Wednesday, July 13, 2011

America: The Turncoat Ally

Turncoats in the Revolutionary War would take off their red coats and turn them inside out showing the white lining in hopes that advancing enemy troops would not treat them as enemies.

Until Barack Hussein Obama, no leader of the United States and free world has ever been a turncoat.

Clearly this President has taken off his Israeli coat and called for their retreat to indefensible borders as he supports the supporters of Hamas and Hezbollah who have sworn themselves to the destruction of the Jewish State.

Obama turned on our Egyptian allies in supporting mobs who overthrew Mubarak. He is now negotiating with the Muslim Brotherhood who for years as been a radical worldwide enemy of anything "non-Muslim". Obama and his followers call this the "Arab Spring".

Obama joined the so called "rebels" in Libya without even knowing who they are. American officials admit that there are Al Qaeda factions among the rebels.

Obama cancelled all plans to support our major Eastern Europe allies with Missile Defense Shields to protect them from Soviet and Iranian nukes. These are allies that shed blood and ran great risks in breaking away from the Soviet Union in the pursuit of freedom. What message does this send to other countries who want to break away from Communist and Muslim domination?

Obama is pulling troops from Iraq, and as we blog, the Iranians are meeting with Iraqi leadership creating new "trade agreements". Meanwhile the Iranians are supplying weapons around the world to anyone who will kill American soldiers. Obama meanwhile pulls out of Iraq as fast as possible as casualties mount and says, "We are waiting for a request from the Iraqi leaders to extend our stay". Would you put your neck out in relying on support from a turncoat like Obama?

And even in Obama's "good war", Afghanistan, he is prancing around wearing a Taliban coat in hopes of negotiating a settlement that he will call a victory over Al Qaeda who hasn't even been in Afghanistan for years. Have much would you trust Obama if you were Afghan President Hamid Karzai? The senior Karzai was already confronting the fact that U.S.-NATO forces have begun working toward a withdrawal from the country and have engaged in talks with the Taliban as well as neighboring Pakistan without Karzai's involvement.

And while Obama negotiates with the Taliban, Karzai’s younger brother, Ahmed Wali Karzai, was killed in Kandahar on July 12 during a gathering in his house, Kandahar Governor Tooryali Wesa confirmed. Initial reports remain sketchy but it is believed by Stratfor that the Afghan leader’s brother was killed by multiple gunshots to the head and chest with an AK-47 fired by Sardar Mohammad, a former bodyguard to Karzai’s older brother Qayyoum. Unconfirmed reports say that the assassin was immediately killed and Ahmad Wali’s body has been taken to Mirwais Civil Hospital. One of the two official spokesmen for the Taliban, Qari Yousuf Ahmadi, told the German News Agency Deutsche Presse Agentur that Ahmad Wali Karzai was killed by a Taliban sleeper agent. The news has not reported the Taliban claim and may not. Stratfor is my source for this information. The Administration today reported, "The killing would not impact our troop withdrawal plans".

While refusing to protect American borders from Mexican drug runners, Obama's regime is demonizing Karzai and our other Afghan allies to set up their capitulation to the Taliban. President Bush ran the Taliban out of office in Afghanistan, and after thousands of young American lives were spent, Obama hopes to put them back in office leaving the Middle East, including Israel, at the mercy of Muslim Radicals and their Communist supporters.

On Afghanistan, an honest and open assessment and debate as to should our strategy be counter terrorism or a counter insurgency is required as we go forward. However, with the deceitful tactics of Obama this will not take place. Instead he will withdraw, let the Taliban takeover, and claim victory over Al Qaeda while blaming our allies and allowing our supporters to be murdered by the returning Taliban.

What military leader in history has ever announced his withdrawal plans to his enemies months in advance enabling them to hideout until our departure and then feast on our allies? Obama has done this in every country where we have shed blood.

Obama has brought HOPE to America's enemies around the world. He has packaged that hope with CHANGE as he betrays America's allies around the world. The lining of Obama's coat is stained with the blood of those who were foolish enough to befriend what once was the greatest nation ever. As our greatest generation, WWII veterans, are departing for a better place after fighting for freedom their entire lives, it is amazing that their hard earned freedom can be lost in just 2 1/2 years by a do nothing light weight puppet like Obama. Clearly those pulling his strings want to bring the free world to its knees in their hopes that it will then turn to a One World Socialist Order.

As an optimist, I know it is not too late. As a realist, I know it will take great personal courage and leadership to limit Obama's destructive and immoral actions, and only then can we turn things around.

Each of us should think about what we can do as our future generations are at great risk,


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