesters demonstrated against their governments. Obama and his teleprompter describe these protests as democratic movements. He says the protestors are peacefully asking for REFORM. This is a lie, and Obama knows it. The one big thing these protesters have in common is their desire to throw out the current regimes to replace them with new regimes that are even more hostile in calling for the destruction of Israel. The Islamic Jihadist movements believe Egypt, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Libya, and even Syria, are not aggressive enough in their efforts to destroy our number one ally, who they call "Little Satan". Of course, the US is "Big Satan".

Obama praises these revolts and pledges Billions of American dollars as incentives to keep up the good work. To believe him, and many Americans do, you believe that because of Barack Hussein Obama's leadership 1.4 billion Muslims will abandon their faith and become American friendly "Secularists". Yep, they will separate their religious beliefs from their political beliefs. They will establish American style democracies. They will pledge their commitments to peace around the world. They will recognize the State of Israel's right to exist. They will support religious freedom. They will establish and recognize women's rights. They will abandon Sharia Law and adopt Jeffersonian forms of government. They will look to Barack Hussein Obama for World leadership, and of course, REFORM.

The Obama plan became crystal clear yesterday when he called for Israel to retreat to their borders of 1967 without gaining agreement first from what had been this country's number one ally. This call was made despite a 2004 Agreement we made with Israel. In that agreement the US said if Israel would give the Palestinians land, Gaza and the West Bank, then the US would GUARANTEE the protection of the remaining borders of Israel (borders that enabled Israel a fighting chance to protect themselves).

And now what does Obama call for in exchange for taking more land from Israel, LIES. Obama is begging Hamas to just LIE about their intentions toward Israel just as the US is lying about our support for Israel. Leaders like Obama throughout history have thought that Jews were a small price to pay for true World Peace. Remember the Holocaust? Millions of people around the world have historically stood by and watched as this small price was paid only to find that not only did it not lead to World Peace, but in fact, it was only an early step to the potential destruction of the Free World. We have not learned out lessons. We are there one more time.

Today Obama meets with Netanyahu, Israel's leader. Today, Obama's 60 Day War Powers Act Expires requiring him to go to Congress to get permission to continue to support the "Freedom Fighters" in Libya. Today, the Muslim Brotherhood moves one step closer to taking over Egypt and tearing up Mubarak’s peace treaty with Israel. Today Obama's idea of REFORM becomes clearer.

REFORM is the transfer of power and wealth from those who have it to those who don't under the guise of "social justice". To those informed it is a plot of George Soros and friends to use a puppet to destroy the empire of the United States of America, and in so doing, the free world as we know it. They gain, you lose.

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