Thursday, September 29, 2011

Warning All Idiots: The Clintons Are Coming To Your Rescue

"Bill, the Bubble King, launched the Clinton's next idiot pitch with their goal clearly set to move their demented sex acts back into the White House. The scheme is an old one for the Clintons. It is to trap their Liberal opponents in deep left field and their Conservative opponents in deep right field while they give the false impression of planting themselves prudently right in the middle. Perfect timing here in 2011 as Obomb-us goes crazy trying to please his Communist base and the Republican candidates try to please their Tea Party supporters," obviously Butch has done some real deep thinking to believe he can match swords with James Carville, Paul Begala, and the other sleazes that surround the Clintons.

Billy Roy Mitcham (who is the featured performer at the Hubbard City High School Homecoming in a couple of weeks) entered this one pretty early since he really doesn't take to the Clinton crowd having a real tender heart in believing that young interns should date other young interns instead of playing adult games with dirty sleazy old men in the Oval Office of all places, "You must be talking about Bill's idiot pitch of all idiot pitches when he said last week that it was not a good time to raise taxes, even on the rich, nor was it a good time to cut government spending. Right down the middle in assuring everyone that we should just stop our fighting, wait it out, and everything will turn out just fine. What complete idiot wouldn't like to hear that? Like most idiot pitches it sounds great, but like most Clintonian statements it is just not true. This is coming from the lips of the greatest liar of all time. Don't want to step on your analysis, Butch, tell em why?"

"Gothcha covered BM. Let's look at it this way. Not a good time to cut spending, huh?  America's ever-growing debt crisis is in the trillions -- more than $14 trillion, give or take a few billion and we are adding a mere $1.7 trillion or so every year Obama 'stays' in the White House. That's a lot of zeros, numbers so large they're sure to make Americans numb when trying to get their arms around what it means to them. But what would the federal debt crisis look like if you set it up as a household budget?

"A heck of a lot simpler, according to new figures from the Tea Party group, which estimates the government 'household' spends nearly twice as much as it takes in every year, has a credit card bill nearly seven times annual income and cuts back less than 2 percent of that spending in an effort to control the debt."

"The group looked at some key figures, mainly tax revenue, the current federal budget, debt and budget cuts, and divided each figure by $100 million, in an effort to break it down into simple terms that most Americans can comprehend. The group posted its findings online and came up with a household with an average family income of $21,700. But that 'family' spent nearly twice that -- $38,200 -- and has an existing credit card balance of a whopping $142,710. And if you look at the big spending cuts that they almost shut down the government arguing over, the family budget will be reduced by $385 (and they probably will find ways to not even make these cuts," Butch pretty much laid it out.

BM came back, "And here comes Big Bad Bill riding in on Hillary's back saving us all by saying 'it is just not a good time to cut back on our spending! So we add another measly $17 thousand to our credit card, we are still under $160 thousand. Hell maybe another Internet Bubble will come along and save us if we are just patient.' See why we call it an idiot pitch? Everybody knows Bill, and more so Hillary, are just as Liberal as Obomb-us and even more dangerous. Hillary was a Socialist long before Obomb-us. Her positions on social issues would further destroy families (definition of family, gay rights, government sponsored killing of the unborn, etc.) are as radical as the current Communists, and she would be more effective in implementing them. And of course the Clinton's would double down big time on Algore's Man Caused Global Warming Scam as a source of income on the side. Bill could make jillions with Hillary in the White House."

Mom had a question, "But wouldn't Bill get the economy going? I keep hearing that he was a genius in creating jobs, and he did balance our budget, and in fact, created a surplus."

BM loves Mom and her questions even more, "Great question, Maxine, but I've got some guitar tuning to do and Butch has his daily call with the Tea Party in ten minutes so let's hold the Clinton business record for our next java session.  In fact, we need to get Scott Riddle, cattle baron/insurance tycoon/and gambler of major league renown, in on that discussion.  I understand he got a real good taste of the Clinton economy."

This will give us something to think about, huh?


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