Saturday, October 22, 2011

Butch Uncovers Secretive Biden Re-Election Plan, MAYBE?

Butch Jackson thinks he has figured out the Obama re-election strategy, "They gave away their plan this week. It all started with the Black Panthers monitoring voting sites in the last election. These thugs with clubs will stand out front and determine who can vote and who can't. The only challenge left then is to get their voters to turn out. George Soros and his crew can provide funds to buy votes and buses to get them to the polls.

That all leads up to Smokin Joe Biden. At last we know why Smokin Joe is on the ticket. He is Obama's secret weapon. Smokin Joe started this very week to go into the grade schools. For those of you in Mr. Calm that would be grades 1 through 6. I actually think we could put 7 and 8 in there with them and save some money, but I digress. Smokin Joe is revving the kids up (strarted with 4th graders) by telling them that the good guys want to pay for more teachers so that they can spend more time with each student. He says they will pay for it by getting people with a lot of money to give a little more. So there you have it. The Black Panthers will only allow kids from grades 1 to 6 into the voting booths while Soros will hire bus drivers to transport the kids and money to buy them off with things like suckers and balloons and whatever else kids like these days. These Obama guys are really good!"

Mom, who at one time was the Secretary to the Superintendent of the entire Hubbard City Public School System, put a fly in Butch's soup, "Like most Socialist ideas, there is one problem, and as always, it is fatal. Kids don't want more teachers in the class room nor more 'one on one' time with the teachers that are there! Unlike most Obama voters, kids are too smart for the Biden pitch. Not to mention that even a fourth grader knows that public school teachers, just like policemen and firemen are employed and paid by state and local governments, not the federal government. The last thing even grade school children want is to have federal police, firemen, and school teachers acting like the post office which is semi-obsolete in today's Internet society. Most kids don't know what the post office is, but they know how to tweet. But I digress."

Well, Butch went lower than a Pennsylvania coal mine. When this happens he does some major league sulking. Lots of times Billy Roy Mitcham, who gave a terrific performance at the Hubbard High School Reunion last weekend, tries to lift his buddies' spirits when this happens, "I wouldn't completely give up on that kid theory, Butch. Why else would the Commies be campaigning in the grade schools, and the bigger question is why they keep an idiot like Biden on the ticket if not for some scheme like this."

BM continued, "With the killing of Qadhafi and the first norther blowing the Fall into Texas, how is Obama's Arab Spring coming along? He, Bush, Carter, and their European Socialists buddies have pretty much killed or driven out most of the Middle East strongmen who were keeping the Radical Islamists at bay. It all started with the Shah of Iran, and we see how that turned out. Bush got Sadam. Obama has taken out strongmen in Egypt and now Libya. The royal families that rule Saudi Arabia and Jordan (pre-Obama big time US allies) have to be next on the list.

And then you have the Iraq pull out that was announced on Friday because Qadhafi's murder was dominating the press. Our diplomacy in Iraq failed because we could not convince the Iraqis to let us stay. Boy, Hillary did a great job here. The radical cleric Sadir led opposition to the US presence and won, as did his Iranian pals. Obama wanted to leave 3,000 troops there (his military leaders wanted 25,000-35,000). The Iraqis rightfully decided zero was better than such a small number that would just irritate those who wanted us out. People like Sadir the radical cleric who has returned to Iraq from Iran. The troops requested by the generals were vital resources needed to train Iraqis, to resist Iranian assaults, and to protect the Kurds. This would secure our gains made over the last 8 years.

If you don't believe the Iranians are serious threats, how about their attempts to kill the Saudi Ambassador last week, and on US soil?  The Iranians will probably overthrow our 'democratic' government in Iraq within 12 months. Makes you wonder why we spent 4,482 precious lives and took over 32,000 wounded while spending $805 billion, and for what? Within two years Obama's Radical Muslim pals can control over 70% of the world's oil.  Radical Muslim Arab oil will spring out of the Middle East to China and other foes of the the free world."

"Meanwhile Obama is negotiating with the Taliban to return Afghanistan back to them. No wonder Pakistan doesn't trust the US as an ally knowing that the Taliban could be threatening them on one side while they worry about India on the other. That leaves poor Israel. What chance will they have with a radical Muslim dominated Middle East and American politicians like Barrack Hussein Obama? The only positive thing from all of this is Obama may not get his normal 80% of the Jewish vote in 2012.  Go figure."

"What a shame. We have such a great and successful military. They took Iraq in 3 weeks and Afghanistan in 3 months. Compare that to NATO who took 8 months to drive out the Libyan forces (and they had a huge rebellion helping them). To see our accomplishments flushed down the drain by incompetent politicians is more than a shame. It is criminal."

Butch was rejuvenated, "Sounds like Obama is aiding and abetting the Arabs to 'spring up' and take over the entire Middle East in a huge Jihad. I am going to stay on this Biden angle to see if there is not a connection between the Arab Spring and Obama's plans to take over and federalize local policemen and teachers. Also, I am going to seriously ponder which way Obama will go if he is successful with his Communist and Islamic plans. Twenty years from now they will have pushed the Capitalist out, and they will have a huge confrontation with each other. Will Obama be more Commie or Jihad? Don't worry, BM, I'll figure it out."

By this time everyone but BM and Butch were pretty much "pulled out" from the Hubbard City Cafe.

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