Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Obama Calls For The Producers to Be Fair to the Moochers

"In Obama's speech yesterday he used the word 'fairness' about ten jillion times. Obama's idea of fairness is, I won, you lost, so I can take anything I want from you and give it to my people. Hell he took the largest automobile company in these United States from the share holders and gave it to the United Auto Workers while keeping some for his fat federal government. And what is sad, the American people didn't make a squeak about it.  The Post Office is going to look well run compared to GM when the Obamas get through with it."

Using this attention grabber it is reported Butch Jackson launched into a tirade right there at coffee in the Hubbard City Cafe, "The Obama regime is running a major intelligence test on the American people here 11 months before the 2012 election. If the electorate fails this test, the socialists think they have clear sailing to four more years in the White House."

"The test goes like this. If Congress doesn't take action millions of the American middle class will suffer from a $1,500 tax increase on their payroll taxes. Obama asked why would the tax cutting Republicans block action to stop this tax increase. Of course he has the answer handy, because they want to protect millionaires and billionaires from paying their fair share of taxes by paying a small surtax on their income. If Obama can sell this garbage to the American voter, then he has clear sailing for 4 more years because he can play this rich against the middle class game over and over between now and next November."

Billy Roy tugged hard at the front brim of his hat while putting on his grimmest of many grim looks, "Butch, you may be on to something. I was looking at notes from Obama's Kansas speech yesterday where he was doing what these weird people call channeling, in this case Teddy Roosevelt. If you leap over all of his bullshit, which is a helluva big jump, I must say, Obama summarized his idiot pitch with three things: He said, 'Investing in things like education that give everybody a chance to succeed. A tax code that makes sure everybody pays their fair share. And laws that make sure everybody follows the rules. That’s what will transform our economy'. Let's break these words down. We he says 'transform' he is talking about making a too big federal government into an even larger European style socialist welfare state. He believes the Europeans current economic crisis is just that big governments and collectivism just haven't grown enough yet."

"Good exercise, BM. We all know an Obama 'investment' is SPENDING. The Socialists Libs think the only thing wrong with the almost $1 Trillion Stimulus Package was that it wasn't big enough. Obama in his summary picks out education for more investing to the delight of the teachers union. Our schools are spending jillions and our educational system just gets worse and worse. Included in these investments would be spending tax payer money for infrastructure (paying back construction unions) and for green energy which shovels taxpayer money to Obama's millionaire and billionaire contributors in the biggest scam in American history (Solyndra is only the tip of the iceberg).   Bottom line, Obama's 'investments'are paying back his contributors who have put up a record $1 Billion for his re-election. Ironically these contributors consist mostly of labor unions thugs and rich fat cats who are mostly billionaires."

"Good insights, Butch. Let's break open Obama's new 'fair' tax code. Obama says if the rich would only pay their fair share and if we would make minor adjustments to Medicare (which he has never defined) that the $15 Trillion debt of this country would be taken care of 'long term' (meaning when he is long gone from office). Do millionaires pay their fair share? Well .2 of 1% of tax payers make over $1 Million. Yet they pay 21% of all taxes. The other 99.7% pay 79%. What do the Obamas think is fair for this way less than 1% of tax payers? Remember 50% of those on the tax rolls pay zero taxes, and many of these get tax rebates. Which is the biggest tax problem, .2 of 1% paying 21% or 50% paying no taxes? In the state of New York the top 1%, who the occupiers in the street are rioting against, pay 40% of all taxes collected. Clearly Obama's strategy is to invest (spend) NOW, tax middle and upper income folks (including small businesses and employers) NOW, and make moderate reductions to Medicare (after he leaves office). That's his tax reform and investment plan. Most of Obama's fat cats (like Goerge Soros, John Doerr, and Algore, and Warren Buffet) will not be effected by the tax increases because they take their income in Capital Gains from selling stock they have pumped up with big government's corrupted assistance."

"Right on, BM. You nailed it. That leaves the feds making laws that makes sure everyone follows the rules. Obama is talking mostly about financial regulations. He claims that Bush was weak on regulating Wall Street and that caused the financial collapse and recession. The truth is Barney Frank and his Washington cohorts working with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mack, and socialist activists pressured banks to make housing loans to low income and minorities. The banks were assured they were backed by Fannie and Freddie and were boycotted if they didn't make the loans. The banks in many cases created fraudulent transactions to make these loans to willing low income borrowers who thought it was there right for the government and rich banks to provide them a home. So who were the culprits so far in this scam? Socialist politicians, Fannie, Freddie, the banks, and the borrowers who locked arms in this act of thievery.

Who are the innocents who got screwed? The taxpayers. Over $700 Billion of taxpayer money was shoveled to the banks through TARP for a bailout. These are the same banks who fraudulently packaged these worthless mortgages and passed them around like a hot potato (by the way Warren Buffet made literally billions on the bailout). When the bubble bursts what did the Feds (Department of Justice) do about the fraud? NOTHING. Not one person has been tried for fraud. Meanwhile as 60 Minutes reported last Sunday, most of the execs in the banks that blew the whistle on corruption have been fired and silenced. So the biggest culprit of all is the Obama administration (the DOJ run by  Erich Holder when he wasn't running his Fast and Furious debacle). Obama's grand plan is to create more laws instead of enforcing the laws on Obama's HUGE FAT CAT WALL STREET CONTRIBUTORS."

Billy Roy took on his summarizing posture, "So back to this Payroll Tax Trial balloon pitting the Rich against the Middle Class. A Payroll Tax is intended to go to the Social Security Trust Fund. That fund is currently in trouble to the sum of $5 Trillion. Any reductions in these taxes make the bankruptcy of Social Security come even sooner. Any honest person knows this is the last place we should be reducing tax collections. The Payroll Tax Holiday, if extended, would cost the Trust Fund about $200 Billion. What you never hear are things like 25% of government workers do not pay Payroll Taxes at all. If they did, it would source about $100 Billion to the Trust Fund. Why the hell aren't they talking about this instead of the stupid class warfare of rich against the middle class? This President of ours is a very mean and deceitful person who is only interested in his re-election. Let's just hope the folks get enlightened and don't fail this idiot test."

When Obama talks "investments", he is talking MORE BIG GOVERNMENT SPENDING. When Obama  talks "fair taxing", he is talking income "REDISTRIBUTION FROM THE MIDDLE AND UPPER CLASS (PRODUCERS) TO THE MOOCHERS. When Obama talks "more laws", he is talking MORE BIG GOVERNMENT INTRUSION INTO FREE MARKETS AND INDIVIDUAL FREEDOMS.

Think about it,

ANYBODY BUT OBAMA in 2012!!!!!!!


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