Sunday, November 6, 2011

Re-electing Obama Won't Hurt Much? Huh?

A moderate friend recently commented that if Obama is re-elected it will not hurt much since the Republicans will probably control the House and Senate after the 2012 elections. This friend's brain has gone really soft since nothing could be further from the truth. We folks traditionally have been fairly well protected from government when government was divided. Even Bill Clinton was fairly harmless with a Newt led Republican congress. In fact they even showed a surplus and reformed welfare (to some extent). But that was in the "old days" back when the President was not surrounded by Communists, and most politicians believed they had to abide by the U.S. Constitution. Neither of these is true anymore.

Today's White House resident can use his czars, agencies, and judges to destroy the American system, not to mention our way of life. Speaking of judges, what kind of judge do you think Obama will appoint to the Supreme Court? Short of impeachment, the Congress can do very little about Obama's appointees, czars, and agencies.  And of course, the courts are packed with looney liberal judges.

Need evidence? Let's start with immigration and education, each harboring hugely important issues today.

Our Justice Department who is charged with protecting and defending our borders is somewhat distracted today. Eric Holder is fighting to avoid impeachment over his Fast and Furious perjury. However, he is not too busy to bring his third law suit against states who are trying to protect their borders and educational systems. On Friday "Justice" told Alabama's attorney general that it has the express authority to investigate potential federal civil rights violations in Alabama's public schools authorized by the state's controversial new immigration law. Civil rights violations? This claim is on top of the suit against Alabama over their recently passed law requiring school officials to insure that students are legal residents or legal immigrants. Justice argues the law unconstitutionally invades the federal government's exclusive authority over immigration. Alabama argues, like Arizona, that it would not have to pass such legislation if the Feds would do their job.

And now the Feds want to harass Alabama with claims they are violating the CIVIL RIGHTS of illegals. In their investigation, the Justice Department on Monday asked Alabama public schools for a list of all enrolled students as of Sept. 27, and a list of all students who have withdrawn from school since the academic year started.  Obviously a witch hunt and purnishment for not abiding by the wishes of the Chicago Mob in Washington.

If this isn't scary enough, how about the Energy Department and energy czar? When Obama bailed out the auto industry they screwed every preferred and common shareholder of GM and Chrysler. People like you and I. They diluted their stock positions by giving stock to the labor unions, and of course, the feds took stock ownership as well. No problem. They were looking after the tax payers, right? Wrong! How about Solyndra? Here the Feds threw away over 1/2 of a Billion dollars of the tax payers money while putting the Solyndra shareholders (mostly venture capitalist friends of Obama) AHEAD of tax payers (they actually broke the law on this one). When Solyndra just auctioned some of their bankrupted assets the funds went to shareholders not taxpayers. In addition $13 million was used to pay management bonuses to keep them quiet. Why did they treat the Solyndra shareholders different than GM shareholders? Because Obama and crew are completely in bed with the "Green Crowd". Solyndra is just the tip of the ice berg of the "Green SCAM". There is still Billions of stimulus corruption to be uncovered with other green energy crony companies.

Think how the Environment Protection Agency will play God if Obama is re-elected. In the name of protecting us from dirty air and water and warming temperatures, they have license to destroy any organization and to favor others. And even the Agriculture Department just gave over $2 Billion to Black Farmers (these payments went to some people who have never seen a farm much less owned one).

Our Energy Department was created to make the US energy independent (how has that worked for you?). Instead they will spend four more years keeping American companies from exploring and producing American oil, gas, and coal while scamming the American taxpayer and consumer with all things green (Did you see this weekend that the Wind farms are interfering with military radar?).

Every agency (pick one) will have four more years to destroy our capitalist society and the freedoms that go with it. With probably more than one in five Americans un or under employed, and with debt of over $15 Trillion that's just what America's enemies can get really excited about. And our enemies call themselves the 99 PER CENT?

Please don't let anyone lull you into believing four more years won't hurt that much. Does anyone think a divided congress stopped Lenin, Stalin, Castro, Mao, or Chavez?  No communist ever let the will of the people nor laws interfere with their takeover plans.  This one won't either.

Think about it,


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  1. You're right. Four more years with BO in office would bring irreparable damage.