Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Idiot In The White House

I just watched an idiot on television. He was speaking to the American Public from the White House. He said that most Democrats and Republicans in the Senate passed a bill to stop a tax increase on 160 million Americans that he would sign. He said it is being held up by a faction of Republicans in the House. The idiot in chief said the average American would have their taxes raised by $1,000 on an annual basis. The idiot then said that would result in taking $40 per week from their paychecks. Any school child would tell you that $40 per week is over $2,000 per year. This guy doesn't even have his math right, much less the facts.

This President did not mention the difference between the House and the Senate is the House wants to pass the Payroll Tax Holiday for ONE YEAR VERSUS THE SENATE VERSION OF TWO MONTHS. The President shamelessly claims he and the Senate want to extend the tax holiday and the House does not. This is completely untrue.

What is the truth?

The first truth is the "Payroll Tax Holiday" is an Obama scheme to get votes by weakening our Social Security System which is going bankrupt. This ploy weakens Social Security, increases our national debt, and creates a tax cut that has to be taken away at some future date. Additionally, this creates no new jobs whatsoever. No employer is going to add employees because the employee gets an $80 per month tax holiday. Also, hidden in the rhetoric is an extension of unemployment required because of the Obama economy. Also, hidden is the "Doctor's Fix" which must be passed periodically because Medicare and Obamacare are so screwed up. Overall these provisions increase our national deficit by ONE QUARTER OF A TRILLION DOLLARS.

The second truth is if the President and Congress want to cut taxpayers taxes they should do it permanently, and they should offset that tax cut by cutting government spending as not to increase the deficit. Social Security deductions should not be the means for a tax cut. A twelve month extension means we have to face the music by reinstating the Payroll Taxes at the same time the Bush tax cuts expire. Both of course, come due after the 2012 election.

The third truth is the reason this issue is getting so much press time is the Congress once again has put off doing its business until the 11th hour. The Democratic controlled Senate has not passed a budget now for 3 years, and obviously will not pass a budget until after the 2012 election. In fact a Democratic controlled government may never pass another budget. This same Senate put off extending the Payroll Tax Holiday until the last day they were in Washington before they left for a 30 Holiday vacation. Meanwhile the Payroll Tax terminates January 1. The bill they passed for a meager 60 day extension does not give employers time to change their payroll systems before January 1, and then requires them to change again possibly after 60 days. If the Senate had passed their bill earlier they would have plenty of time to engage the House in negotiations to get a quality piece of legislation instead of the 60 day hodgepodge they approved.

The fourth truth is the only bigger idiot than Obama and Reid is a Republican. Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell led his Republican Senators into a massive political trap for Republicans by voting for the 60 day mess, and then leaving Washington while timidly suggesting the House Republicans should drop their principles and go along as he and his colleagues did.

The fifth truth is the American electorate can be tricked by political maneuvers as practiced by Obama, Reid, and Pelosi and supported by the main stream media. They pull political stunts like the Payroll Tax Holiday (robbing social security funding) while claiming they are only putting $40 per week (bad math) in needy American pockets only to be challenged by a fragment of radical Republicans in the House who are only interested in politics. Bottom line: The electorate has been convinced the Republican led Tea Party Radicals are only interested in political games while Obama and his democrats are only interested in cutting taxes for middle class Americans. In other words BLACK IS WHITE, AND WHITE IS BLACK. UP IS DOWN, AND DOWN IS UP.

Interestly the press doesn't talk about "truth" anymore.  They talk about sophisticated things like "optics".  I call these "deceptions".

Don’t think about this too much because it will drive you crazy,



  1. The piece of nonsense passed by the Senate has to be the silliest piece of legislation ever passed by Congress. There are more dangerous pieces (Obamacare and Dodd-Frank), but this is the nuttiest. What really bothers me is that even conservative pundits are recommending that Republicans are in a trap and should just go along to keep the media from blaming them for a "tax increase". Voting for the holiday was stupid then and it is stupid now. They should all have lapel pins that say Down with the country, up with politics. Shame, shame, shame on them and on the conservative media and pundits. We expect it out of the MSM, but not from Fox and its pundits. Cowards all.

  2. NO! shame on the Americans who will vote this idiot for second term.
    Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me!

    1. Yes, the IDIOT somehow got a second term. The USA will suffer for another 4 years.