Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Can we American's possibly be this dumb?

Pogo's famous words keep pounding in my skull, "We have met the enemy and he is us."

Just after hearing the verdict in the Caylee Anthony murder trial in Orlando, I see a new Rasmussen poll regarding the Federal Government and Oil Companies. After shaking my head in a somewhat feeble attempt to make things seem more logical I ask myself the big question. I said, self, answer this big question, "can we possibly be this dumb?'

You see this recent Rasmussen poll, the absolute best and most accurate of all pollsters, found fifty-one percent (51%) of likely voters say the federal government should pass laws requiring oil companies to use a significant portion of their profits to search for alternative sources of energy. Thirty-one percent (31%) oppose laws of this kind, while another 19% are not sure which is the best course.

In June 2008 when energy policy was a top campaign issue, 61% favored requiring oil companies to spend a large share of their profits to find alternative energy sources, and just 22% were opposed. So folks were even dumber in '08.

And yet sixty-five percent (65%) of these same folks agree that private companies are more likely than a government research program to solve the nation’s energy problems (Duh!), an 18-point jump from three years ago. Twenty percent (20%) have more confidence in a government program to provide an energy solution (wouldn't you love to be marooned on an island with these guys?). Fifteen percent (15%) are undecided (and many of them can't make up their little minds).

Why are private companies more likely to be successful? Listen, carefully. Because they are free to research and bring to market only those products and technologies that are practical, competitive, and profitable in free world markets. Profitable enterprises create jobs, wealth, and taxes. Unprofitable enterprises collapse societies, eliminate jobs, create poverty, and reduce tax bases (but eat great Greek food). To restrict the profit motive of American oil companies by having the looters in government pass laws to manage the producers will insure failure and ultimately the complete destruction of our free enterprise system.

The scary question isn't even about energy or alternative sources of energy. The scary question is what has dumbed down our populace to the point of believing the public good is served by the looters in Washington holding a gun to American companies heads and putting them at huge disadvantages in world markets by forcing them to chase government hoaxes that have been propagated on the American public (like global warming in downtown Hubbard).

Does anyone honestly believe that if alternate energy technologies worked and were competitive in the world energy markets that the government would have to force companies to take rational actions in their research and development of these opportunities? Does anyone believe the United States can afford to force our most precious assets (American entrepreneurs) to chase dictated projects dreamed up by political pukes and lawyers with the challenges we face in this country today? Does anyone really believe that American Oil Companies that are forbidden to explore and produce oil with every gimmick and trick that the Obama administration can invent needs more regulations from this corrupt administration.

An informed and caring public would be encouraging the government to allow Energy Companies to develop techniques to make coal even cleaner, to efficiently extract oil from shale, and to drill, drill, drill where it is economically feasible so that the US could reduce its dependence on foreign oil. Yes, and to make prudent investments in alternative energy sources (wind, solar, etc.) based on the decisions of EXPERTS and MARKETS not Washington looters or scam artists like Algore, Clinton, Obama, and crowd.

Is the public informed? Or do the moochers out number the producers to the point that they nurse from the breast of politicians and eat whatever is put in their troughs? If it is the former, let's fix it. If the latter, God help us.

We may be in trouble today because the numbers of people that work for a living are outnumbered by the number of people that vote for a living. We will find out in 2012.

Think about it,


P.S.  If the Justice System "worked" for Nicole Simpson and  little Caylee Anthony then we have a really bad Justice System.  Again, God help us.

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