Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Guess What Folks, We Have A Black Problem

This past weekend I was in Galveston, Texas attending a family wedding. An article on the front page of the local news caught my attention, "Community Policing System On Isle Under Scrutiny". In layman terms this means the "Police Chief is catching hell". Since 2008 the city has instituted a community policing program where more officers are put on the streets, encouraging communication, and promoting better response to community concerns. At the heart of the program is aggressive street enforcement of crimes such as prostitution and drug dealing, along with smaller crimes which are many times not enforced such as sidewalk, bicycle, and walking road violations.

This looks like it is right out of the Rudy Giuliani book that cleaned up New York City some years back. Giuliani's first term as mayor, the New York City Police Department adopted an aggressive enforcement/deterrent strategy that involved crackdowns on relatively minor offenses such as graffiti, turnstile jumping, cannabis possession, and aggressive panhandling by "squeegee men", on the theory that this would send a message that order would be maintained. Put policemen on the street enforcing small violations and even murder rates go down. Who would have guessed that discipline really works?

The program has taken crime rates in Galveston to a 30 year low with overall decreases of 30%, and burglaries, robberies, and auto theft down by 60%.

So what is the problem? Oops, statistics show that 64% of the smaller violations resulted in the arrests of blacks. Arrests of Hispanics totaled 9%, and whites 27%. That's a problem, because the ethnic population spread in Galveston is 12% black yet they are committing 64% of the violations, whites are 71% of the population and committing 27% of crimes, and 32% of the population are Hispanics yet they are committing only 9% of the violations (you think they might be busy working and resting up to work some more?). If you could only sweep the reduction in crime rates under the rug this situation is tailor made for the racist welfare pimps to claim discrimination, and of course, to make claims for reparations. The attorneys will more than likely draw swords and spend mucho taxpayer dollars in law suits. This is money that could be better spent in identifying the real causes of black crime and prevention.

A good place to start the search would be to look at unemployment rates, welfare programs that incentivize unemployment, school truancy, and households without fathers. Let's face it, the programs based on the victimization of blacks aren't working. The saddest part of the story is that those being hurt the most are the blacks. No one suffers more from high crime rates than blacks. Human decency cries for us to take a close and honest look at this problem in a loving and constructive way. Let's face it Al Sharpton, Charlie Rangel, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder and crew are not leading us to solutions but only perpetuating their power holds over the black community while intimidating the timid American citizenry to go along with their failed welfare programs for their brainwashed victims of discrimination. It is clear by now that our first black President is just voting "present" when it comes to facing the black problem. Those who put him in office and are pulling the strings do not have this on their agenda.

Just maybe the answer is discipline. Discipline in the homes, then the schools, and then on the streets. All supported by local church organizations and charities. My bet is if you got the federal government looters and welfare pimps out of Galveston's way the locals could take care of their own. Maybe if Galveston did it, Texas would follow. And then maybe even Oakland? Well maybe I am over-reaching. But at least let's leave Galveston alone.

Think about it,


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