Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Marco Rubio Rocks!! David Axelrod and Newt, Not So Much!!

Marco Rubio appears to be the absolutely perfect running mate for a Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich in 2012. He rose to this position riding the Tea Party wave. He is bright, articulate, energetic, and reeks of credibility and humility. He claims he is not available in 2012. We should not accept his NO for an answer!

Marco is also absolutely spot on when it comes to the critical ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION issues of our time. He proposes a three step program:

1. Regain the confidence of the American people by securing and closing our borders to illegals. Also, enforce our laws against employers to prevent them from hiring illegals.

2. Rewrite and improve our current immigration laws and systems. They are dramatically broken. Rewrite our visa and guest worker provisions to make them more efficient and effective.

3. Then turn to the difficult issue of the 11-12 million illegals in the country today. This is the political quicksand that Gingrich jumped into last week, and most politicians are not prepared to address. Any issue this complex should be subjected to open debate led by rational and seasoned leadership. A Romney or Gingrich ticket with Rubio deeply involved would be the perfect team to find and codify the proper solutions.

One thing is clear. The solutions should result in LAWS that the executive branch enforces unlike recent administrations (Clinton, Bush, and Obama) who have brought shame to the US Constitution and the rule of law in this country with their neglect.

It seems to this feeble writer that Newt is brilliant about 90% of the time, and THEN a wire seems to come loose, and he takes a picture with Nancy Pelosi espousing global warming. Or, like last week, he takes on the cause of an illegal immigrant family of 25 years who pay their taxes, work hard, and break no laws (except the little immigration thing that nobody pays any attention to anyway). Meanwhile he doesn't say what he would do if they had just been here 20 years, or 10 years, or 2 years. This statement was uncalled for and has dominated the press ever since as they try to shoot down all Republican candidates. Meanwhile we have no idea what Obama's stated position is on any issue with the exception of taxing millionaires and billionaires. I also worry about the liberal press digging into Newt's income between the time he left office and today. Rumors have it that he made "many millions" during this period. And then there is Newt's personal life.  What we know is bad.  What the Obama mob will make up will be even worse.  We shall see.

The worst the Dems have on Mitt so far is his flip flopping and no one has flip flopped more than the campaigning Obama and the elected Obama. Mitt has flipped from bad to good. For example pro-choice to pro-life. From socialized medicine to overturning Obamacare. From a lenient position on gays to a commitment to traditional marriage.  While Obama's flips have all gone from good to bad. From bringing us together to demonizing white working people. From lowering healthcare costs and letting everyone keep their own policies to skyrocketing health care costs and forcing insurance companies to drop current programs. From being President of not blue America and not red America but of the United States of America to a President of occupiers, unions, and moochers.

Interestingly the Obama regime is already running negative flip flop commercials against Romney while not laying a hand on Newt, YET.  These ads are mostly on social issues (abortion, marriage, etc.) in an attempt to convince the Republican voter that Mitt is not a true conservative.  It is obvious that they want to run against Newt.

Obama's political guru, David Axelrod, only knows one thing. That is how to elect Black Mayors in large urban American cities. He has done it many times. Additionally his same tactics worked to elect a young unknown candidate against a very unattractive Hillary and her immoral husband in 2008.  However with the Obama presidency resulting in the poorest record in the history of American politics, Axelrod has no choice but to launch a $1 billion campaign of pure filth and deceit beginning now and running through the 2012 election against the Republican candidate.

Axelrod's current attention, in addition to trying to influence the Republican race away from Romney, is to solidify the black voting base.  That is why time and money is being spent to completely destroy Herman Cain.  Axelrod has successfully used sex and sexual harrassment against Obama's opponents in all of his early elections.  Throw up enough claims, whether true or false, and the typical voter will believe "where there is smoke there must be fire".  It is a filthy, cruel, and un-American political tactic, and it is Axelrod's specialty.  Axelrod foams at the mouth thinking of the attacks he can make against a Newt Gingrich presidential candidate in a head to head match up with Obama.  If they can get the American people to believe that Cain has things in closets then they can convince the same public that Newt has things in warehouses.  Remember the Libs have already discredited Newt once before, and they ran him out of Washington.  The liberal news media can't wait to help do it again.

It is time for Republicans to drop the debates over issues.  Any Republican candidate can beat Obama on the issues.  It is time to get serious about the most electable conservative candidate.  That would be the candidate that can best fight off the filthy character attacks of David Axelrod.  At this time the best ticket is clearly ROMNEY/RUBIO.

Believe me, Axelrod has no shame. It is obvious and completely predictable how the Chicago mob will attack the Conservatives.  And yet it works time and time again.  Evidence?  Today, Herman Cain is toast.  The ethics and intelligence of the American electorate will continue to be severely tested.  If the electorate does not respond to this challenge, the greatest country in history (you and I included) will join Herman Cain in the toaster.

Think about it, and it wouldn’t hurt to say a little prayer for Marco Rubio as well.


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